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Cinderella Man is the story of Oh Dae San who is the twin brother of the heir to the fashion empire Sophia Apparel. Dae San's brother, Lee Jun Hee, is separated from his mother soon after birth and he lives a rich yet miserable life while Dae San lives as a poor but happy "businessman" in the Dongdaemun Market. By the nature of their work and by coincidence, they cross paths and Jun Hee asks Dae San to be Sophia Apparel's son, Lee Jun Hee, for a day. This encounter and this deal lead to future events that neither Dae San nor Jun Hee could anticipate.

Can I please get a K-Drama tag? :(

Who else watched it and who is interested in watching it? I've already seen it and it is good.

Other information:

Oh Dae San is the name of a mountain. Remember that. ;)

Seo Yu Jin, the daughter of Mr. Seo of EASTERN, is played by Yoona from SNSD. :D


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Can I please get a K-Drama tag? :(

And I'm not saying that to be mean or anything, it's just that right now I'm unable to set up any new tags because I don't have full Admin access. If I did, I could. However I don't, so I can't. :disappoin

You're gonna have to make due with the "ASIAN-ENT" tag for the time being.


It's over 8,000!
To those who are watching, it's getting very interesting, don't you think? Oh Dae San was contracted to be Lee Jun Hee for a day and because of his circumstances and because he wanted to help Mr. Seo's family, he takes the offer which leads him to something more.

As Lee Jun Hee, Dae San meets Jang Se Eun, who was Lee Jae Min's girlfriend. Seo Yu Jin applies for a job at Sophia apparel and she designs an elegant clubbing dress which people at the company really like. She unfortunately promised Dae San a design and through events caused by simple misunderstandings, she is accused of leaking her design so that it could be replicated for much less money in the Dongdaemun Market. Lee Jun Hee gets news of a heart donor in Paris and he leaves Dae San in his place. Dae San becomes more acquainted with Jun Hee's life and he uses his position to help give orphans new clothes from the Sophia warehouse. He also confesses his feelings for Yu Jin but she does not believe it is a love confession because he uses his usual catchphrase to describe it. :laugh: Jang Se Eun also confesses her feelings for Dae San who has posed as Lee Jun Hee after leaving the orphanage but Dae San says she can't have feelings for him because he is Oh Dae San and he is not Lee Jun Hee.

Many come closer to realizing his double identity and they question it. Ma Yi San finds a Lee Jun Hee business card in Dae San's jacket, Jang Se Eun visits Dae San at the Dongdaemun Market, and Ma Yi San becomes more curious when Se Eun asks him where Dae San is.

When Lee Jun Hee returns, Mr. Ahn finds Dae San and he asks him to go visit Jun Hee. Jun Hee is dying because of post-surgery complications. Jun Hee speaks with Dae San and he shows him a picture. Dae San says that she is pretty and Jun Hee tells him that she is their mother. Jun Hee dies in bed soon afterward.

Dae San then takes Jun Hee's place for settling the inheritence, but he is not satisfied with how things are going. He calls Yu Jin so that they can meet at Sophia and he reintroduces himself as Lee Jun Hee.

Yu Jin realizes that she has feelings for Dae San and she becomes upset to know that Dae San's character was a lie. She however is given another opportunity to work at Sophia if she works on a golf line which Jun Hee is meant to lead and she begins to work with Dae San.

Ma Yi San and Mr. Ahn are the two people who know the truth about Dae San's double identity and the rumors at the market and possible rumors at the company threaten to phase Dae San's true self from existence.

How will Dae San manage to reach his goals without sacrificing too much? Keep watching.


It's over 8,000!
Final episode next week! :shakefist

So far, Dae San has been accused of many things because of his double identity. Yu Jin turns away from him and everyone at the market is against him.

Lee Jae Min however is not convinced that Jun Hee would go to the market for business purposes and that this man who claims to be Jun Hee is the real Jun Hee. He looks into it, and he finds information regarding Dae San. He confronts him and he even makes a mess in front of him grandmother while trying to expose Dae San by taking off his shirt to prove that he has had no surgery. Dae San however has a scar from a fight that looks identical to Jun Hee's scar.

Lee Jae Min decides to use Ma Yi San to expose Dae San. He offers Ma Yi San a subcontractor job if all goes well and Ma Yi San accepts under the condition that nothing will happen to Dae San. Lee Jae Min tells him that he only wants to find Lee Jun Hee, and they start to work together.

A lot happens after this, so it will be very condensed.

Dae San previously opened a contest for the purpose of giving Yu Jin a chance to realize her father's dream of a market brand. Jang Se Eun enters the contest and she becomes Yu Jin's rival once again.

There is a lot of tension between Jang Se Eun, Lee Jae Min, Seo Yu Jin and Oh Dae San. Jang Se Eun is told by Jae Min that they need to seize the moment in order to keep the opportunity from slipping away.

Lee Jae Min begins a lot of underhanded tactics, which includes buying the Dongdaemun shops under Lee Jun Hee's name and buying Dae San's store.

Jang Se Eun and Jun Hee (Dae San) are set to be married.

Jae Min learns the truth behind Dae San and that his brother has died.

Jae Min exposes Dae San and Dae San is forced to leave. At this time, their grandmother has her second stroke.

Lee Jae Min threatens to take Dae San to the police in order to keep him from his way after learning that Dae San is Jun Hee's twin brother from Mr. Ahn.

Lee Jae Min tells Jang Se Eun and Seo Yu Jin the truth about Dae San. Se Eun is upset and she uses Ma Yi San to find Dae San. Yu Jin uses her key to enter his shack and they speak. She becomes upset and she leaves.

Mr. Ahn tells Yu Jin the reasons why Dae San did what he did, and she feels bad about leaving him. She finds him and they reconciliate. They tell each other their feelings for each other.

Yu Jin is doing well in the contest, and Velvet really likes her design, but Yu Jin showed it to Choi before she decided to get the material from Velvet and her material and her subsidiary material is all sold. Jang Se Eun is behind it. She tells Dae San that if he does not return to her, Yu Jin will have a difficult time winning the contest.

Oh, and Lee Jae Min is buying the shops in order to clear them for an outlet mall. This is one of his ideas that will help him become the President of the company. He will also try to end the contest.


It's over 8,000!
Ah, it finished airing today.

The final episode begins with Dae San and Se Eun meeting and discussing their relationships. Se Eun tells Dae San that she would ruin Yu Jin's chance at winning the contest if Dae San does not agree to her terms.

Dae San does not agree to leave Yu Jin and he instead decides to do whatever he can do to help her.

Se Eun an Elegance Choi begin to talk and it becomes apparent that he was involved with the plan.

Yu Jin meets with Velvet and Velvet tells her who bought the fabric. She tells Yu Jin that Choi Mal Bok, the one who she mentioned wanted to sell expensive clothes in Dongdaemun, bought the fabric. Yu Jin does not know who he is and she asks Velvet. Velvet tells her that he goes by the name Elegance Choi. Yu Jin is shocked to know that her teacher was responsible for the sabotage, but she begins to understand why.

There's a lot to type here, so I'll be back to edit this. ;)

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