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Now we have come to talk about being FABULOUS in this not-really-Wataru-related series called Kiramager.

"You feeling better?"


"So how will this be done?"

Because of the 45 episode length this will be done in 5 parts with 9 episodes each with the movie in part 3 as it takes place between episodes 23 and 24.

"You still checking for continuity?"

If it does not contradict or can easily be explained it is canon.

"But Zenkaiger!"

Haven't seen it and given how slow I have gotten over the years I might not get around to it for a long time, however I am interested in how its mythos plays out. Did Toei really have a multiverse this whole time or was it (outside of Kyuranger and Akibaranger) one universe that got split apart? The fact there will be a crossover movie with Kamen Rider Saber which already has merge-and-seperation problems with its multiverse makes me want to hold off on what the hell is up with the timeline. The only real potential contradiction Super Sentai has is "hey shouldn't animal people from Zyuohger be in more human cities?" which can be explained by "they'd rather go home and not deal with constant alien and demon invasions".

"Anything else?"

I still stand with Vic Mignogna, two years later and not a shred of real evidence. It's reasons like this why I browse r/mensrights. Despite what right wingers that pretend to be left wingers like Leon Thompson from Renegade Cut may lead you to falsely believe, men's rights is a major issue in the west. Not to say Amy Cumstain Barette and Brett Pukenough won't curtail women's rights, that one just gets the coverage. Every election matters and if you're not voting left **** like this happens.

"Why get political?"

America will likely have a second civil war this decade, it's important to document everything because the truth needs defending in this day and age. Trump supporters attempted insurrection, 70% of republicans think the election was stolen and over half thought the riot was done as a democrat false flag operation. It's actually terrifying, I live in a country where plague itself was successfully politicized no matter how high the death count.
Kyoju Hildon: Powers include levitation, tentacles, and sludge emitting from the faucet-like head
Galza: Powers include a hooked sword that emits lightning and red energy cutters, dual shoulder shields, purple left hand energy blasts....
Rugby Jamen: Powers include high jumping, rugby ball bombs and speed
Rugger Ligany: Powers include emitting dark clouds, body electric shocks and speed
Manriki Jamen: Powers include summoning vices on human heads and using the handle on the right side of his head as a baton
Manriki Shellga: Only known power is a clamp for the head that emits energy bolts
Kyuusekki Basra: Onlt known power is a pair of tusks that launch wired arrowheads
Joystick Jamen: Powers include a controller for the head that hijacks machinery and organisms and armored skin
Catcher Ligany: Powers include twin wired claws on the head and levitation
Digital Camera Jamen: Powers include a head camera that teleports organisms into Cloud Hildon and three hundred sixty degree head rotation
Cloud Hildon: Powers include levitation, invisibility, six tentacle arms, and emitting explosive body clouds
Reinetsu Dagames: Powers include mouth flames from the right head, mouth freezing mist from the left head, and a hook claw for each arm
Oven Jamen: Powers include emitting flames from the oven head, mouth fire balls, and a cape that deflects projectiles
Freezer Jamen: Powers include emitting freezing mist from the fridge head, a rake, and a power drink that allows for spawning ice
Hyakunin Isshu Jamen: Powers include one hundred card bombs, teleportation, and entrapping organisms into the cards on his head
Heiankyo Basra: Powers include summoning lightning from the head horns and a magnetic head
This series is wonderful! So much actiony action and daring cinematography with minimal humor! In terms of ranger balance Red so far has three, Green with two, and the rest one. I did not expect Galza's backstory to come as early as episode four. The villains are fine, Carantula has done nothing beyond explaining thus far and I will withhold opinions on him for the time being. The mechs are cool and shiny, 'nough said! I especially like Smog Jouki, that thing is badass! The grunts, the Bechats, are a downgrade compared to what we've been getting since Gokaiger; they're pretty basic and use a rake of all things. It is nice to have the kaijin and kaiju be very distinct from one another. And finally Crystalia looks like Inazuman, there I said it. Not much else to say thus far.

Captain Shark

An ocean of depression and misery
Been a while since we did Colbert Report style intros! And we continue with part 2!

Music Jamen: Powers include invisibility, hypnotic music, throwing cards through the internet that can assimilate with human hearts as long as a yodon curtain is active, and sonic waves from the head
Stage Shellga: Powers include mouth sonic waves and red electric bolts and burrowing
Reset Button Jamen: Powers include time reversal using the reset button on the right side of his head, teleportation, and a bronze round shield
Hassha Button Ligany: Its only known power is four head missiles
Inseki Jamen: Powers include meteor summoning, head flames after being possessed by a Monstone hot enough to melt bullets, and emitting lava from the head
Monstone: Powers include a kiramei stone disguise, possession, and high jumping
Haejigoku Shellga: Powers include extendable fly trap tentacles from the head and two big fly trap tentacles on the neck
Steam Locomotive Jamen: Powers include black magic smoke from the chimney on the train-like head and speed
Diesal Basra: Powers include armor and inflamed oil from each headlight on the car-like head
Wanage Hildon: Its only known power is launching ring bombs from the long neck
Marshmallow Jamen: Powers include yellow head lasers that convert humans into marshmallows and a rubbery body that deflects attacks unless exposed to cold temperatures
Launch Rigani: Its only known power is four head missiles
Hammer Basra: Powers include a head hammer and burrowing
Whack-A-Mole Jamen: Powers include a human disguise and spawning whack-a-mole traps that trap humans into cards
Jaaku Monstone: Its only known power is spear arms
And as soon as Yellow and Pink got an episode to them everything became centered on Silver, it pretty much went full Gaoranger. As for the villains Galza is good, but Kurantula is too childish which makes their invasion not as serious as they normally are in Sentai. I do find it shocking that Silver's jackhammer can fire lasers strong enough to SET ENTIRE CITY BLOCKS ON FIRE! Like damn son, Tokyo has to repair itself all the time from the last 42 teams (yes I subtracted Kyuranger since they have their own universe). Haven't seen anything that contradicts continuity, in fact Monstones do resemble Queen Cosmos from Jiban, it's possible they are of a similar species of space junk lifeform given their disguise and shape. Not much else to talk about beyond it's nice seeing cool mech designs.

On a side note since the movie is proving impossible to find and I have a backlog, short hiatus until I find it, sorry folks.