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  • You keep saying that, but you keep replying. I'll make it easy for you - no matter how overwhelmingly stupid the next thing you say is, I promise not to reply, and unlike you I really, actually won't.
    I have kept it off the thread. As I have explained: I only criticised your argument on the thread. I never criticised you personally. You are the only one who made personal attacks in that thread. Making remarks about 'keeping that **** off the thread' is absurd, when you're the one making snide remarks about people being insecure.
    Like I said keep that **** off the threads. I will respect you only if you show the same respect. This **** has gotten old. I ended on the thread now I'm ending it here...
    Again, I have not thrown insults. I have pointed out the many, many weaknesses in your argument, as I believe it's important to illustrate exactly how poor it is, but I have said nothing about you personally. You, however, have outright insulted me personally in the thread.
    Call me out with more respect than that if you want to address me on threads. If you wanna throw insults do it in a PM. No one wants that **** on threads
    I called out the weaknesses in your argument. I said nothing about you personally in the thread.
    Keep that **** off the thread man. Don't insult me as if I have slighted you in some way. I could ask your five dollar word using ass to grow the hell up....
    Your comments having no substance had nothing to do with the length of your words and everything to do with how it was basically just telling people that these things are child unfriendly 'just because'. You are quite welcome to raise your child as you see fit - but if you make arguments that stem purely from fallacies and, to be honest, bigotry, then people are well within their rights to call you out on that.
    Hey man, I'm not looking for a fight with you on this situation. I am the father of a three your old girl, and there are some things I don't want her to be exposed to until she is old enough to truly understand the situation. I am not against homosexual lifestyles, but I am not for exposing children to things they really shouldn't be exposed to. If they see it out in everyday life that is a different matter. This is a show about people who turn into superheroes and fight giant monsters. Let them have fun in the fantasy world instead of trying to inject that world with real life situations. Also, the way you worded your last comment seemed as if you tried to say my comments had less substance then yours because it seems you have a larger vocabulary than mine...word of advise, things like that can be taken as an attack and some will attack back. As I said, I am not here for fighting, but I refuse to take disrespect when I give none.
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