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Dec 1, 2012
so I had this thought after reading a post in the thread for the CSM Faiz gear where a user pointed out that one reason why the faiz blaster might get skipped is because the ultimate form power up items were skipped for both W and Decade so it got me thinking, even if they did release a CSM Xtreme gaia memory or a CSM K-Touch what sort of extras or features would some collectors want with it? would the CSM Xtreme gaia memory extend and retract when it either plugs into the W driver or is removed would the CSM K-Touch just be that and the buckle to attach it to the belt or would it come with rider cards for all the riders from W and up since it was found that the CSM Deca driver has sounds for them? what I wanna discuss here is what sort of accessories for the CSM belts that have been released so far would you want, what kind of features would they have in comparison to the DX toys and heck just to add to it if bandai did release CSM belts of OOO's and up would you be ok with just getting the belt itself without any of the accessory pieces (i.e. OOO's core medals, Wizards rings, Gaim's lock seeds etc.) and just use the DX ones you already own since the belts would more than likely use the original DX belt molds or would you be ok paying a higher price for the belt and All of the accessory pieces minus the weapons if they didn't do CSMs of the riders weapons