Complete Selection Modification Decadriver


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Complete Selection Modification Decadriver and Card Set


The CSM Deca Driver will have the following new sounds!


Attack Ride Illusion
Attack Ride Slash
Attack Ride Blast
Attack Ride Invisible
Attack Ride Strike Vent
Attack Ride Auto Vajin (HELL YEAH!)
Attack Ride Ongekibou Rekka
Attack Ride Clock Up
Attack Ride Ore Sanjou!

Final Form Ride All Rider!

Kamen Ride Decade Complete Form
Kamen Ride Kuuga Ultimate Form
Kamen Ride Agito Shining Form
Kamen Ride Ryuki Survive
Kamen Ride Faiz Blaster Form
Kamen Ride Blade King Form
Kamen Ride Hibiki Armed
Kamen Ride Kabuto Hyper
Kamen Ride Den-O Liner Form
Kamen Ride Kiva King Form
Kamen Ride Kuuga Rising Ultimate
Kamen Ride Den-O Chou Climax FOrm
Kamen Ride Ichigo
Kamen Ride Nigo
Kamen Ride V3
Kamen Ride Riderman
Kamen Ride X
Kamen Ride Amazon
Kamen Ride Stronger
Kamen Ride Sky Rider
Kamen Ride Super 1
Kamen Ride ZX
Kamen Ride Black
Kamen Ride Black RX
Kamen Ride Shin
Kamen Ride ZO
Kamen Ride J
Kamen Ride Skull

Attack Ride Gigant
Attack Ride Advent
Attack Ride Side Basshar
Attack Ride Mach
Attack Ride Metal
Attack Ride Onibi
Attack Ride Boku ni Tsurarete Miru?
Attack Ride Kotae wa Kiitenai
Attack Ride Nkerude
Attack Ride Tsuppari
Attack Ride Ucchari
Attack RIde Gaga no Udewa

Final Form Ride Amazon

Form Ride Kuuga Titan Form
Form Ride Kuuga Dragon Form
Form Ride Kuuga Pegasus Form
Form Ride Agito Storm Form
Form Ride Agito Flame Form
Form Ride Faiz Axel Form
Form Ride Den-O Rod Form
Form Ride Den-O Gun Form
Form Ride Den-O Axe Form
Form Ride Den-O Wing Form
Form Ride Kiva Garuru Form
Form RIde Kiva Dogga Form
Form Ride Kiva Bassha Form

Final Form Ride W
Final Kamen Attack Form Ride

Card List (with pics):


[ame=""]CSM????????????????????????? - YouTube[/ame]

Original Post:

New images have been posted regarding the CSM Decadriver.

Evidently, the Driver and the Card Set will be sold separately, one for 12,960 yen and the other for 7,560 yen.




Does this mean that we'll be getting all the sounds and cards from the show? All will be revealed on the 24th of October. If it does, count me in!

Official site:
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Budou though
$75 for a set of cards. damn. i kinda doubt the decadriver will be programmed to play new sounds for 10+ cards.


I'm praying the DecaDriver comes with newer sounds.

There's no way they can charge that much for the thing if that wasn't the case.


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oh my fucking god YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!. I just pray they make the belt a little larger than the CSM Kabuto belt cause I seriously want to wear this one for a decade cosplay


The Attack Ride Blast card uses the same bar code as the Attack Rider Slash, which tells me that if the driver read the cards, it won't be able to differentiate the 2. (unless they print new bar codes)

QUestion, are CMS belts the same as those like the Faiz & Orga Driver, where they were adult sized, made of metal and such, and cost a butt load? or is that something different now?


Different. The Complete Selection releases (the Faiz and Orga Drivers you mentioned) are intended to be the same scale as the prop.

So far, the CSM belts are not scaled to the prop's size. Instead, they use a DX toys' main component and add more detail to it. The straps are also lengthened, so an adult can wear them. Essentially, it is a DX toy if it were made for adult collectors, instead of kids.

The CSM W, Lost, and Accel driver had more detailed paint apps on the drivers and show accurate belt straps. The CSM Kabuto Zecter has a little more done to it, with the Zecter's horn being made of metal instead of plastic, an additional Rider Kick sound, and a functional clock-up pad.
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New sounds! New barcodes! BGM button!


Though on closer inspection, it still says "Attack Ride Hibiki"...



if I knew where you lived I'd give you a bear hug so strong it'd pop any kinks out of your back because this just made my shitty night after a fucked up night at work a little less screwed, is there any info on the belts length though?


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Up to 100cm, just like the others.

Also, the BGM button is actually brilliant! I can't say how many times I've "Henshined" with the OST playing in the background.

I suppose we'll be getting videos and more on the 24th (official reveal date).


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Up to 100cm, just like the others.

Also, the BGM button is actually brilliant! I can't say how many times I've "Henshined" with the OST playing in the background.

I suppose we'll be getting videos and more on the 24th (official reveal date).

welp gotta keep working on shrinking my gut


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hey is it just me but in the images for the belt itself the button on of the card reader is either gone or nested into the belt itself
What I am curious about is that some of the pics are just of the buckle itself with no belt straps, but the original Dx belt had the left side of the belt permanently attached. I hope they modified it to be able to take the whole belt off, that way it would be show accurate, I wish they would have done that for the Double and Lost Drivers.

And MagusKaizer, yes the new button was made to be hidden on the underside so it is flat against the buckle card reader and the same color as it.


so what new sounds we getting from this bad boy aside from BGM?


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