Hello Everyone, I am Back


Hello Everyone,

I'm now back from my recovery run earlier this year, AS I already got into details before. I'll just give an update, first of I don't have Cancer, and Im not going to die off anytime soon. So I hope that is enough info, I cannot become as fully active as before due to the fact that I pushed off all my schooling and work from being sick, I need time to catch up. But everything else that I can help with and my Own RPG will slowly get a wake up call. Stay tune

and it's nice to be Back .



Very glad to hear your health is good and you don't have any form of 'it'. Welcome back and take your time to recover, we'll be here waiting patiently.



Great to have you back Zaku, RPG section wasn't the same without you! :buttrock:
Time out. The Rpg Section is about to get even more awesome?

Even though this is my first time seeing you on the forum Zaku it's good to hear that you're in good heath. I look forward to your future posts/ threads.


Pokemon master!
Glad to hear you're coming along well! What matters is that you're ok and that you're here! Welcome back!