1. L

    [Sale] Megazords, S.H Figuarts, Role playing!

    Here's the deal. I'm moving. I need space. I need money. I need to sell all of these. I'm open to any offers, as long as reasonable. Everything listed is going to be very good prices I believe. I'm only shipping to North America. Link to pictures...
  2. L

    [SELLING] LostGalaxyReds Sales Thread.

    Have some things up for sale. Shipping for everything listed is $10 (Canada and U.S only please.) $70 mint never opened. Jungle Beast master Megazord Jungle Fury Jungle Master Red $20 MOC Jungle Fury Jungle Master Wolf $20 MOC Jungle Fury Jungle Master Yellow $20 MOC
  3. SaikoDragon

    IGN HJU Shout Out yo!

    Hey guys. I was watching IGN.com's breakdown review of Adi Shankar's Power/Rangers short film. At 7:18 into the review, one of the reviewers gives a quick shout out to Henshin Justice. That surprised me and very nice mention guys.
  4. SaikoDragon

    What did you think of HJU's Judd Lynn Interview?

    It's exciting to see HJU with an exclusive. What did everything think of the interview?
  5. zeronxepher

    Legacy Power Morpher Review - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

    I know it' been several months since this was released but...doesn't stop me from making a good review! Legacy Power Morpher Review - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - YouTube
  6. K

    If i work as one of the member s of the power rangers production crew?

    You know if i work as one of the crew in power rangers production i can do few things [LIST] *Relocate filming location in canada *Get better actors (well new ones anyway since its independent) *make an american megazord for real which is not based on any super sentai footage *Hire a super...
  7. K

    fan art of power rangers samurai in avatar airbender anime like style (almost)

    Hey guys it me again ,Here's another fan art i made only this time to the power rangers samurai team (aka Super samurai) in deviantart,here's the link:http://barneyjones123.deviantart.com/art/PR-samurai-in-avatar-anime-like-style-almost-286138591,and if you are a member of deviantart after...
  8. firestarter1331

    DX Power Dizer and Machine Massigler

    Toy Review: DX Power Dizer and Machine Massigler - YouTube
  9. ForeverRed

    Power Rangers: Super Samurai - News/Rumors/Discussion Thread (OCTOBER 13th, NEW EPS)

    Super Samurai: http://www.powerrangers.com/seasons-super-samurai.html Promo: Power Rangers Super Samurai - NEW Weapons and NEW Battle Modes! - YouTube Here's the article: http://www.samuraicast.com/news/article.php?article=17
  10. K

    final message to I submitted my story concepts top the Power rangers audition email

    You know what i understand the problem,Its not about whether i make any wrong grammar,its about what i type,But I'll stick to my original grammar as soon as i am about to write a script if Saban or any other entertainment people appreciate some of my ideas,But i write this as a final message to...
  11. K

    IM sorry and the reason why i write these 2 previous threads.

    Like the title all i say is Im sorry its just the reason why i write these threads is because you are interested in my idea or not.NUt all these threads you reject or close as if it is a bad idea and you say it wont work and these officials wont allow people like us to give our ideas to them or...
  12. K

    Suppose if i work in 2012 2013 ,2014season of power rangers

    Look i know you closed my thread "I submitted my story concepts top the Power rangers audition email" because i annoy you right,well this time i wont annoy cause im writing this thread as a "what if?" You see when i watch samurai me and those kids like them even though some older fans...
  13. K

    I submitted my story concepts top the Power rangers audition email

    HEy guys, I send my two story concepts to the audition,I didnt waant to star in the new power rangers season but i submitted my two story concepts for it, The reason because WHen i saw that there is an audtion at 1950 Sawtelle Blvd Suite 270 at Los Angeles, CA I even saw its email address...
  14. M

    Power Con Entry (Comic Con 2011)

    Hey everyone, this is Bruno from MMPRtoys on YouTube. Here is my Power Con video entry featuring a lot of great Bandai US & Japan toys as well as some cool special effects. Please hit "like" to vote for me! :thumbs: YouTube - ‪Epic Power Rangers Collection (Power Con 2011)‬‏ And a...
  15. B

    Super Zeo Megazord 100% complete

    Like my Syber-Squad Phormo, I'm selling off my Super Zeo Megazord. Also like Phormo, Super Zeo is 100% complete. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170639672917&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT
  16. ShademanDS

    If you had the Power, would you use it for good?

    If you were to become a Power Ranger (non-zordon era) would you stay a good guy? Would you use the power for self gain? If you were the leader would you sacrifice your self for the team? For me if I was given the Power I'd go rouge like Marrick only helping the team when they really needed...
  17. M


    So Keith and I got together to duke it out. When that wasn't enough, we need to summon our trump cards....HAHA!!!:castlerock: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UVcgQF2E54&feature=player_embedded