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  • Officially, yeah but in NYC there are seling it early at Nintendo World also I know a few game stores in NYC thats selling it tommorrow. My trusted stores always get the hottest new Wii games the weekend before the tuesday it comes out
    Hey, When are you getting Tatsunoko vs Capcom? I'm getting my copy Tommorrow. Any way, Im issuing a challenge at TvC you up for it?
    I have checked my e-mail but there is no message about it. Can you ask the moderators to fix the problem?

    Hey, I need your help at Kamen Rider Productions forums. I have posted but I can't see it. My account hasn't activated yet.

    My username there is TigerAxe. Thanks a lot.
    I got this message. It's strange.

    The following errors occurred with your submission:

    1. Your options are configured to accept private messages only from your contacts. Therefore the following users will be unable to reply:
    * AllieRX87
    To send the message anyway, check the checkbox below in the Additional Options section, otherwise remove these users' names from the recipients list.
    HI HI AllieRX87!!! I'm RFyle119 and JapanUKhero!! I'm on 'Youtube' and VeohTV!!! Nice meet you in HJU!!! I've subscribed YOU on my Subscriptions. You loved my photoshoped picture!!
    Hey Allie, an asshole named xtremewatcher is whining against KRDK and he says something like:

    lol u got to be kidding me the immiture one im just playing around and u take so serously like its your life, in fact thats something u dont. heres some advise get off couch stop watching this gay, copyed series and do something outside for once its called having a social life which u dont have. u serously take things so serously, hey if u could save lets say 100 peoples lives or one of that stupid series dvd who u choose (most likely the DVD) GET A LIFE

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