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  • Hey, i read a bit of your KAMEN RIDER: Gamble story, and it seems very interesting.

    I was wondering if we could do a crossover story with our Riders
    HEHEHE! So I'll let you in on a secret: Gin feels the Belt being a white stag means it is a fate he can't escape. But there is another meaning behind it as well, but then I doubt he will figure it out until he gets Axel form. "Now, break away from your cursed fate. Become that which even time cannot touch!"

    You're gonna let me take Gin into Molly's dreams? *Hug* Bro.

    Wait, wait, wait, wait! I have to...I have to think about many things I could do. So many things! I...I need to think about this. Oh dear God so much I can do with this I don't even know! I literally have the shakes! Of course that could be the Yoohoos...definately excited though. So much that can be done!
    *big hug* Thanks. Yeah, I'm feeling better now. The leg is a bit stiff from not much movement past few days, but least the pain is gone. What happened was that I forgot how small the kitchen was so I'm facing the stove and behind me is the wall. One simple bump sent the water falling out of the pot and down onto my knee. Total Deja vu all over
    Don't worry, I made most of it up too! AT least the second half with Axel form. Doctor WHo G.K. Doctor Who.
    Kinetic absorption and redirection foam? Hot damn! That could even be used to explain Axel form by redirecting friction away from his body! Or...I think it can...SCIENCE!
    Really like what you did with the membrane of the Faiz armor. Very nice way to do things without being flashy or going straight for the kick or punch finishers. Well done my man. :thumbs:
    Sorry...I get excited about these things. So many new ideas to sift through. You guys are gonna be busy. I also have Gin's next thing coming up that may lead Gin to a little belt swaping, but just a little.
    Working on Gin and Molly's conversation. Might throw an enemy into the mix...maybe. I want Gin's first henshin to mean something ya know?
    No, that was what I meant. Good man. I'm sure after seeing Gin in that state that Molly or Thomas will want to have a word with him. Molly will probably uplift him. Thomas will...well he won't try to kill him or anything....I think.
    Man I thought you would never ask. Seriously, before this RP is over I am going to need some help distracting players while I focus on other events. Right now my current post is focused on introducing Molly and Thomas a little more and how they are involved. If all goes well than that should get Gin, Cam, and maybe Hayato together. After that I still need to make up my mind of how to get Steve and Ryan together, and whether or not to bring the girl into the fray directly or passivly. *Sigh* so much to do. Magi's Dark Radience character should take a little preasure off, but I may have a job for you that can help things a little. I'll pm you when I get a clear head.
    Which is why he gets this decorative and refreshing box of Scooby Snacks. That and a crazy old lady telling him things he never wanted to hear. Her story is actually becoming more than I expected it to be and I like where it is going. I have these scenarios planned out but what I came up with yesterday is just alot more fun. Molly, Thomas, and old lady Summers are gonna be alot of fun for everybody eventually.

    I'm going to let a few more people post before I throw up something for Gin. Try to tie in as many people as I can with each post. I may send you something later tonight though to help you start planning your next post out so it matches up with what I plan for Thomas and Molly. I was afraid Gin's mind would go straight to where it did, but I also expected it I suppose. I really like this guy and how you play him with a sense of honesty. This is how a guy in his situation should act...and I love it.
    YEAH! Alright Gin and crazy old lady conversations take one! I'm gonna screw his **** up even worse! Is it bad that I laughed at his situation as hard as I did? Part of me feels bad for him, but part of me just wants to push him further. Thank you G.K.
    Crap, if I had waited thirty more minutes I could have squeezed you into the post. Still, doesn't mean you don't have freedom to get involved in stuff. Gonna go read it right now.

    I did like Stardust memory as well, but mainly becuase it had a slightly similar feel to 08th. Seed had great mecha, but the story was too much of a rehash. OO was alot of fun even if only for the politics and fun Gundam concepts. Love an international arms race!

    The reason i ask is because I am working on a gundam rp concept based on MS Saga. It is a flexiable concept but I am not sure if their are enough Gundam fans over on RP. That and the loud of projects I already have. Still would you mind taking a look when it is done to see if it is even possiable for it to be somthing more then a three post wonder.
    Gary King, My mistake. Also...I shall untie him and his love with the power and passion of my fists!!!!! Excuse to make a character! Thank you!
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