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Now we have come to talk about being FABULOUS in this not-really-Wataru-related series called Kiramager.


"You feeling better?"


"So how will this be done?"

Because of the 45 episode length this will be done in 5 parts with 9 episodes each with the movie in part 3 as it takes place between episodes 23 and 24.

"You still checking for continuity?"

If it does not contradict or can easily be explained it is canon.

"But Zenkaiger!"

Haven't seen it and given how slow I have gotten over the years I might not get around to it for a long time, however I am interested in how its mythos plays out. Did Toei really have a multiverse this whole time or was it (outside of Kyuranger and Akibaranger) one universe that got split apart? The fact there will be a crossover movie with Kamen Rider Saber which already has merge-and-seperation problems with its multiverse makes me want to hold off on what the hell is up with the timeline. The only real potential contradiction Super Sentai has is "hey shouldn't animal people from Zyuohger be in more human cities?" which can be explained by "they'd rather go home and not deal with constant alien and demon invasions".

"Anything else?"

I still stand with Vic Mignogna, two years later and not a shred of real evidence. It's reasons like this why I browse r/mensrights. Despite what right wingers that pretend to be left wingers like Leon Thompson from Renegade Cut may lead you to falsely believe, men's rights is a major issue in the west. Not to say Amy Cumstain Barette and Brett Pukenough won't curtail women's rights, that one just gets the coverage. Every election matters and if you're not voting left **** like this happens.

"Why get political?"

America will likely have a second civil war this decade, it's important to document everything because the truth needs defending in this day and age. Trump supporters attempted insurrection, 70% of republicans think the election was stolen and over half thought the riot was done as a democrat false flag operation. It's actually terrifying, I live in a country where plague itself was successfully politicized no matter how high the death count.
Kyoju Hildon: Powers include levitation, tentacles, and sludge emitting from the faucet-like head
Galza: Powers include a hooked sword that emits lightning and red energy cutters, dual shoulder shields, purple left hand energy blasts....
Rugby Jamen: Powers include high jumping, rugby ball bombs and speed
Rugger Ligany: Powers include emitting dark clouds, body electric shocks and speed
Manriki Jamen: Powers include summoning vices on human heads and using the handle on the right side of his head as a baton
Manriki Shellga: Only known power is a clamp for the head that emits energy bolts
Kyuusekki Basra: Onlt known power is a pair of tusks that launch wired arrowheads
Joystick Jamen: Powers include a controller for the head that hijacks machinery and organisms and armored skin
Catcher Ligany: Powers include twin wired claws on the head and levitation
Digital Camera Jamen: Powers include a head camera that teleports organisms into Cloud Hildon and three hundred sixty degree head rotation
Cloud Hildon: Powers include levitation, invisibility, six tentacle arms, and emitting explosive body clouds
Reinetsu Dagames: Powers include mouth flames from the right head, mouth freezing mist from the left head, and a hook claw for each arm
Oven Jamen: Powers include emitting flames from the oven head, mouth fire balls, and a cape that deflects projectiles
Freezer Jamen: Powers include emitting freezing mist from the fridge head, a rake, and a power drink that allows for spawning ice
Hyakunin Isshu Jamen: Powers include one hundred card bombs, teleportation, and entrapping organisms into the cards on his head
Heiankyo Basra: Powers include summoning lightning from the head horns and a magnetic head
This series is wonderful! So much actiony action and daring cinematography with minimal humor! In terms of ranger balance Red so far has three, Green with two, and the rest one. I did not expect Galza's backstory to come as early as episode four. The villains are fine, Carantula has done nothing beyond explaining thus far and I will withhold opinions on him for the time being. The mechs are cool and shiny, 'nough said! I especially like Smog Jouki, that thing is badass! The grunts, the Bechats, are a downgrade compared to what we've been getting since Gokaiger; they're pretty basic and use a rake of all things. It is nice to have the kaijin and kaiju be very distinct from one another. And finally Crystalia looks like Inazuman, there I said it. Not much else to say thus far.

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Been a while since we did Colbert Report style intros! And we continue with part 2!

Music Jamen: Powers include invisibility, hypnotic music, throwing cards through the internet that can assimilate with human hearts as long as a yodon curtain is active, and sonic waves from the head
Stage Shellga: Powers include mouth sonic waves and red electric bolts and burrowing
Reset Button Jamen: Powers include time reversal using the reset button on the right side of his head, teleportation, and a bronze round shield
Hassha Button Ligany: Its only known power is four head missiles
Inseki Jamen: Powers include meteor summoning, head flames after being possessed by a Monstone hot enough to melt bullets, and emitting lava from the head
Monstone: Powers include a kiramei stone disguise, possession, and high jumping
Haejigoku Shellga: Powers include extendable fly trap tentacles from the head and two big fly trap tentacles on the neck
Steam Locomotive Jamen: Powers include black magic smoke from the chimney on the train-like head and speed
Diesal Basra: Powers include armor and inflamed oil from each headlight on the car-like head
Wanage Hildon: Its only known power is launching ring bombs from the long neck
Marshmallow Jamen: Powers include yellow head lasers that convert humans into marshmallows and a rubbery body that deflects attacks unless exposed to cold temperatures
Launch Rigani: Its only known power is four head missiles
Hammer Basra: Powers include a head hammer and burrowing
Whack-A-Mole Jamen: Powers include a human disguise and spawning whack-a-mole traps that trap humans into cards
Jaaku Monstone: Its only known power is spear arms
And as soon as Yellow and Pink got an episode to them everything became centered on Silver, it pretty much went full Gaoranger. As for the villains Galza is good, but Kurantula is too childish which makes their invasion not as serious as they normally are in Sentai. I do find it shocking that Silver's jackhammer can fire lasers strong enough to SET ENTIRE CITY BLOCKS ON FIRE! Like damn son, Tokyo has to repair itself all the time from the last 42 teams (yes I subtracted Kyuranger since they have their own universe). Haven't seen anything that contradicts continuity, in fact Monstones do resemble Queen Cosmos from Jiban, it's possible they are of a similar species of space junk lifeform given their disguise and shape. Not much else to talk about beyond it's nice seeing cool mech designs.

On a side note since the movie is proving impossible to find and I have a backlog, short hiatus until I find it, sorry folks.

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Bill Cosby is finally freed from injustice wrought by a combination of human greed and stupidity! Speaking of justice winning rolling now is part 3!

Sumikae Jamen: His only known power is soul swapping via Relocation Beam from the arms
Mortgage Dagames: Powers include hook arms and chains from the collars on the twin heads
Secchakuzai Jamen: Powers include sticking objects and organisms together via head glue
Secchakuzai Shellga: Powers include super glue from the head and strong legs for kicking buildings
Fishing Rod Jamen: Powers include a fishing reel on the head that can fish for humans, opening time portals, a slippery body, and high jumping
Motorboat Basra: Powers include ground liquefying, a speed boat form that fires bow torpedoes, hook claws, and orange energy balls from the eyes
Safe Jamen: Powers include palm dust that turns organisms into gold coins, an armored safe for a head, gold lightning from the left palm and head, and self destructing if the wrong pin number is entered three times
Gold Bar Ligany: Its only known power is mouth dust that turns objects into gold
Remudo: Powers include ram horns around the body, wool tendrils from the wrists, creating shockwaves by pounding the ground, and firing purple ram head ghosts from the hands that induce sleep
Minjo: Powers include dream entrapment, a scythe that fires orange lightning and red energy balls, a rifle that turns humans into dolls, reviving dead jamenju, teleportation of others and objects, turning into smoke, and combining with Remudo
Super Remuda: Powers include turning day to night, explosive purple energy ram heads from the hands, thick wool that acts as armor, and retracting into a ball
Speaker Marsk: Powers include loud noise from the three head speakers, speed, possessing humans by touch, sonic shockwaves from the head, and absorbing organisms into his body
Jukebox Hildon: Powers include tentacles and firing CD bombs from the mouth
Bomb Jamen: Powers include summoning bowling ball bombs that explode after ten enemies are hit, mouth fog, and speed
Todona: Powers include a human disguise, lightning from the eyes, teleportation, and a purple energy whip that causes what it hits to become zombies
Super Glue Jamen: same powers as Glue Jamen
Super Glue Shellga: Its only known power is head super glue
Silver took so many episodes that ranger balanced is pretty all over the place at this point (and after a decent start too). The kanaema stones are an interesting idea for a treasure hunting plot except they really don't have the villains focusing on them. I also checked ahead, they won't even come into play until episode 38 which makes me wonder if they were thrown in at the last second. Kuruntula not doing anything while introducing Todona seems very unnecessary to do, she's just a grunt abuser. Granted this is one of the few times in Super Sentai the foot soldiers posed a real threat without showing off their sheer numbers. Normally I don't comment on music festival tracks that have been going on since Gekiranger, but since the opening and ending themes are actually well made I felt like I should point out that these tracks are just especially bad and possibly the worst out of all of the music festival tracks. Smoggy not showing up anymore is also quite a disappointment.

I'd say more, but there is not much else to really add, not a lot more even happened. There's a neat new mech and.... Yeah.

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Joe Manchin and Kirsten Sinema are destroying America and the world with civility! Before America heads into a second civil war in the name of manners here is part 4!

Gomoryuu: Powers include invisibility, shockwaves from the head, red energy shockwaves from the shoulders, hurricane winds from the wings, flight, and teleportation
Mannequinn Jamen: His only known power is turning organisms stiff by touching them with his palms
Torso Hildon: Powers include tentacles, flight and explosive mouth needles
Pinch In Out Dagames: Powers include a hooked claw for each arm, a size changing pink laser from each head screen, and burrowing
Riddler Jamen: Powers include summoning question marks that prevent organisms from touching him and opening portals for quick escapes
Shield Shellga: Powers include red eye lasers and purple sonic waves from the mask
Tank Ligany: Its only known power is a head cannon
Sengoku Basra: Powers include burrowing and a pair of wakizashis that fire red energy balls
Numaajo Jamen: Its only known power is spitting poison that kills organisms within hours
Cart Hildon: Powers include tentacles, golf club missiles from the back of the cart-like head
Golf Jamen: Powers include golf clubs, speed, and summoning portals
Turntable Gomoryuu: Powers include yellow sonic waves from the mouths of the three heads, an extendable neck for middle head ramming, and dividing its body into three
So whacked out ranger balance aside the pacing has gotten slower, Oladdin should have stayed dead but was revived as a mech for no real reason, every villain except Galza does nothing and that is irritating, and the comedy is very weak. This had a strong start, but it squandered itself by spinning its wheels in the mud a lot. Not quite on the level of Flashman in terms of disappointment, but man this could have been done much better. I'd say more, but I really don't have much more beyond that. At least Yodon is supposed to show up in this last fifth.

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House progressives threaten to do the right thing! Speaking of things more heroic than Joe Manchin we conclude with part final!

Yodom: Powers include possession by sight, a left arm thorny whip tht emits purple shockwaves and divides into smaller purple energy whips, purple energy needles from the abdomen, turning into mud when changing sizes, electric lasers from the eyes, red lightning from the right hand, a high beam resistance, regeneration, an energy ball from the torso called the Yodom Destroyer that can increase in size for more damage, reformation, and absorbing corpses to become stronger
Kurantula: Powers include encasing an area in a blue energy field to entrap enemies, turning organisms into darumas, a reflective staff that opens portals, nullifying hypnotic spells, and high jumping
Cavity Jamen: Powers include giving teeth cavities via head antenna beam and an armored head
Shadom: Powers include a sniper rifle that turns organisms into black balls, turning into a shadow, and grenades
Kiba Basra: Powers include a bear trap for a head and a hook for each arm
Wire Jamen: Powers include mimicking others and turning humans into jamenju
Jishiki Shellga: It had no known powers.
Maneki Neko Jamen: Powers include high jumping, purple energy cats from the collar that turn humans into lazy cat people, speed, purple hypnotic eye waves to control cat people, claws that emit red energy slashes, and agility
Canned Cat Food Rigani: Powers include claws that emit red energy cutters, a long tongue, and agility
Yodon Galza: Powers include emitting smog from the body that converts organisms into bechas, self encasing in flames for more power, a hooked sword that fires red energy rings and purple energy cutters, high jumping, speed, and releasing purple shockwaves via stomping
Gold Galza: Powers include a chainsaw sword that emits shockwaves and yellow energy cutters, controlling gravity with the left hand, and spinning fast enough to form a tornado
Fish Basra: Powers include mouth suction, yellow eye lasers and red energy cutters from the back fin
The last four episodes were very solid, I even liked the twist that Emperor Yodom was a carrion eating snake under a mask. Kurantula turning good was not that surprising considering how childish he is and those types of villains usually switch over near the end of a series. I have to wonder what Yodonheim was exactly, was it just an alternate dimension or was it a section o the afterlife. Transitioning this to Zenkaiser is gonna be weird since earlier in the series they outright confirm the events of Gekiranger (and of all the sentai, why one of the weakest entries?). Unfortunately the attempts to be funny and off putting ranger balance broke a lot of momentum this had in the first two fifths of the series.

Now for the rankings!

Favorite Mecha:
Go-Buster Oh > Buster Hercules > DaiBouken > V-Rex > GaoHunter > X Emperor > Kyutamajin > Tategami Lioh > Great Five > GouZyuJin > Grand Liner > GigantDriller > Bio Robo > Kiba Daioh > Jet Garuda > Kyurenoh > Ohranger Robo > Gosei Ground > GaoGod > Kiraimaizin > Sirend Builder > Victory Robo > Turbo Robo > Star Five > Gouraijin > Go-Buster KeroOh > Gosei Great > Ryuteioh > DaiZyuZin > Jet Icarus > Dairenoh > Travelion > Grateful Phoenix > Gingaioh > PteraidenOh > Galaxy Mega > Oh Blocker > GaoKing > Five Robo > RV Robo > Delta Mega > Flash King > SpinoDaiOh > Tenkujin > Goggle Robo > SaiDaiOh > Live Boxer > GaoIcarus > Gigant Hooh > Gosei Wonder > Change Robo > DaiTanken > MagiKing > Engine Daishogun > Dyna Robo > GekiFire > MaxOhJa > Gosei Ultimate > PlezuOh > Battle Fever Robo > Ginga Rhinos > Ginga Phoenix > GaoMuscle > VRV Robo > Sun Vulcan Robo > Kerberios > MougyudaiOh > DekaWing > Lion Ha-Oh > Red Puncher > KyoRyuZin > DaiDenziJin > BakuRenOh > Kishiryu Neptune > Liner Boy > PatKaiser > Build DaiOh > Muteki Shogun > Time Robo Alpha > Sirender > LupinKaiser > Yokuryuoh > Senpujin > Live Robo > Turbo Rugger > GouRyuJin > Lupin Magnum > Kakure Daishogun > DieselOh > Dekaranger Robo > Victory Mars > WolKaiser > Kishiryuoh > EngineOh > AbaRenOh > ToquOh > Mega Voyager > Shurikenjin > Time Robo Beta > Daigoyou > Titan Boy > Land Galaxy > GanbirOh > MagiLegend > DekaBike > GaoKnight > Mega Winger > Bison King > Time Shadow > SeikuOh > DaikaiOh > DodekaiOh > KillerOh > Bull Taurus > DaiTenku > GekiTohJa > SaintKaiser > Go-Roader GT > Gekiatsu Dai-Oh > King Express > ShinkenOh > Tsubasamaru > Sigma Project > Spino Thunder > Tousai Zyoh > Datas Hyper > Tackle Boy > GokaiOh > CosmoRaptor > SafariGaOh > Zyuoh Wild > Condor Wild > Zyuoh King > Kishiryuzin > Revolver Mammoth > Providus > Mashin Zabyun > Pachygaroo

Favorite Series:
Kyuranger > Magiranger > Changeman > Go-Busters > Timeranger > Fiveman > Goseiger > GoGo-V > Zyuranger > Go-Onger > Kyoryuger > Gingaman > Dekaranger > Denziman > Ohranger > Toquger > Shinkenger > Gaoranger > Bioman > Carranger > Zyuohger > Dynaman > Kiramager > Abaranger > Maskman > Lupinranger vs. Patranger > Goggle-V > Boukenger > Turboranger > Battle Fever J > Ninninger > Flashman > Gorenger > Dairanger > JAKQ > Kakuranger > Jetman > Gekiranger > Strongest Battle > Sun Vulcan > Liveman > Ryusoulger > Hurricanger > Megaranger > Gokaiger

Favorite Openings:
Turboranger > Bioman > Zyuranger > Ohranger > GoGo-V > Go-Onger > Gaoranger > Dairanger > Shinkenger > Flashman > Denziman > Gokaiger > Boukenger > Dynaman > Gingaman > Kyuranger > Hurricanger > Kiramager > JAKQ > Magiranger > Goggle-V > Megaranger > Kakuranger > Jetman > Dekaranger > Timeranger > Kyoryuger > Carranger > Sun Vulcan > Battle Fever J > Liveman > Changeman > Gorenger > Go-Busters > Kyuranger > Lupinranger vs. Patranger > Ninninger > Ryusoulger > Fiveman > Abaranger > Gekiranger > Maskman > Goseiger >Toquger > Zyuohger > Strongest Battle

In the near future I'll be plowing through Kiramager vs. Ryusoulger, after that we with gather way by going with Zenkaiser! For those unfamiliar Gather Way was the name of the opening theme from Exkaiser. GET IT THEY RHYME!

Kamen Rider IXA

confirm the events of Gekiranger (and of all the sentai, why one of the weakest entries?)
Because producer Tsukada was a chief producer on it (and on Dekaranger and Magiranger). Same reason why Foundation X is in Fourze.

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Wow, it took me nearly five months to do this.

Kirameiger vs. Ryusoulger:

V-Cinext! Kiramei Silver and his sister waltz about with a blurry light until they encounter.... A line to a movie theater! Some chick in glasses offers free tickets because the movie is secretly a Yodom method of filling people with negative energy. Mabushina and Kiramei Silver sit down to see the ultra low budget gangster flick that features the Ryusoulgers until the narrator states how stagnation is supreme. Movie Jamenshi is revealed to be the director who targets Mabushina. Just as he yells ACTION the title card appears. In Yodonheim we see Kurantula with a screenplay Galza happens to spot, leading to him bragging about the new Jamenshin. After a sinister laugh we get a tilt up shot of the Coconut Tower as they wonder where the siblings went, Muryou finds the movie theater via internet rumors on how people never seem to leave. After wondering where Kiramei Red is we get a flashback of him and Kiramei Yellow talking about a talent show for artists he wants to enter (it's more dramatic than I'm making it sound). Kiramei Red sees Ryousou Red casually boating and walks up to him. Ryousou Red mentions how he was traveling the world and is from his tribe. The two hit it off quite well! Nice portrait drawing. Ryousou Red shows him a map and the two meet up with theother Kirameigers at the theater. Ryousou Red shows them a picture of his friends asking if they saw them when Kiramei Silver runs out after sleeping and noticing everyone is in the movie. He also notes the other Ryousoulers were able to escape. The chick from earlier reveals herself to be Yodonna who summons bechats followed by the Kirameigers transforming. Ryousou Red fights with them, pounding grunts into the ground casually like John Cena. Whatever happened to Goldburg? Kiramei Silver goes after Yodonna during the battle which must say has lots of good camera movement, props to the cinematography. Some song plays during it which is kind of generic. As the rangers storm the building we see Kiramei Silver loss and go back to his civilian form as he is seen by Ryouou Gold and Oto. Ryousou Gold handles Yodonna's whip, but quickly falls in love with her. The others enter the auditorium where Movie Jamenshin greets them and teleports them into his movie. More flirting nonsense until Movie Jamenshin contacts Yodonna who proceeds to to kick Ryousou Gold down and teleport. Oto scolds her brother as Kiramei Silver gets into the auditorium, once more feeling lonely. In the movie we see Kiramei Pink as a cop wondering what is going on while a bunch of civilians are assaulting each other. Movie Jamenshin and his bechat crew want her to join the fray when she is met by Ryousou Green as a master thief in white. Chasing ensues soo after followed by Kiramei Blue in a samurai setting fighting four other samurai, eventually meeting with Ryousou Black who also takes out four samurai. The two sword play for a bit, Ryousou Black's strength intimidating Kiramei Blue. After that we see Kiramei Green in a delinquent movie where she encounters Ryousou Pink in a gangster outfit charging at her, one punch breaking a wall. Kiramei Green finds out she can't transform while in the movie as both go in melee strong (very long since I've used that term). After that we have a casino seen that has Kiramei Yellow squaring off against Ryousou Blue. Unlike the others they actually bother talking, it being revealed that a Minusaur named Director Minusaur who came from Movie Jamenshin. Both Reds wake up in teenage outfits with civilians as Movie Jamenshin reveals he is taking over the world via infecting everyone with a movie filled with negative energy. I mean Derailed starring Clive Owen beat you to the punch, but okay. Three bechats drag out Mabushina who Movie Jamenshin thinks will be the main star, but she declines saying Kiramei Red is better. He loses self esteem quickly as trying to win things makes him nervous. Yodonna wants him to return to reality for editing work- Oh they locked Kleon in a closet, not actually team up with the Druidons. Movie Jamenshin leaves while Ryousou Red tells them he knows who Kleon is. At Coconut Tower we see Ryousou Gold talk to Kiramei Silver and Muryou about the theater. Oto points out how they cannot transform and teases her brother about Yodonna. Kiramei Silver has confidence in him and they both head out. After that we see Kleon crying ina warehouse as both Reds and Mabushina find him. He tells them he had a ight with Wiseru and three days ago returned to Earth, finding Movie Jamenshin who was bummed out he can't get a job. The two monsters hit it off when Jamenshin kicked Kleon until he sprayed goo to make Director Minusaur from Movie Jamenshin. Wow Yodonna is harsh. Four more of Director Minusaur are made. Kleon tells them they are difficult to stop when filming when Kiramei Red suggests they use the clapboards. We return to seeing Kiramei Pink tracking down Ryousou Green, both wondering how long the chase is going to last. Kiramei Red tells his cohorts and the Ryousoulgers listening in to take the clabboards. Dirctor Minusaur is pissed everyone stopped doing their roles and sends bechats after them who get pummeled quickly. More flowing camera movement, nice. Eventually the sixth rangers go after Yodonna who sends frenzied betchas on them, forcing Kiramei Silver to transform. Ryousou Gold fights her, but in a dancing sort of way and she rejects him. Movie Jamenshin wants to film the fight, but flees.

The Reds have some bonding time, talking it up until Movie Jamenshin shows himself. He lectures people in a classroom, upset he is unable to find Mabushina (his muse he calls her). Ryousou Red throws Kiramei Red to see if Movie Jamenshin would buy him as a substitute. It kind of works because the movie is a musical and is told to dance, but loses self esteem. The sixth rangers keep up fighting betchas until Yodonna tells them to look at their friends on the screens in the editing room. The heroes are slowly losing, Kiramei Red slowly chokes up until Ryousou Red tells him not to think so hard and just enjoy it. Man would awful critics at Anime News Network hate that philosophy. Kiramei Red starts dancing the ending theme to his series with dancing that gets the crowd going. The other areas join in on the singing and dancing for some reason. Ryousou Red uses the clapboard to teleport everyone out of the movie and into the auditorium. The civilians quickly exit the theater and the rangers cheer their Reds on. Oh and Kleon is also there. Movie Jamenshin shows up to grab Mabushina and run, the heroes pursue them- And in classic Toei editing we go to the ravine! Movie Jamenshin, the Director Minusaurs, and a bunch of betchas want the princess to cry, but she refuses. Then the camera rolls and she cries diamonds. The rangers show up for beating up grunts again. This time te Kirameigers are warn out and a Director Minusaur fires on the Ryousoulgers. The Reds and sixth rangers still hang in there until the Director Minusaurs start firing energy beams at them. Oto shows up to give the Ryousoulgers their swords, she was allowed to do this because saving the Earth is their duty. All six manage to get up, transform, and do intros while wailing on betchas, all ending with a big back explosion. Galza decides to show up and harass the sixth rangers. Kiramei Red draws a new costume for Ryousou Red that gives the main five Kirameigers rainbow capes. A pair of rangers each attack a Director Minusaur. Oh and the capes extend like Master Asia's cloth in G Gundam. It's also become apparent I mistook the female Kirameigers, what with green and green with pink and pink. Kiramei Green's hair color change threw me off, I swear! Once all four Director Minusaurs go down the Reds go after Movie Jamenshin and Mabushina escapes thanks to Oto's help. Yodonna soon uses the negative energy from the captured civilians to summon Yodom Barbarian which upsets Movie Jamenshin so much that he absorbs the Director Minusaurs into himself to grow giant, even Kleon finds this unbelievable. Everyone eventually calls their mechs (the Ryousoulgers use Mabushina's diamond tears to call theirs), combos are rushed, and kaiju fighting ensues. Lots of slow and weighty movement, again well done cinematography on this. The sixth rangers still fight against Galza. The kaiju fight is mostly melee, back and forth hits abound- And back to the smaller fight! The sixth rangers do a combo and Galza just walks off lauging. The camera work suddenly gets super fluid and almost ground level during the kaiju fight- And the sixth rangers lose to Yodonna who walks away with an explosion behind her. Both mechs go energy beam happy before using their main weapons to beat down Director Minusaur until they use their finishing moves in combination, finally destroying him in a massive explosion. The princesses and Kleon cheer, the latter saying he is going home and Mabushina wishes him well. Kurantula throws a fit and talks about movie production being hard. Kiramei Red draws all the rangers as he and Ryousou Red say their goodbyes along with their teammates. Lots of cartoony sound effects. Kiramei Gold daydreams about Yodonna still. The movie eventually ends on everyone dancing with scenes of them in movie costumes, likely unused footage. No Zenkaiger cameos here, but you see the villains dancing too.

Movie Jamenshin: Powers include a brainwashing movie that fills humans with negative energy, a clapboard that teleports waking humans into his movie, a rake, and telekinetic explosions from the lens of the camera-like head
Director Minusaur: Powers include telekinesis that forces bodily movement, energy beams from the megaphone, spawning energy cards, and yellow shockwaves from the hands

So this is one of the better crossover movies, mostly due to the nice camera work but also because Oto was actually useful for something. Yodonna beating both sixth rangers casually and them not winning is a surprise that I can't say was a great idea and felt like a need to pad out the run time at best and make them feel useless at worse. Still, it is solid stuff. Next time instead of diving straight into Zenkaiser we will go into Gokaiger 10 Years Later. I'd say stay tuned but I'm at a breaking point with toku. Maybe it's covid brain, maybe I'm just exhausted with sentai, I don't know.

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10 Gokaiger:

V....Cinext! The movie opens with wood on the ground panning toward the Gokaiger flag. Blue sees the ruins of Gokai Galleon on a moon, points a flintlock, and fires. Lots of fog and close ups. Red, suited up, is out of breath as Silver, barely able to get up, is losing to him. Sword and trident swing, Red comments how everyone has changed. After the title we see worst ranger/Green enjoying the day when he sees two boys talking about Denziman and Battle Fever J. Green approaches them, one carrying the official encyclopedia. Cut to a Battle Arena with various ninja based rangers about to fight (Dyna Black, Ninja White, Shurikenger, and Aka Ninger). Two guys are narrating and I could not find out who they were, do announcing. People watch on their iPhones to do betting including old people. Pink and Yellow are among the betters as Green finds it weird everyone is using Super Sentai to gamble. Some random guy says it's all state run and uses the ranger keys. The Minister of Defense gets a scene where he talks to his staff and Silver and we see he is using technology from Basco's trumpet with the keys. Like, if this takes place between Ryusoulger and Kirameiger I can buy this being in continuity. From what little we do see- NO, SHURIKENGER IS TOO POWERFUL TO LOSE TO A SPRAY OF WATER. The Minister's staff is informed they found Green much to Silver's excitement. Also Red has a 100 million dollar bounty on him. A comet head toward Earth and near Japan, it being an escape pod Red used as he crashes on a beach- oh he has an eye patch. After that is another Sentai battle that ends with Yellow Lion from Liveman bazooka-ing the others in one hit. Green one lots of money as Silver runs in to greet him. More talking, Green comments how much Earth changed. Silver wants Green's ranger key which e eventually reveals he sold. Silver panics and Green states he hasn't seen the crew in a long time, also how Gokai Galleon sunk. At- Crystalia!? Why are we cutting to Kirameiger stuff!? Kiramei Silver talks to some girl- Wait is that Pink? Cut back to Blue looking mopey. Navi is used as the mascot for Super Sentai Derby Coliseum while Yellow spots Red in a crowd. Another battle happens, causing Green to lose money- MAGI YELLOW SHOULD NOT HAVE GONE DOWN THAT EASILY! Green keeps losing money as the Minister of Defense watches. Yellow shows up to show them Red, rope tied, and wanting the reward. They will increase the reward for Red if she hands over her ranger key and she agrees. Some talking happens and we cut to Red himself participating in the fights. This gathers views from around Japan, the announcers revealing if he loses he has to give up his ranger key. Black Condor goes after him first and loses in two hits, commenting about not losing to a soulless puppet. He keeps fighting more rangers, easily beating each one- WAIT WHY IS KIRAMEI SILVER THERE!? So this takes place AFTER that, okay then. He slowly tires, but only has one enemy left who ends up being Silver himself. So this was the battle in the prologue. Silver pours his guts out with monologuing, Red relies he'll show no mercy. We soon see what was in the prologue as the fight each other. Silver comments how Red is the one that changed all while losing. The Minister's secretary uses telekinesis to prevent Red from finishing Silver off, causing him to lose. Lots of people seem happy about it except Green who sees it as cheating and gets gut punched by one of the Minister's guys (same one that explained to him things earlier). Pink suddenly shows up to save Red and flees with him. Various rangers are summoned to hunt them down much to Silver's dismay. Pink takes Red to and ally to hide. The two catch up on the times briefly, Pink wonders if Earth is worth protecting. On Crystalia we see Kiramei Silver waking up with nobody around, that woman apparently was Pink after all. The summoned rangers find the two and begin fighting, quickly transforming during it. Silver complains to the Minister who replies they are usiing it on an alien threat. Good twist. Silver gets gut punched with one of the staff members and they get locked away with Green in a jail cell. Silver acts more annoying than Green for a change followed by Green scratching his head until he gets a transmitter out to listen in on the Minister's staff. It turns out they are using the rangers to start their own galactic empire. The staff member locked in with them gets sad about it, Silver is upset since he is the one that got all the keys and I'd like to see how this stacks up with Zenkaiger.

Bald guy opens the cage, Green tackles him allowing Silver and good staff guy to flee. Some shots of them running including some slow motion untill they reach Basco's trumpet. Aka Red is summoned to fight them after Silver take s afew red keys. Both run for it and in classic Toei editing the background changes to under a bridge. Seeing red rangers go after defenseless people seems wrong, but the corruption is the point. Blue finally shows up to fight them- OH ENOUGH SLOW MO ALREADY! Blue tells them to find Red as he fights them off, transforming soon after. Red and Pink are still unable to hold off their pursuers as more rangers are summoned to attack them. Silver throws Red and Pink the ranger keys he took. During the fight SOMEHOW THERE EXIST KYURANGER KEYS EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE NOT FROM THAT UNIVERSE. None of the other rangers are from other universes so you can tell the writing in this is questionable. The summoned rangers are all eventually beaten. Red recognizes the good staff guy- And we cut to under a bridge. Red reveals he was gathering evidence as he was attacked by another space pirate group who is revealed to be the Minister's staff, called the Bakut Pirates. Pink says that 129 planets were destroyed by them- WHERE THE HELL WERE THE DEKARANGERS ON THAT!? I'm sorry, but this only shows how involving Gokaiger really screws with continuity. Blue makes a comment about being Red's left eye as he shows him a red crystal that was on Gokai Galleon aka its soul. And no, Silver, they didn't break up because otherwise how the hell did Super Sentai Big Battle happen which was canon to Ryusoulger and the rest- ANYWAY! Good staff guy admits guilt to Earthlings being at fault here. Red makes a comment on how it's everywhere and it's here we discover the staff guy was that teenage boy rom Gokaiger episode 2, Masatoshi Niwano. Ugh, he grew up to be Armin from Attack on Titan. That night Green is beaten up for information, the Minister gets bored when a TV broadcast has some random girl going into his office. It's really Yellow in disguise as Green uses his transmitter to show off his recording to everyone across Japan. Yellow uses a mirror from Crystalia to reveal the identities of the Bakut Pirates to everyone. Yellow and Green transform into each others' costumes. The Bakut Pirates attempt an escape only for all six rangers to walk toward them in a dramatic way in slow mo. Some arguments occur until they transform all at once followed by intros. The heroes start by relentlessly shooting while the Minister gets to the control room with the keys only to be stopped by Masatoshi, claiming they are the soul of Super Sentai. Weapon exchanges happen soon after that, the six Gokaigers against the three Bakut Pirates. This goes on for a while until Gokai Galleon makes a key summoned into Blue's hand. The six heroes each get a piece of new armor called Gokai Cross except for Silver who just uses Gold Mode, allowing them to destroy the Bakut Pirates. Red takes their armor portions to use the Full Cross Charge to destroy the boss which is just a rush attack. Also Navi shows up because waiting for the 3000th episode was a dumb cliffhanger. The movie ends with a new ending theme, this one updated to include Zenkaiger. Good to see Megaranger get the worst lyric because it was a worse version of Turboranger- Why did it stop with Boukenger? And now everyone eacts at a restaurant Masatoshi works at. Silver tries apologizing, but Blue tells him not to worry while Pink states they need to return the keys. There is also a mention of Red being able to get his eye back, but he prefers the eye patch. The ending theme keeps rolling after that. The movie ends with everyone in a food coma.

It was a worse version of Super Sentai Strongest Battle, filled with questionable continuity and everyone acting like idiots, it was cash grabby just like the other 10 years later entries. KYURANGER SHOULD NOT BE PART OF THIS! I didn't even bother listing powers this time around (one guy had a big hooked sword, the woman had telekinesis and a pair of rapiers, bald guy had a kanabo, you get it). I don't get why the Ministry of Defense had such lax security especially since this is one of the rare times in the franchise we see the government actually trying to use its own reasoning and power to fight off the various villainous threats and using the ranger keys was a smart idea. So smart I'm wondering if they copy and pasted the ending to Super Robot Wars T, but that was such a disaster and I care so little about plagarism that even if they did I can't bring myself to care.

I was going to go take on Zenkaiger after this, but as KissAsian pointed out there is now a Ryusoulger special and AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

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An ocean of depression and misery
This took too long, but we're now entering the endgame with Zenkaiger.


"Wow that took you long enough."

Confession time I've been watching this over the last three months at a snail's pace while juggling a lot of other things.

"Why though?"

Not even going to hide it, this is the final time I'm doing a Sentai review. For those unaware I made Saber my final Kamen Rider series and Zenkaiger is going to be my last Super Sentai series. Toei endlessly pumps out very low quality spin offs that makes it impossible to keep up with. Kamen Rider is a far worse offender, but Super Sentai isn't guiltless. Everything has gotten too bloated.

"Is it all that bad?"

They won't leave Ex-Aid, one of my least favorite toku series, the hell alone and the recent OOO short movie that came out earlier this year successfully ruined one of my favorite Kamen Rider series for me. I need to see some of the spin offs with Saber, but barring those I'm pretty much done with these two franchises once some clean up is satisfactory.

"How will this be divided up?"

It won't be, I'm doing all the monsters of the week and thoughts at the same time.

"Is it really going to end like this after nine long years?"


"Are you quitting toku altogether?"

No, just these two franchises. The Ultra series never over bloated its content outside of Ginga and while the franchise has had major problems overall since Ginga I can at least catch up at a leisurely pace. So yes, I will be seeing Ultraman Decker even if I'm expecting a cheap and more serialized remake of Dyna like Trigger was to Tiga.

"Is this really how it all ends?"

Next post will be Zenkaiger vs. Kirameiger, after that will be one final review to end this nine year long topic, something fitting and special. I'll reveal that next time.
Bokkowaus: Powers include absorbing tojigears and harvesting their worlds at a whim, matter manipulation to alter his body, summoning weapons of various Super Sentai worlds, and telekinetic explosions from the right hand
Super Villain World: Appears in Red Battle. Powers include reviving villains, making fissures from the hands in a technique called the Izu Caliber, a yellow electric beam from the wrist faces called the Soranic Beam, a pocket dimension that summons giant monsters, blue energy bolts from the eyes, turning day to night, and emitting pollution from the body.
Normal Villain World: Appears in Zenkai Red Great Introduction. Powers include purple mouth energy bolts called the Great Flame Launcher, teleportation, turning kikainoids into humans, size changing, and purple hand energy bolts called the Watabetake Shot
Barashitara: Powers include a cannon on the head, a spear with a rocket on the tip, a machine gun in the left wrist, a tank cannon on the torso that can charge with energy
Kudaitest: Appears in episode 1. Powers include a long tail for bashing, purple lasers from the single eye, and combining withdamaged gears
Mushroom World: Appears in episode 2. Powers include spawning mushrooms on the heads of animals and machines that spawn toxic spores in a day, high jumping, emitting yellow spores to teleport long distances, strong punches called the Galactea Mushroom, telekinetically throwing mushrooms, and an orange energy beam from the head.
Ice World: Appears in episode 3. Powers include an icicle-like spear for the right arm that summons launchable icicles, a small shield on each side of the head, covering areas in ice, high jumping, and blue explosive energy beams from the right arm spear.
Boxing World: Appears in episode 4. Powers include bells that spawn boxing rings on the arms of animals, high jumping, summoning a anging microphone, launchable boxing gloves called the Bum Knuckle, spawning boxing rings
Dr. Ijirude: Powers include teleportation, a clawed staff, blue finger lasers, a claw staff that emits purple lightning, teleportation
Sushi World: Appears in episode 5. Powers include enlarging hands that can roll organisms and objects together, twin sushi missiles on each wrist, an explosive wasabi gun in the right side of the scalp called the Wasabi Beam, speed, a forked staff, and summoning giant sushi belts that include explosives
Trash World: Appears in episode 6. Powers include spawning trash from the head that causes laziness over time, stink gas from the left hand vent called Dust Storm, high jumping, summoning entrapping trash bags, a machine gun on each side of the head, and telekinetically throwing trash in a technique called Bulk Attack.
Door World: Appears in episode 8. Powers include a pink gun for the left hand that forms dimensional doors, causing doors and windows to transport others to random locations, and summoning melee weapons and kuddacks from doors
Kashiwa Mochi World: Appears in episode 9. Powers include making organisms and machines addicted to kashiwa mochi, forming green shockwaves by clapping his hands called the Leaf Clap Cannon, an oak leaf fan from the head that emits gusts, and releasing red beans from the hands in a technique called the Sweet Red Bean Machine Gun, and summoning giant mochi to entrap an enemy
Noon World: Appears in episode 10. Powers include a magnifying glass staff that fires blue heat lasers, teleportation, summoning miniature suns around a planet, and bright head flashes called the Sun Sun Flash
Tag World: Appears in episode 11. Powers include tagging people to spawn oni faces on their foreheads and transmit them to others, a shield on each arm, high jumping, launchable arms, a bomb mask from the forehead, and flight
Snail World: Appears in episode 12. Powers include spiral shockwaves called the Escargo Go Flash that slows down a surrounding area, an Escargo Go Missile from each side of the thick head shell, spawning snail shells to throw at enemies, launching a missile from each eye that causes a rainstorm, a sword called the Escargo Go Cutter
Recycling World: Appears in episode 13. Powers include turning humans into kuddacks via the head bin, a vacuum for the left arm that can also blow trash, reviving destroyed kudaitests, and firing recycling cans from the bin head
Retro World: Appears in episode 15. Powers incude turning objects into older versions via Retro Waves from the antenna, a sword for the right arm that reverses time, a record player-like shield on the left wrist called the Nostal-Shield that forces retro communication, discoloring the surrounding area, and an energy beam from the right arm sword
Magnet World: Appears in episode 16. Powers include magnetizing organisms and metal objects via a pair of wands, summoning steel girders, high jumping, and decombining combinations
Invisible World: Appears in episode 17. Powers include turning objects invisible via Transparency Beam from a purple sword, purple energy cutters from the purple sword, and invisibility
Romance World: Appears in episode 18. Powers include the Amor Arrows from the head and left hand that causes people to fall in love, a wand-like sword that causes others to fall in love, and spawning heart balloons
Rhinoceros Beetle World: Appears in episode 19. Powers include a yellow beam from the nasal horn called Beetle Truce that turns humans and machines into bug hunters, teleportation, an enhanced sense of smell, a shield on each wrist, turning the surrounding area into a forest that can release hot sap, a blue electric beam from the nasal horn, and emitting bright flashes to thicken his exoskeleton
Hikoboshi World: Appears in episode 20. Powers include a glaive that teleports people at will, flight, and seals tat cause wishes to come true
Copy World: Appears in episode 21. Powers include spawning violent duplicates of others via scanning them with a copy machine for the left hand and creating evil buildings that fire missiles
Bull Fight World: Appears in episode 22. Powers include a Bull Fighting Beam from the horns that causes others to grow horns and become aggressive, a secondary horn on each wrist, gusts from the nostrils of the bull head on the torso, summoning grills that absorb projectiles and beams, and a launchable beef tongue that can wrap around an enemy
Vacation World: Appears in episode 24. Powers include Vacation Power which can cause celebratory mindsets in the surrounding area, volleyball skills, sonic beams on the head called the Pineapple Beam, throwing hats called the Strawberry Slash, and a surfboard that summons blue energy fish called the Surfing Attack
Sun Dial World: Appears in episode 25. Powers include a time rewinding word for the right arm called the Time Reversal Z, pausing an organism in time using a beam called Time Reversal V, flames from the head via absorbing solar radiation
Manga World: Appears in episode 28. Powers include head ink that turns others into manga-like pages, using a staff wit a speech cloud to combine pages into books, throwing rejected manuscripts as paper balls, and a pen on the right wrist that can create weapons.
Tennis World: Appears in episode 29. Powers include tennis balls that turn others into tennis balls, a tennis racket, reinforced armor, teleportation, summoning a tennis court where tennis balls become explosive, duplicate spawning, and creating giant tennis rackets, and summoning a giant net
Dried Persimmon World: Appears in episode 30. Powers inckude a purple bell for the left arm that emits sonic waves that accelerate thirst, giant kaki oysters, and fire, speed, growing persimmon trees, and firing flower pots from the left arm bell that entangle enemies
Hakaiser: Powers include high jumping, the Full Power Hakai Gun that summons various rangers, a large red boomerang on the back called the V-Merang, a pair of machine guns on the wrist, teleportation
Dairy World: Appears in episode 31. Powers include an udder on each wrist that emits random milk that white out colors, twin head horns, summoning giant milk containers with random milk
Nu Kudaitest: Appear in episode 31. Powers include a blade for the right arm that fires blue energy balls and beams, agility, and growth
Inverted World: Appears in episode 32. Powers include a double sided scythe, eye beams that switch bodies, and making a second horizon to flip gravity
Academy World: Appears in episode 33. Powers include throwing explosive chalk, emitting energy resembling kanji called Academy Power that turns others into school students and changing environments into schools, creating ties that emit an energy barrier, summoning a backpack called Test Shield that can only be deactivated by solving the math problem on it, a throwing ruler, and a wooden sword
Halloween World: Appears in episode 34. Powers include a Trick Beam from the skull-like left hand that causes people to act furocious for candy, teleportation, a tonfa that emits purple energy cutters called Trickortreatonfa, sky darkening, and spawning giant Halloween props.
Diamond World: Appears in episode 35. Powers include the Hardening Flash from the diamond-like staff that hardens what it hits and forcing others to only say the word diamond, spawning floating diamonds, and redirecting beam attacks in a technique called the Refraction Cutter.
Jack In The Box World: Appears in episode 36. Powers include a red Surprise Laser from the top of the head that causes random events to come out of containers, summoning booby traps that involve rockets, saws, spears, axes, springs, fire, and wrecking balls, a retractable head, summoning clowns and boxers, and turning buildings into missile pods
Daikon World: Appears in episode 37. Powers include summoning rice that causes trash to attack whoever it lands on called Ground Vengeance, a radish-like club, spawning giant radishes, and a grater on the head that redirects projectiles
New Year's World: Appears in episodes 38 and 39. Powers include eye lasers, high jumping, a wooden sword, a bell or the left hand that launches fire balls called the New Year's Eve Cannon, a New Year's Flash from the eyes that causes refreshment to those it hits every hour, spawning giant kites and teleporting caricatures, and releasing mochi from the torso for entrapment
Bon World: Appears in episode 38. Powers include eye lasers, steam from the head called Bon Flash that revives and controls ancestors, summoning a pair of vegetable-like spirit horses, and creating paper lamps that emit lightning
Hakaiju-Oh: Appears in episodes 39 ad 40. Powers include firing purple energy beam from each shoulder and a bladed nasal horn
Noodle World: Appears in episode 41. Powers include chopsticks that make others to be partisan over noodles, a noodle-like mace that can split to miniature maces, creating giant bowels of ramen that latch onto enemies that cause addictions, and green eye lasers
Kotatsu World: Appears in episode 42. Powers include a yellow energy beam from the eyes that entraps legs under a kotatsu called the Kotatsu Capture Beam, turning others into lazy cats via kotatsus, armor that survives high falls, summoning fire pits to form an Ultrahot Ultraviolet Beam from the head, and orange bombs from the scalp
Headwind World: Appears in episode 43. Powers a turbine for the left arm called the Against Striker that emits strong gusts that target individuals, spawning giant flags, and a wind dial on the head that directs wind
SD World: Appears in episode 44. Powers include a chained mace, a yellow beam from the head called the SD Spark that turns others into super deformed robots, a green shrinking laser from the S on the head called the Small Beam, and a growth red laser from the D on the head called the Daunting Beam
Omukuji World: Appears in episode 45. Powers include omikuji slips that cause bad luck from the left arm called Infinite Mikuji, teleportation, summoning black birds, and a machine gun in the left arm
Carrot World: Appears in episode 46. Powers include a triple barreled laser cannon called the Beam Carrotene and creating giant carrots from buildings to use them as projectiles
Sapphire World: Appears in episode 46. Powers include a diamond-like staff that fires lasers called Sapphire Eyes that cause gem collection addiction and creating giant jewelry and gems
Bat World: Appears in episode 46. Powers include turning others into vampires via red sonic waves from the forehead called Vampire Waves, a golden bat armed with nails in it, hanging while levitating, and summoning bat-like familiars
Ijiru Destroyer: Appears in episode 47. Its only known power is purple lightning from the claw staff
I'll keep it brief because this series doesn't have much going for it. The comedy is lackluster, the characters all have shockingly little focus much like Ryusoulger, the villains are pretty generic to an almost insulting degree, the twist that a multiversal god is behind the worlds and the real final boss was not built up properly and felt like something that was needed just to extend the run time, the pacing was slow for the first half, and the music was on the lower end of decent even though it was trying to be high energy although I did like Twokaiser's theme. This series could have been a lot better if they put more effort into the world building and more emphasis on serious moments. Even ignoring how it continues the sentai curse of every fifth series being worse than the previous one (with Zyuohger the sole exception to this) they don't do anything with their anniversary celebration beyond random summoning even after the various upgrades. The action is normally fine, but the CGI quality is some of the worst I've seen in my many years of experiencing tokusatsu, this was Kamen Rider W levels of "what are they even trying to do?". I'd say more, but this had very little to say beyond the comedic bits and action scenes. In terms of continuity I am going to operate under the assumption that these worlds are spinoffs from the main Sentai timeline, the unnamed god said he made them all, so it stands to reason he just made alternate worlds. The two specials confirm there are timelines with just villains that exclude heroes. When thinking of where to rank this it was tricky. It was certainly above the bottom five of the franchise and it is okay overall. The villains had a motive to attack Zenkaitopia so it was better than Sun Vulcan, upgrades and rangers were not forgotten so it was better than Gekiranger, none of the villains ended up in an insane asylum like Tranza so it was better than Jetman (despite this that joke with Yellow Owl being all about tomatoes in episode 41 was so insulting it ended up being one of the worst episodes in the franchise and easily the worst in this series), and the last episode was not made of ineptitude so it was better than Kakuranger. However, I had to draw the line at JAKQ, sure it had inconsistency in its tone, but the pacing was better and honestly the ending being disappointing could just be chalked up to limitations and the budget it had in the 1970s. This series does not get that pass even with covid.

With all that done time for rankings one final time.

Favorite Carriers and Mechanical Bases:
DaiVoyager > Hyper Ressha > DekaBase > Magma Base > Turbo Builder > Orion Battler > Brachiosaurs > King Brachion > King Pyramider > Denzi Tiger > Battle Shark > Giga Bitus > Goggle Caesar > BragiOh > Sky Ace > Dyjupiter > Machine Buffalo > Jaguar Vulcan > Bio Dragon > Varidreen > Varibloom > Star Condor > Shuttle Base > Turbo Ranger > Dai Mugen > Nekomaru > Varikikyun > Gran Tortoise > CrocoDaiOh > Round Base > Gao Rock > Big Baser > Victrailer > Orion > Argo

Favorite Mecha:
Go-Buster Oh > Buster Hercules > DaiBouken > V-Rex > GaoHunter > X Emperor > Kyutamajin > Tategami Lioh > Great Five > GouZyuJin > Grand Liner > GigantDriller > Bio Robo > Kiba Daioh > Jet Garuda > Kyurenoh > Ohranger Robo > ZenKaijuOh > Gosei Ground > GaoGod > Kiraimaizin > Sirend Builder > Victory Robo > Turbo Robo > Star Five > Gouraijin > Go-Buster KeroOh > Gosei Great > Ryuteioh > DaiZyuZin > Jet Icarus > Dairenoh > Travelion > Grateful Phoenix > Gingaioh > PteraidenOh > Galaxy Mega > Oh Blocker > GaoKing > Five Robo > RV Robo > Delta Mega > Flash King > SpinoDaiOh > Tenkujin > Goggle Robo > SaiDaiOh > Live Boxer > GaoIcarus > Gigant Hooh > Gosei Wonder > Change Robo > DaiTanken > MagiKing > Engine Daishogun > Dyna Robo > GekiFire > MaxOhJa > Gosei Ultimate > PlezuOh > Battle Fever Robo > Ginga Rhinos > Ginga Phoenix > GaoMuscle > VRV Robo > Sun Vulcan Robo > Kerberios > MougyudaiOh > DekaWing > Lion Ha-Oh > Red Puncher > KyoRyuZin > DaiDenziJin > BakuRenOh > Kishiryu Neptune > Liner Boy > PatKaiser > Build DaiOh > Muteki Shogun > Time Robo Alpha > Sirender > LupinKaiser > Yokuryuoh > Senpujin > Battle Caesar Robos > Live Robo > Turbo Rugger > GouRyuJin > Lupin Magnum > Kakure Daishogun > DieselOh > Dekaranger Robo > Victory Mars > WolKaiser > Kishiryuoh > EngineOh > AbaRenOh > ToquOh > Mega Voyager > Shurikenjin > Time Robo Beta > Daigoyou > Titan Boy > Land Galaxy > GanbirOh > MagiLegend > DekaBike > GaoKnight > Mega Winger > Bison King > Time Shadow > SeikuOh > DaikaiOh > DodekaiOh > KillerOh > Bull Taurus > DaiTenku > JuranGaon > GekiTohJa > SaintKaiser > Go-Roader GT > Gekiatsu Dai-Oh > King Express > ShinkenOh > Tsubasamaru > Sigma Project > TwokaiOh > Spino Thunder > Tousai Zyoh > Datas Hyper > Tackle Boy > VrooMagine > GokaiOh > CosmoRaptor > SafariGaOh > Zyuoh Wild > Condor Wild > Zyuoh King > Kishiryuzin > Revolver Mammoth > Providus > Mashin Zabyun > Pachygaroo

Favorite Series:
Kyuranger > Magiranger > Changeman > Go-Busters > Timeranger > Fiveman > Goseiger > GoGo-V > Zyuranger > Go-Onger > Kyoryuger > Gingaman > Dekaranger > Denziman > Ohranger > Toquger > Shinkenger > Gaoranger > Bioman > Carranger > Zyuohger > Dynaman > Kiramager > Abaranger > Maskman > Lupinranger vs. Patranger > Goggle-V > Boukenger > Turboranger > Battle Fever J > Ninninger > Flashman > Gorenger > Dairanger > JAKQ > Zenkaiger > Kakuranger > Jetman > Gekiranger > Strongest Battle > Sun Vulcan > Liveman > Ryusoulger > Hurricanger > Megaranger > Gokaiger

Favorite Openings:
Turboranger > Bioman > Zyuranger > Ohranger > GoGo-V > Go-Onger > Gaoranger > Dairanger > Shinkenger > Flashman > Denziman > Gokaiger > Boukenger > Dynaman > Gingaman > Kyuranger > Hurricanger > Kiramager > JAKQ > Magiranger > Goggle-V > Megaranger > Kakuranger > Jetman > Dekaranger > Timeranger > Kyoryuger > Carranger > Sun Vulcan > Battle Fever J > Liveman > Changeman > Gorenger > Go-Busters > Kyuranger > Lupinranger vs. Patranger > Zenkaiger > Ninninger > Ryusoulger > Fiveman > Abaranger > Gekiranger > Maskman > Goseiger >Toquger > Zyuohger > Strongest Battle

Tune in next time when I take on my last Versus movie and announce what the last review will be.
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Zenkaiger vs. Kiramager vs. Senpaiger:

Secchan recalls both groups of heroes dueling during a feast followed by the title. At Kiramatopia the Zenkaigers are enjoying the royal castle much to Silver's flustering. It is here that Silver indicates they are from other worlds before cutting to.... Gokaitopia. Where Red, Yellow, and Green meet Gokai Red who is not wearing his eye patch from the Ten Years Later movie (officially confirming the Years Later movies are not canon). They try convincing the captain to join and he challenges them to a fight. The rangers transform and fight. The Zenkaigers return to their dimension- and- just- **** it, I'm done, lets just do the review portion. Blah blah blah GokaiRed is super pirato blah blah blah in comedic fashion a Kanamestone is found by Vroom by accident blah blah blah Lupin Red steal it blah blah blah Kiramei Silver takes the kanamestone back blah blah blah Stacaesar fights the princess- Wait WHEN THE HELL DID SHE USE A BIG ASS CUTLASS!? So... Blah blah blah kudacks want the kanamestone while Lupin Red and Kiramei Silver talk blah blah blah King Bokkowaus had a bastard son named Potdeus who is the main villain of the movie blah blah blah a stone hunt is underway and Mabushina was impersonated by a scientist that Lupin Red put a recorder on blah blah blah WOW these kudacks have lasted a good while until Galbi World shows up blah blah blah team up and intro scene blah blah blah everyone is teleported into a subspace that looks like a meat restaurant blah blah blah the heroes just eat some meat and rice blah blah blah the heroes whine over fucking nothing blah blah blah Twokaiser and his siblings encounter Gokai Red who wants their kanamestone so fighting occurs blah blah blah Galbi World has a kanamestone blah blah blah Kiramei Blue somehow has a vice on his head again and passes out blah blah blah the real Mabushina and Stacaesar talk in a jail cell until Kiramei Silver breaks them out blah blah blah Twokaiser and Gokai Red are evenly matched blah blah blah ordering shenanigans including Gao-On doing kitchen work blah blah blah Lupin Red frees innocent Kikairoids while the pirates assault the palace blah blah blah Zenkaiger summons a bunch of yellow rangers who somehow eat with their masks on then the Dekarangers then some others including the second Kiranger (heh) blah blah blah Goranger Hurricane homage.... Is that a real idol? Blah blah blah everyone teleports to a very sandy quary to beat up and smackdown the villains and kudacks... The intros for the main rangers are food comedy nonsense. Wow the grunt fight was over faster than usual- Oh hey Dr. Iokaru summonned a bunch of grunts from previous series! Who are then met with their respective red rangers and Gokai Red. Such stock footage intros. Not even an AkaRed cameo. Lots of team up moments as the grunts go down. Blah blah blah Potdeus was just some guy the doctor bought as a puppet leader blah blah blah Zenkaiger fights him after Potdeus runs off crying blah blah blah Kiramei Red makes a new mech with Mabushina's tears blah blah blah new capes blah blah blah Galbi World and Dr. Iokaru are destroyed in the team up attacks after Lupin Red steals their kanamestones blah blah blah very big explosion blah blah blah a Nu Kudaitest absorbs Galbi World's power and turns the sky red blah blah blah sparkling Zenkaioh blah blah blah he dies fast blah blah blah Stacaesar says Potdeus should work for Kikaitopia to atone for his crimes while Lupin and Gokai Red make their exits blah blah blah the teams go their seperate ways after stopping Twokaiser with walking off with the Kanamestones- Ooh, they formed and scattered! Another yakiniku table which results in a feast. Zoom out shot followed by some dancing during the end credits- Why are they trying to mix the opening themes? I mean I know why but they clash hard. Some production photos follow. Oh and Navi from Gokaiger joins Seechan.

Potdeus: Only known power is aspear
Galbi World: Powers include wrist and head flames, shockwaves from the hands that teleport enemies into a party room, and turning the sky red
Dr. Iokaru: Powers include a disguise device, a big cutlass, a pistol, and summoning grunts from various factions

Okay so I'll be brief with the positives: It did confirm some movies were non-canon even though having a Gokaitopia really does mess with the timeline for no damn reason. I like how Potdeus was not treated as irredeemable and there was an attempt to make this different from previous team up movies. That being said the comedy absolutely destroyed this. Also, big anniversary special and there's no emphasis on this? For an anniversary series? It feels very lazy and don't say covid because there were a ton of grunts close together. The whole "Twokaiser looks like a Gokaiger" bit didn't really go anywhere. Having just Gokai and Lupin Red makes you wonder "where the hell is everyone else?" For those wondering no, I didn't do the blah blah blah shtick because of the movie itself, I have run out of steam and have to let this franchise go. I am convinced that if I ever seen Donbrothers or whatever comes after Sentai needs to end. A half a century run is very impressive and nothing to scoff at, but even Kamen Rider took breaks. With all that said here is the ranking for every crossover movie and special involving Super Sentai from best to worst.

Cho Super Hero Wars
Super Hero Wars
Super Hero Wars Z
Hurricanger vs. Gaoranger
Kamen Rider Drive vs. Ninninger
Shinkenger vs. Go-Onger
Gokaiger vs. Space Sheriff Gavan
Goseiger vs. Shinkenger
Timranger vs. GoGo-V
Kirameiger vs. Ryusoulger
Boukenger vs. Super Sentai
Carranger vs. Ohranger
Zyuohger vs. Ninninger
Kamen Rider Gaim vs. Toquger
GoGo-V vs. Gingaman
Go-Onger vs. Gekiranger
Lupinranger vs. Patoranger vs. Kyuranger
Gekiranger vs. Boukenger
Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai
Go-Busters vs. Gokaiger
Gingaman vs. Megaranger
Ryusoulger vs. Lupinranger vs. Patoranger
JAKQ vs. Gorenger
Zenkaiger vs. Kirameiger vs. Senpaiger
Ninninger vs. Toquger
Megaranger vs. Carranger
Dekaranger vs. Abaranger
Super Sentai World
Abaranger vs. Hurricanger
Ohranger vs. Kakuranger
Toquger vs. Kyoryuger

Tune in before the end of this year where the final review of this topic will commence and I close the door on two franchises I fell in love with over the last ten years: Kamen Rider Saber and Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger: Superhero Wars! I started Kamen Rider with Decade in June 2012 and Gorenger in September 2013. Kyuranger became my favorite tokusatsu of all time and Kamen Rider Build became my least favorite and honestly **** it. The rest, the best and the worst and everything in between, really were the adventure of a decade. Cheers, everyone. I'll get on it after I finish some other series, give it undivided attention.


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An ocean of depression and misery
Super Hero Chronicle:

The ocean in the opening logo freezes as we head to the tower in the North Pole from Saber. A bookcase is chained up filled with manga as the main villain breaks his statue prison. Traps including a pendulum, flaming arrows, and mass produced Logos Riders fail to stop him as he approaches. He steals the books via telekinesis to merge the "forbidden stories" into one because chaos. Cut to the main quadrio from Saber at Saber's bookstore talking about his writer's block and how writers are gods of their stories. A story of Zenkaiger is brought up followed by Carranger, but the latter seems out of order. The room goes crazy and most of them are teleported to Kikaitopia. Juran shows up to meet with Saber, Saikou, and whatsherface. Yeah, toku characters without powers I likely won't remember them at all because it's not about them. Saber realizes which book they are in and we get the Super Hero Chronicle logo. The other Zenkaigers and Seechan wake up on a roof with a tiny stage. They try to remember what happened via hazy flashback. Vroom picks up a book which is what caused them to teleport. Blades meets them on the roof where he guesses their names accurately like in the book. Some clustering around the rider happens while Juran shows the crew around- Wait didn't Espada also get sucked in? Where is he? Some kudakks attack a studio so Saber and Saikou transform to fight followed by Juran as a kid in a white shirt draws what is going on. The kid manages to fend off a world with his pen much to whatshername's amazement. After finishing the villains off the kid reveals his name to be Shotaro. Secchan yells from across dimensions to get their attention, afterward we are in Candy Cafe trying to figure things out followed by going to Northern Base where Durandal mentions Agastya Base. The other female lead whose name I don't remember mentions forbidden S Class books being there and Asmodeus (the main villain) taking over. The books in question are the entire history of Kamen Rider and Super Sentai and with Asmodeus using them it's screwing with their continuities. I'd say Gokaiger did a solid job of that and Zenkaiger isn't exactly guiltless, but you know. Zenkaiser tells his grandmother they're doing well on the other side. Vroom is confused about everything being a story which causes an existential crisis. After that Asmoedus creates Sentai Megid and Rider World for wanton destruction and some speech about turning everything black as black ribbons spread into the sky. Both dimensions do their anomalies- Oh her name was Sophia. Juran, whatshername, Saber, and Shotaro show up in a samurai world while Blades, Secchan, and Zennkaiger wake up in a desert where Oma Zi-O stands over them and changes their clothes to reflect Journey To The West. Also the good Imagins from Kamen Rider Den-O show up for comedic antics. Random foot soldiers from Super Sentai attack so the Imagins fight them off followed by Zenkaiger and Blades transforming to help. Sentai Megid shows up to fight Blades. Also Momotaros can turn into Den-O by himself now for some raisin. The DenLiner shows up and everyone heads aboard, Zenkaiger and Blades enjoying it as Oma Zi-O tells them to go forth. At the samurai world we see various Sentai mentors figting off Sentai grunts lead by Rider World. DekaMaster, Washi Pink, and Ryu Commander take Saber and Juran to a remote location to discuss some swordsman prophecies and hand out cabobs. After that is note exchanging at DenLiner- Oh there's the owner. Cut to Saber and company walking through te woods with Juran mentioning he never read the book. Two swordsmen are spotted near a waterfall who I think are supposed to be Shinken Green and Kiramei Blue- Yup, they transformed while fighting. Oh and they are following a story called Tale of The Eight Dogs which I know nothing about. Juran comedically stops their fight by tripping over a log. Shotaro draws them fighting, not satisfied because those are not the heroes he wants to draw. Saber and company reach a temple where more grunts attack, mostly Sentai grunts but you can clearly see Gamma Commandos from Kamen Rider Ghost with them. In classic Toei editing we go from temple to desert, Sentai Megid holds Secchan hostage while some wordplay on the word hostage is done by the Imagin and then Zi-O shows up for the lolz, turning into Grand Zi-O. Kamen Rider Kabuto saves Secchan before getting a few punches in followed by Drive, Ryuki, and Ghost getting some slashes in. Grand Zi-O dominates and knocks out Sentai Megid, releasing all of the books. A tornado forms around the protagonists before cutting to samurai world where more Sentai grunts show up led by Rider World. More fighting occurs when who should show up but.... Which Red is this- Wait, no, that is Zero One. He acts so similar to modern reds, can you really blame me? Juran throws out his back before transforming. Shotaro draws Washi Pink and Ryu Commander beign the remaining swordsmen in the prophecy that allows them to transform. The heroes combine their swords to form an energy cutter that forces Rider World to cough up his books and a tornado teleports them all elsewhere. The protags meet up with one another, but Shotaro is missing. Blades thinks they fell into a trap as most of the villains show up, proclaiming the area will be their grave. Mostly Sentai grunts again but I can see Space Shocker combatmen, Bugster Viruses from Ex-Aid, and- Wait, Deathworms from Kyuranger are wild animals, why the hell are they not chowing on everything right now!? Technically Baseball Mask from Gorenger is also there, but whatever, semantics. Shotaro is nearby just drawing everyone, but he isn't satisfied as Asmodeus talks to him. He starts ripping pages which causes various protagonists to turn into gold dust. Saber and whatshername are all that's left as they read their own story. Sentai Megid and Rider World mention that it is too late to realize Asmodeus's plan as Shotaro and whatshername and Saber turn into gold dust. The End.

Saber wakes up talking to Blades and whatshername as he finds out the book about is series has no words in it. Follow this up with the background turning into various memories. Saber finds Shotaro Ishinomori's biography and starts seeing moments in it where Sotaro took up manga art. Whatshername likes the art- AND HER NAME WAS MEI! Shotaro wants to stop drawing heroes because when they suffer he feels like he's being evil. Saber mentions how this draws out their humanity like real people. Lots of metaphysical philosophy gets involved to persuade Shotaro making the Rider and Sentai worlds. Blades is unsure of all this, but soon comes around and all three pinky swear they will get out of this. In whatever counts as the real world we see villains chanting Asmodeus's name while the Zangyack Empire helps the Crisis Fortress conquer a city with I assume Time Majins from Zi-O. Asmodeus tells the villains to rampage when Saber and Shotaro pop up and walk toward them. Saber holds out a book named Super Heor Chronicle with him as the author while Shotaro shows off old art for Kamen Rider Ichigo and the Gorengers. Both Ichigo and Akaranger show up and charge in. Both heroes mention their legacies which all spawn at the same time (although for Sentai it's just red rangers). Twokaiser shows up singing his tune complete with YO HO HOI! Asmodeus calls them childish fantasies to which Zenkaiger replies if they were worthless they would not have prevailed for so long followed by Saber stating stories become reality. Transforming happens- No, Henshins happen. Every Logos Rider followed by the Zenkaigers, doing their intros- No, not intros, this is rollcalls. I never once called them rollcalls these last nine years, at the end I finally do. After rollcalls from each side there is a back explosion. CHARGE! YELL! SCREAM! So much chaos and actiony action. This goes on for a while and I am enjoying the hell out of it. I like when Riderman gets his turn he calls himself Kamen Rider Number 4. AND THEN ZENKAIGER SUMMONS THE AKIBARANGERS! THEY MADE THEIR DEBUT IN AN OFFICIAL PRODUCTION! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love how AkibaRed asks for an autograph before transforming. Secchan mentions how being unofficial makes enemies act uncharacteristically and thus signalling defeat. Asmodeus decides to attack finally, knocking out everyone in one energy cutter blast. A second one happens, but Shotaro blocks it while stating humans are not derivative of each other. Ichigo Rider Kicks Rider World and Akared whips up Sentai Megid. A finishing move fails on Asmodeus, but then the sky turns red- Nope it;s just Kamen Rider Revice showing up for no raisin. Revice and the kaijin whose name I don't know just pummel and wail on Asmodeus until they use their finishing move on him. Yeah, that ruined tension fast- Wait! The machines from earlier, Asmodeus absorbs them all to turn into a blue dragon! And then all Sentai mecha show up for an all out assault! Twokaisers saves all of the Kamen Riders so they can use their finishers in combination with the Sentai mecha. Saber and Zenkaiger confront Asmodeus, now on the ground, the latter turning into a Super Hero Senki book that Saber uses for a grand climax! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUPER! HERO! FINAL SLASH! INFINITE RIDER KICKING! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HERO IS FOREVER! Asmodeus explodes and all of the books go back to Agastya Base, Sophia noting the new Revice story added to the collection. Ichigo meets Shotaro and is so happy to see him. Shotaro mentions how he is dead, but is glad he made heroes that outlived him with Ichigo saying they are with children forevermore. Ichigo tells the heroes Riders and Sentai are forever as he gets on Hurricane and drives off into another dimension. Saber states that even if they are characters then they must write their own endings. The ending is filled with various riders and sentai throughout the ages.

Asmodeus: Powers include blue energy cutters from the palms, a human disguise that uses telekinetic explosions and grabbing of objects, a pair of swords that emit blue energy cutters, and a dragon form that flies and emits blue mouth flames
Sentai Megid: Only known power is an ax
Rider World: Only known power is a kanabo

And that's the end. What a ride. I enjoyed the hell out of this journey. I can rest now.


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