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Three wishes for Cinderella is the remake of the 1973 Czech film of the same name. This movie has been a Christmas tradition in most European countries. A European child born after the 70s can watch a rerun at least once in their lives. The original gets syndicated for TV during the holiday season.
Nobody owns a story in the public domain like Cinderella. Thus anyone can adapt it. So we got variations worldwide that added their own twists and flavors.
In the last five years, we got a live-action remake of the Disney Version of Cinderella starring Lilly James and a more feminist Amazon Prim Adaptation starring Camilla Cabello. Three wishes for Cinderella portrays her in a heroic role. Getting married to a rich guy isn’t going to alleviate her problems. She will be the one solving her own hurdles and not the Prince. Sweden is one of the countries that fell in love with Three wishes for Cinderella. The...

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I watched the original 8 times in my lifetime already. Let's see if this remake will have the same lasting power.


When will see some version but with future tech? How can Cinderella lost shoes if you use teleporter? Or will shoe be lost in space and prince will notice it looking in deep space?


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This looks very interesting. I've always been a fan of vintage movies.
Is it in their original language or is it translated to English? I simply wish it's magical as the original movie of Cinderella. She sure caught a frozen bite with having to walk on the ice.