1. Darkster

    [K-Drama] Pasta

    Made tag for K-Drama since there is no K-Drama tag. :( Anyway, it's back on TV! I felt it would be, but when I watched TV today, I knew when I saw it. Synopsis: Pasta is the story of Seo Yu Kyeong who. after three years of being a kitchen assistant, gets the chance to become a pasta assistant...
  2. Darkster

    [ASIAN-ENT] Cinderella Man

    Story: Cinderella Man is the story of Oh Dae San who is the twin brother of the heir to the fashion empire Sophia Apparel. Dae San's brother, Lee Jun Hee, is separated from his mother soon after birth and he lives a rich yet miserable life while Dae San lives as a poor but happy "businessman"...
  3. Darkster

    [ASIAN-ENT] K-Drama Watch List and Discussion thread

    Am I alone? :( So here's my list... Personal Preference/Personal Taste (MBC): It has good humor and it is a good K-Drama overall. 1st Shop of the Coffee Prince/Coffee Prince (MBC): Second K-Drama and it is one of my favorites Cinderella Man (MBC): My first K-Drama and it is one of my...