Could Adness get a second chance with Kamen Rider?


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personally i would like to see a kamen rider blade adapted and they stick with the story of kamen rider blade not try making up something new -i think the problem is that what we have seen is the same old same old -dargon knights failure was 2 fold first it had the original theme from power rangers -evil space alien invading -why not dump that idea and go with the an ancient war to determine the dominate species 52 immortal monsters-if humanity doesn't defeat them we will all face extinction. Also the problem with the series was they didn't have products to support it till it was too late -most of the action figures and other items never made it to stores till long after the show was no longer viewable in my area -also the show being on the 4kids at the time it collapsed was bad luck but happens in this kind of thing personally i think that saban should look to their mistakes with power rangers and can use this as a new way to get more kids into it espically with all the cross over movies they could use as specials -also its possible they could also hook young adults if they do things like double where its a mystery or other such. Super heroes like spiderman are popular amound 20s and 30 year olds so why not try and see if it works

Blade is a unique story...but they should tweak the Battle Fight plot a bit and mix in some concepts from The New Generation Rider Vignettes, Missing Ace, Blade vs. Blade, and the World of Blade while doing something new. AND NOT MAKING IT A SEQUEL TO DRAGON KNIGHT:shakefist

...while Dragon Knight should do a mini-series using the Abyss Suit or something new, perhaps, Steve Wang should design the Kamen Rider Blue suit. As for Masked should've used Shin, that's all I have to say.

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