Complete Selection Modification Decadriver


Onore Decado!!! Here i thought this was going to be an easy skip. >.< If they continue to release CSM belts this way, I'm gonna end up buying all of them. NOOOO~~


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OMG. Pre-order request sent!


Attack Ride Illusion
Attack Ride Slash
Attack Ride Blast
Attack Ride Invisible
Attack Ride Strike Vent
Attack Ride Auto Vajin (HELL YEAH!)
Attack Ride Ongekibou Rekka
Attack Ride Clock Up
Attack Ride Ore Sanjou!

Final Form Ride All Rider!

Kamen Ride Decade Complete Form
Kamen Ride Kuuga Ultimate Form
Kamen Ride Agito Shining Form
Kamen Ride Ryuki Survive
Kamen Ride Faiz Blaster Form
Kamen Ride Blade King Form
Kamen Ride Hibiki Armed
Kamen Ride Kabuto Hyper
Kamen Ride Den-O Liner Form
Kamen Ride Kiva King Form
Kamen Ride Kuuga Rising Ultimate
Kamen Ride Den-O Chou Climax FOrm
Kamen Ride Ichigo
Kamen Ride Nigo
Kamen Ride V3
Kamen Ride Riderman
Kamen Ride X
Kamen Ride Amazon
Kamen Ride Stronger
Kamen Ride Sky Rider
Kamen Ride Super 1
Kamen Ride ZX
Kamen Ride Black
Kamen Ride Black RX
Kamen Ride Shin
Kamen Ride ZO
Kamen Ride J
Kamen Ride Skull

Attack Ride Gigant
Attack Ride Advent
Attack Ride Side Basshar
Attack Ride Mach
Attack Ride Metal
Attack Ride Onibi
Attack Ride Boku ni Tsurarete Miru?
Attack Ride Kotae wa Kiitenai
Attack Ride Nkerude
Attack Ride Tsuppari
Attack Ride Ucchari
Attack RIde Gaga no Udewa

Final Form Ride Amazon

Form Ride Kuuga Titan Form
Form Ride Kuuga Dragon Form
Form Ride Kuuga Pegasus Form
Form Ride Agito Storm Form
Form Ride Agito Flame Form
Form Ride Faiz Axel Form
Form Ride Den-O Rod Form
Form Ride Den-O Gun Form
Form Ride Den-O Axe Form
Form Ride Den-O Wing Form
Form Ride Kiva Garuru Form
Form RIde Kiva Dogga Form
Form Ride Kiva Bassha Form

Final Form Ride W
Final Kamen Attack Form Ride

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Aaaaaaaaaand preordered. So.....anyone wanna buy a DX decadriver and some cards for it? xD


so basically we get every sound from the show right? wonder if rekka daizantou will make a last minute appearance in the list xD
so basically we get every sound from the show right? wonder if rekka daizantou will make a last minute appearance in the list xD

Basically, yes, and we even get sounds never seen in the show, like Kamen Ride: Skull(YES!!!) and Den-O's Form Rides(except Axe Form). And hopefully the Rekka Daizantou is in there, since we get the 2 Kaijin Ride cards from the same crossover special as a preorder bonus(although it says they just make the same error sound as the blank Kamen Ride cards).

It would be really cool if that completely blank card had the same hologram effect as the new Blade Rouze Card Archives so when you hold it in the light, the image would change to the Rekka Daizantou card.


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I love the fact that it comes with sleeves that actually work with the Decadriver.


Yeah, just like the Super Best version. Is that a bad thing?

didnt even know the super best were plastic xD no this is a good thing. cards will probably last longer xD


You me both... (TT.TT) got a rude awakening when I got my hands on the CSM Kabuto Zecter...

Right here xD I can just about wear my sengoku driver with 2 belt extenders on the max setting xD

Not sure if me too fat or Asians too skinny xD
Apparently the belt and the card set both reached their max number of orders, so a new set or orders for a second wave release in March will be starting tomorrow.

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