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(Apologies in advance if review topics are not allowed in this forum, wasn't sure where else to put it)

Ladies and gentlemen of the toku fandom, I, the infamous Captain Shark, exile of TK, KG, and MAHQ, am going to take on the first entry of the Super Sentai franchise (also my first sentai series not counting Akibarangers).


"Isn't Gorenger like 84 episodes and few bother talking about it due to age and only 4 eps being subbed?"

Yes, that is why I'm going have one of these episodic reviews for the lolz of it! I'll be reviewing this four episodes at a time!

"But won't that take up so much time?"

Have you seen my SD Gundam Force reviews?

Probably not a smart thing to post as I vented a lot into that grim jokes included........ But hey: THIS!

"That is a ton of episodes though."

Oh please, I've seen Mazinger Z, Grendizer, and Ultraman Cosmos in their entirety. Plus I've seen most Ultra series with no english translations and still got the jist from most of them. If this series are anything like Inazuman Flash (which has no known eng subs and both had the same creator, studio, and writers) it should be very easy to comprehend what the hell is going on.

"So what are you going to talk about?"

You'll have to find the fudge out soon, son.

"Wait, what was the point of the recommendation topic you made?"

I have decided I am going to dive into sentai starting with Changeman with a few other recs following. However, I am not treating Gorenger (or JAKQ when I get around to watching it) as SUPER Sentai, rather toku on it's own by Ishinomori. At least until I see a bunch of other sentai series (like 6 others at least), then I'll compare them all up and junk.

"Will you include the movie?"

If I can find it, yes.

"When will this all start?"

Right now!

"Is your awful humor going to pollute this thread?"

Absolutely, nobody inform Burkion though.:laugh:
For technical jargon I don't cover go here:

Let it be known now that every protag in this part will be given nicknames and starting with the next one I will start calling everyone by their actual names. For every monster of the week I'll give a one sentence analysis on what powers and/or weapons they give because once I am done with these reviews I'm putting this info at the ranger wiki articles. A handful of entities from this series appeared in a few tokusatsu crossover games, which will get mentioned at my site of Pixel Galaxy once we're all done here. Lets dive the fudge in!

Episode 1

The first episode begins with soccer players doing their thing when someone throws a knife into their ball. Said knife thrower is the monster of the week Gold Mask with a squad of Zolders, black masked men that will be the cannon fodder of this series. They beat the hell out of the soccer players and then bomb them with grenades (yes you read that correctly). One soccer player survives and runs to a building they are bombing since someone he knows is being (and eventually is) killed by the bad guys. After the zolders gun down some folks, arctic commandos are attacked by a guy named Samurai Mask and his squad, less bomby and more knify with only one survivor. Same scenario happens with a karate dojo with zolders lead by Bronze Mask and holy f**k these are powerful f**king grenades! This survivor got stabbed by a friggin sword. Fourth is the horse races, complete with more stock footage grenade explosions and the survivor is female this time; also the leader here is Jade Mask who looks like more like like he is very into Hatian culture if his costume is any indicator. Poison Gas Mask leads the final zolder attack as he attacks the squad with blue choking gas from his face with a survivor that looks more like he was just late than lucky. The five masked monsters/generals (I don't know at the moment) talk to the leader of the Black Cross Army (their organization), Black Cross Fuhrer and wow does the camera shake like crazy here. Cut to the Blue Ranger doing archery and Red Ranger going "move your a**!" (maybe, no clue, no subs). Yellow Ranger drags a truck and gets a message from a dog (and Red) to move. Pink Ranger gets.... an invite? I don't know, she was also using grenades. Green Range does boomerang practice before getting an invite too. Apparently transformations are done just by turning to the left. Everyone meets up at some small restaurant with the chef having a stereotypical French chef hat. Four of the five show up with Red leading them to a secret elevator into a basement. Upon their way down ranger five surprises them as he made it their first. We briefly see the inside of the control senter before the agency EAGLE (think SHIELD from Marvel) tells them about their motorcycles and tells them to go somewhere. While riding around their hovercraft takes off with two other bloats inside. They actually take off from a WELL, a giant water well, in a CITY. Gold Mask hijacks a school bus because.... I don't know, but whatever, the zolders follow up by gunning down police with riot shields (how the hell did they die if they have riot shields? those must be strong bullets that leave no marks!). The bus is locked in a warehouse with a bomb until the hovercraft uses a giant shovel claw to punch through the roof and carry the bus out. The rangers give chase with bombs are thrown at them. This series really loves explosions, someone call Michael Bay! Gold Mask uses a boomerang scythe on Red while untransformed until the other rangers show up transformed so he can transform. Insert slowmo jumping! Red uses a whip, Blue uses a bow, and Green uses a boomerang from his visor (yeah I got nothing). Pink and Yellow just use real rastling and martial arts, respecti- no, wait, Pink uses heart-like flash bombs from her visor. Gold Mask takes off when the zolders are beaten. So therangers kick a soccer ball and after Red kicks it at Gold Mask he explodes. Yeah. Fuhrer is POed and the other four offer to kick ranger a**. End with the ending having clips from this ep and what are likely behind the scenes sparing. The preview shows Samurai Mask causing avalanches and getting his butt whooped.

Gold Mask: He wields a scythe that can return to him (telekinesis maybe?).

Episode 2

After a brief review of the ranger origins in the last episode we see scientists testing an avalanche machine (Inazuman Flash says hi) before Samurai Mask uses a yumi bow to kill one scientist and fry another with a laser. A third scientist is captured to either replicate it or tell secrets. The rangers.... Assemble and go cycling. Yeah I have no comment for that briefing. Two rangers come across some women and I think she is talking about her child when Green and Yellow assist her. The other three are ambushed by Samurai Mask and knock his zolders silly. Why are gun wielding soldiers armed with swords- wait why do I care? Samurai Mask tries archery sniping on them, even injuring Blue, for Red to take him on. Pink throws a bomb at him only for Samurai Mask to give a maniaal laugh and run. After recooping on the Rangers' end, Samurai Mask destroys a highway only for Fuhrer to be what I think is him being unimpressed (I don't know exactly, but he sounded quite calm). Meanwhile Yellow finds the missing kid only for zolders to nab him and run off. At this point it is revealed the kid is that of the caught scientist (probably what Fuhrer was talking about just minutes earlier. Red and who I think is Pink go on recon until they come across a zolder with an arrow in his back saying eat a snickers- I don't know. Next thing you know there is an ambush and both rangers are cuffed before being thrown in a cell. Samurai Mask rambles and laughs about his inflated ego or something at the prisoners as they share the same cell as the kid. Soon Samurai Mask has the scientist, his son, and the two rangers tied to stakes because they have the mind set of 1690s Salem. The hovercraft is launched by Blue while Green and Yello go on motorcycle. Red pulls a knife from his sleeve and escapes (by teleporting apparently) before Samurai Mask can use the avalanche laser on them. The hovercraft.... Drops a box and sucks the scientist and son up a ube. Dr. Seuss-esque technology much? The Rangers transform and use waist rockets called the birdies to fly around before surrounding Samurai Mask. Zolders appear and martial arts ensues! Samurai Mask was unable to get his katana out as his minions got slaughtered. The soccer ball of death kills him only for his ghost to cause a fissure.... Revealing a space rocket? Blue uses an arrow with one of Pink's bombs to destroy the entire rocket as it takes off, destroying Samurai Mask for good. Next episode has Red and Yellow being trapped in a cage with Bronze Mask ploting something.

Samurai Mask: He wields a yumi bow with arrows and a katana and can teleport while emitting holograms.

Episode 3:

The episode starts off with zolders escorting two scientists with hard hats putting a white machine with attached beakers in a black capsule that goes down an oil well. Bronze Mask sees what goes on from a distance while the scientists detonate, basically emitting hydrogen bomb footage. After Bronze Mask tells his boss "success!" one scientist with a skinny as hell mustache sends plans and microfilm via carrier pigeon away. This is eventually given to chef in secret because.... Meanwhile the Rangers receive orders about the microfilm, in which I assume mustache scientist was an undercover agent (I could be wrong). Red and Yellow burglar their way into a zolder controlled mansion equipped with stealth cloaks (Harry Potter inspiration perhaps?). If you've seen comedic heist movies you pretty much know the next few minutes. One weird device used was some sort of rod that causes security cameras to fizzle, it was just weird. They eventually find the device until Yellow's hind end triggers an alarm, forcing them to fight zolders. Bronze Mask comes onto the rooftop and starts sniping them with a machine gun until they are trapped in an electric cage. The two transform and are saved by their hovercraft with Bronze Mask shooting at them. Bronze Mask throws a fit and concludes there is a spy among his brigade and uses his staff gun to find mustache scientist the traitor as they even find a transmitter. Bronze Mask.... blows a friggin dart gun and the dart stabs him in the back of the head (ouch). If you have a machine gun why do you use poison darts? Regardless, the rangers try analyzing the device. Bronze Mask eventually tracks down Yellow and.... Plays a flute? So his dart gun was a flut? Uh- Moving on. Some "guests" come into the restaurant that are really Zolders in disguise or out of uniform or- Okay I don't know if these are mutants or cyborgs or if that is how clothes work in this universe. The zolders grab some kid named Taro and scram once Red beats them up with Yellow following their jeep (and it is a pretty long f**king jeep for jeep standards. Not cartoonishly big, but if you saw it you'd go "DAYYYYYYYYUM!"). Yellow goes to their hide out and EATS THEIR FOOD with Bronze Mask just giving him instructions for giving the boy back for the chemical weapon. Yellow goes alone and sure enough the real Taro was not there in double cross fashion. A scientist puts the device in a smaller capsule before the other rangers show up. Bronze Mask equips his sword and Taro happens to be in the capsule to add peril. Pink tries to rescue him while the others beat the hell out of the zolders complete with death by arrows. After most are beaten up, Bronze Mask commands his last three to use bazookas on them and that fails horribly. The only thing saving Bronze Mask is a shield he summons on his right arm that conceals him in an iron maiden. Yellow throws it into the air, allowing the soccer ball of doom blast it open. Bronze Mask tries to run only to get blown up himself. What kind of energy was in there? Back at base, unknown if Taro survived as it was never shown, the general of Eagle that gives the orders shows his face introduces agents 007, 008, and 009 because a Charlie's Angels reference is necessary. Next episode has Jade Mask ballooning a safe away and an air battle is possible.

Bronze Mask: Equipped with a machine gun, a flute that can be used as a poison dart gun, a sword, and a shield that can encase him in an iron maiden.

Episode 4

The episode starts off with Jade Mask being told by two scientists about the team and which ranger is which complete with mini-back stories. Two scientists run for their lives while chased by zolders only to fail at gun point. One dies while another barely gets away after being wounded. Jade Mask tells them to spare him so they might find a secret base or something (not sure). Said scientists is in a hospital discovered by Pink while it looks like his face is rotting. Pink manages to pull a Cutey Honey and turn into another woman (well technically just disguising, but it is so sudden it is weird). She manages to track down where the scientist was working and they do their best not to raise suspicions (it almost worked if someone did not scream). She suspects further upon finding blood left from the chase scene earlier and finds zolders. She transforms by jumping (we Kamen Rido now) and she beats them up before turning back. Pink finds a cellar with hostages and gets kicked in from behind. Insert Jade Mask possing as a scientist and maniacal laughter before revealing himself and walking out. Back at the base the general is filled with disappoint that Pink went missing and Yellow and Green go off to find her. A zolder throws them off the trail while one scientist acts serious that Pink is one of their hostages. In the cell she manages to bust the door with plastic explosives and a laser ring only for Jade Mask to stop them in their tracks. Jade Mask even pins her to a wall before showing them their.... I am assuming an underground bomb factory. At the restaurant it seems like Taro lived and everyone is puzzled as to what happened to Pink. At the underground base a red hot air balloon is about to launch with what I think is a bomb under it. Pink kills a zolder with stabbing him in the eye with a hair pin and another one with his machine gun while Yellow and Green use a rope ladder to get the hostages out. Once Red shows up so does Jade Mask on the rooftop. On the balloon two zolders play with a radio while Blue pilots the aircraft before flying onto the balloon and beating the zolders up, eventually throwing both off. Blue deactivates the device and leaves a messages which I assume translates to "f**k you". The rangers go after the zolders and Jade Mask in classic toku fashion. Jade Mask tries to run and eventually uses a balloon to scram only for the soccer bal of doom to do him in. Poison Gas Mask is angry he is the last one left and in a weird German accent swears he will win his battle while talking to the Fuhrer. The next episode has Poison Gas Mask stopping a convoy and poses.

Jade Mask: He uses a wooden staff....... Kind of weak.

Lets analyze the cannon fodder real quick, shall we: A throwing knife at one point and general equipment includes a machine gun, grenades, a sword (broadsword? claymore?), and a bazooka while they can turn into humans instantly. Sometimes they have building buster bombs. And what is with the silver not-glasses?

This part of the review has concluded!
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Time for part 2, now with paragraphs by popular demand!

Episode 5:

The episode starts with a convoy being stopped by Poison Gas Mask (apparently having invisibility powers) and his zolder squad. After the army is killed, Poison Gas Mask hijacks the convoy with Akaranger and Midoranger in pursuit. After going through a tunnel, Poison Gas Mask dukes it out with them only to teleport away (but not before beating the tar out of them). After the convoy is sent to an underground layer, Poison Gas Mask gets operated on while saying something about the rangers being pesky. Back at base Commander Gonpachi talks about what the Black Cross Army stole (I think) and Midoranger gets angry over not being allowed to go. Poison Gas is trailed by agents 008 and 009 while looking as 70s as possible. After splitting up 008 gets ambushed and almost caught before Poison Gas Mask just.... Teleports off. He finds his was to the restaurant base trying to find the rangers. Gonpachi as Snack Gon is on to him and says nothing, but Taro nearly gave it away not knowing any better. Midoranger sees this as a chance to trail him only to fall into a trap. Poison Gas Mask unsheaths a katana and before long over powers the ranger.

At the Black Cross Army base they try to torture Midoranger via an electric chair while Poison Gas Mask gets operated on again briefly. Midoranger is given.... Some device before it is taken away from him. The other rangers, after getting his location via a homing signal or something, launch the Variblune and their motorcycles to track him down. They find Midoranger tied to a cross and Kiranger tells them the area is radioactive. Why would he have a geiger counter on him? They then use some hand beam attack to undo the ropes.... What? The rangers do their intro and take on Poison Gas Mas and his zolders. After the zolders are taken out Poison Gas Mask talks about how his base is emitting poison gas while teleporting like crazy. I wonder if this guy is a Zetton knockoff. Midoranger eventually uncovers his weakness of NOT BEING ABLE TO TURN HIS HEAD. Okay, apparently this guy is a Gyaos knockoff. The Gorenger Storm is executed right in Poison Gas Mask's face and he explodes. Black Cross Fuhrer is briefly disappointed before the underground base blows up, nearly taking the rangers with it. They somehow manage to rescue a bunch of workers there at the same time. Commander Gonpachi scolds and applauds Midoranger's wrecklessness with Aoranger making some joke to finish the episode. The next episode shows Metal Hoop Mask (what kind of name is that?) storing microfilm, three gun towers, and a fissure near or in a city.

Poison Gas Mask: Can turn invisibile, teleport, jump high, and retract into his cloak and is equipped with poison gas from the mask and cape, a right wrist rocket, and a katana.

Episode 6:

The episode starts with Metal Hoop Mask making a shady deal with some guy in silhouette involving blueprints to some base. Afterward the shady guy has his car blown up with Metal Hoop Mask revealing to be Catholic. He and his men blow up a transformer before he divides himself into metal hoops to enter a base. In monster movie fashion the guards can do nothing to him before he kills them with loop constricting. Metal Hoop Mask steals some capsule and laughs. Commander Gonpachi summons the rangers and tells them what happened before Akaranger and Midoranger take off. The two sneak into a warehouse while beating up some zolders, eventually confronting Metal Hoop Mask only for him to take off via motorcycle eventually the two rangers beat him up before he jumps onto a boat. Miami Vice time! Or is it Live and Let Die? Regardless, boomerangs and thrown and bombs are tossed until Metal Hoop Mask jacks a yacht very unlike a pirate. The two rangers eventually leave after being unable to find him. Metal Hoop Mask then takes everyone hostage, threatening to kill the captain's daughter if he does not cooperate.

Metal Hoop Mask laughs sinisterly while analyzing the microfilm in his head (I guess this confirms the mask monsters are robots.... Although Poison Gas Mask probably gave that away). Black Cross Fuhrer summons his gun towers to wreak havoc around Japan, eventually having the zolders raid a base and it causes two huge fissures. Grim? Why yes it is. At least until Kiranger complains he cannot get seconds. Akaranger and Midoranger decide to check the yacht out while Black Cross Fuhrer (telepathically I assume) tells Metal Hoop Mask to analyze more microfilm while splitting up the family. The zolders are beaten up on the spot. The other rangers arrive via the Variblune with Momoranger and Kiranger flying down to the ground while Aoranger has to land the Variblune before transforming. The zolders are beaten to a pulp quickly with a good chunk of them falling into water. Aoranger shoots Metal Hoop Mask in the right arm and groin, forcing him to run. The Gorenger Storm is used and he blows up like an atomic bomb (seriously that explosion was huge). The next episode shows Alien Wolf from Ultraman Leo in a light brown color and i am going to assume it is Crescent Moon Mask.

Metal Hoop Mask: Can divide into constricting metal hoops, jump high, and analyze microfilm and is equipped with hoop-like bombs.

Episode 7:

The episode begins with school children on a playground with one girl being anti-social. She is suddenly taken by a werewolf with giant fangs that looks like Alien Wolf from Ultraman Leo. The werewolf (yes I checked my sources, this is a werewolf) is chased by the police through an apartment with Akaranger and Momoranger taking notice and action. There werewolf jumps off of a roof only to be followed and Akaranger shoots him with the Silver Shot. It is soon discovered the werewolf was the child's dad (what a twist!). In the hospital the father barely remembers anything when Crescent Moon Mask appears and fires a purple laser from his moon staff that turns him into a werewolf again. Crescent Moon Mask flees via a motorcycle and Akaranger follows. Akaranger duels with Crescent Moon Mask while the latter is still on his bike. After a bolt zap, Akaranger falls down a hill. Momoranger investigates the area, seeing a bunch of people passed out. The cops suddenly arrest her, later revealing to be zolders commanded by Crescent Moon Mask.

After Momoranger is taken to her cell she is forced to walk to a werewolf training camp complete with the same "woo" sounds Black Satan minions use in Kamen Rider Stronger andthe phantom soldiers in Inazuman. Momoranger is thrown in line with people getting werewolf shots while she quickly uncuffs herself. She is quickly stopped bu Crescent Moon Mask as he holds Rika (the small girl from earlier) hostage.... Until he leaves to fight Akaranger, in which case Momoranger beats everyone up. Akaranger.... leaves the duel to help her and Crescent Moon Mask seemingly does nothing to stop him. The Variblune sucks the hostages up in a tube with Crescent Moon Mask summoning his werewolf nazis (yes they are wearing nazi outfits, just no swatzikas. Akaranger just shoots them and just as the zolders appear so do the rest of the raners. After the beat down, Crescent Moon Mask tries to flee after realizing his werewolf bolts are barelt stronger than fire crackers and flees before being hit with the Gorenger Storm. He briefly reforms only for Aoranger to strike the center of one of the staff's crescents, blowing him up. Black Cross Fuhrer is aware of this, I am assuming via telepathy, and summons Poison Fang Mask. The next episode shows some middle aged man running and Poison Fang Mask using a cobra.

Crescent Moon Mask: Is equipped with a double sided crescent staff that can fire werewolf beams and can be mentally controlled.

Episode 8:

The episode starts with some middle aged guy running from some zolders when rangers Aka, Ao, and Mido intercept him. Poison Fang Mask laughs and says he will get what he wants before the attack. Poison Fang Mask sends a toy cobra to kill the guy on the run only for Aoranger to kill it with an arrow. Momoranger and Kiranger slowly follow him for protection, even preventing a drive by shooting. Running guy visits a grave, most likely of his wife and child as we see a pic of some them. Poison Fang Mask uses sparks from his staff to trap the guy in a phone booth before fleeing. Back at base Commander Gonpachi does explaining before the alarm rings all while 008 and 009 do zilch. Poison Gas Mask explains to Black Cross Fuhrer he is still trying to kill him. Poison Fang Mask disguises himself as the scientist's daughter, Ami, and has a toy cobra bite him. The rangers and the real Ami rush him to a hospital, barely alive, and it is revealed the snakes are specifically king cobras (in plain english no less). Aoranger and Kiranger launch into the Variblune to get anti-venom.

The two eventually land an area that carries and meet a poisoned scientist saying he was bit by a king cobra (and it seems like king cobra does not have a Japanese equivalent word unless it is just not being used here). The two rangers chase down a jeep with zolders that stole it and the rangers beat them up before retrieving the anti-venom. The anti-venom is given to him as he calls for his daughter with Ami eventually coming. Apparently the two of them had a bad relationship as Ami does not want to speak with him, but Akaranger manages to convince her to talk to him. Poison Fang Mask and his zolders attack after a failed attempt to poison the scientist (I seriously do not know this guy's name, I am sorry) while Ami is being taken away. The rangers stop them and beat the tar out of the zolders complete with over the top falls off of a cliff. Poison Fang Mask throws a snake bomb from his head called the Snake Magnum and releases a smokescreen from his staff. Ami is tied with snake magnums only for Akaranger to whip them off. The Gorenger Storm is executed and Poison Fang Mask explodes. Everyone eats Gonpachi's cooking and Aoranger makes a silly toy snake prank. The next episode shows Witch Mask using binoculars and the Variblune in danger.

Poison Fang Mask: Can disguise himself as a human and is equipped with a staff that controls king cobras and emits hot sparks and smoke and snake bombs called the snake magnum.

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Oh wow it has been a little while has it not? Ever notice how Aoranger's arrows are on fire in the opening but not in the series? Time for part 3!

Episode 9:

An EAGLE convoy is being escorted by the rangers while Witch Mask watches them via binoculars. Shortly after she detonates some mines and goes into the field with the zolders. The rangers hold their own while the EAGLE soldiers get their hind ends handed to them. After Witch Mask sounds too much like Honerva from Golion, Aoranger and Kiranger transform with a flying chase scene ensuing. Aoranger shoots her with an arrow only for her to convert into a crystal ball, beat them up, and fly toward the convoy. The back of one of the trucks has some freezing gun Witch Mask uses to slay two poor troopers (and their icy bodies explode.... yeah). Aoranger and Kiranger are POed and talk about what I think is luring her out or ambushing. After separating, Kiranger gets distracted by a crystal ball turning into.... PASTA? Hell I don't know. Kiranger turns back to normal (magic!), eats it, and passes out with Witch Mask being amused as her zolders lay him in a cell. He steals her staff (I assume he faked it) and tries to smash it with his head only to fail. Antics with the stick ensue. Akaranger flies the Varibloom for a rescue mission while Kiranger gets tortured. The Varibloom uses something called a Sky Scope (glorified camera?) from beneatht he nose as Kiranger is used for bait while Witch Mask aims the freezing gun at the Varibloom. I think Akaranger says Naito Beam, which is what that gun is called. Anyway the Varibloom gets away and poor Kiranger is thrown into a lake. Akaranger has an epiphony while random soldiers get frozen and blown up (gotta love the silliness).

Akaranger manages to sneak aboard Witch Mask's jeep with a combination of burrowing and a barrel roadblock. Akaranger infiltrates her base, all the while zolders are spooked by a random dog while some get knocked out fast. Akaranger turns back and steals a zolder uniform, eventually sneaking Kiranger out although he became very cold. He.... Oh wow, he steals a cloak while ditching all his clothes but his underpants (WTF?) and they get caught by Witch Mask. Some conversation with Witch Mask ensues as she thinks Kiranger is.... Her superior? I really do not know. After failing to have her carted away the two rangers high tail it before fissures erupt complete with a missile tower and them being surrounded. Some humorous conversation takes place and the Varibloom takes off. The trap repeats (this time with Aka and Ki actually restrained) with the Varibloom deploying Blue Smoke (actual name) to avoid getting hit and it is an effective antifreeze. The missile towers fire only for them to avoid them and transform and beat up the zolders. The rangers do their intros and Aoranger nabs the ice gun with Controller (or whatever Varibloom's claw is called). Zolders get beaten up, Witch Mask distances herself with her stick's flamethrower, and she blows up from the Gorenger Storm. The ice gun is used to freeze the missile towers (I guess the explosive part only applies to organisms) and they head back to base. Next episode mentions a hurricane and shows Wing Mask.

Witch Mask: Can jump high, turn into a crystal ball, and spawn food and is equipped with a stick that detonates mines, is armed with a flamethrower, and has a rocket in the butt.

Episode 10:

The episode starts off with the number 100 in the title.... No idea why. Some small girl runs on a rocky beach carrying four red balloons while Black Cross scientists work on something with Wing Mask being in charge. A device producing what I think is a giant sandstorm (is actually a hurricane, thanks preview!) happens with one scientist saying some part is either complete or needs more testing before putting it in a suitcase. Two zolders are shot by some Japanese James Bond that steals the case and flees before Wing Mask crashes his car with a boomerang to steal it back. The device is a capsule (I think he said spy capsule but I don't know) and the Gorengers arrive via motorcycle. As the zolders are being beaten up, Wing Mask kidnaps the girl from earlier and holds her on a ship (although she seems okay with it). Aka, Momo, and Midori Ranger plan a rescue mission with Momoranger trying to talk the girl off the ship, but she seems uninterested (I don't think she knows she is kidnapped). Wing Mask finds out and throws two wing-like boomerangs from the back of his head at them. Midoriranger takes the child on motorcycle while Momoranger deals with a bunch of zolders while Akaranger sneaks aboard the ship via rope walk. Midoriranger eventually gets his butt saved by Aoranger and Kiranger in the Varibloom just as a zolder squad begins gunning them down. Akaranger tries to interrogate a scientist only for him to blow up (maybe he had a bomb on him?). Momoranger is eventually caught by a net and Wing Mask nearly loses it after finding out the kid got away.

Momoranger gets tied to a transformer while Wing Mask bashes her head with a boomerang until Aka and Midori Ranger rescue her. The three rangers give chase through the ship (hooray weird editing!) with Wing Mask giving a villainous laugh. Somehow they go through a sewer and into a lighthouse with a bomb Momoranger deactivates (on the one second mark no less). However it is revealed to be a trap as the rangers are sealed via iron bars and a real bomb is given to them. Not going to lie, that is somewhat clever. Aoranger and Kiranger arrive in time for the latter to lift the bar door up and everyone escaping. The Gorengers catch Wing Mask off guard and do their intros. Zolders get beaten up, Wing Mask uses the girl as a hostage (how they got her I do not know), he uses the sandstorm device (now on his chest) to attack them, and Akaranger quickly.... takes her balloons away since they were bombs. Wing Mask gets beaten up somewhat with his staff machine gun having horrible aim before exploding via the Gorenger Storm (the ball being spiky this time). Black Cross Fuhrer disapproves and the kid is saved (I think her name was Yoko but I could barely tell). Before the end credits she says bye to a balloon while referencing her mother. Oh and the Red, Blue, and Green Machines are written in plain English, go figure. Next episode shows the rangers escorting some guy and Boat Ear Mask fighting.

Wing Mask: Can jump high and is equipped with a pair of wing-like boomerangs and a staff with a machine gun in the top.

Episode 11:

Aka, Momo, and Midori Rangers meet some guy in glasses at an international airport while being spied on by a guy with a walkie-talkie. An escort ensues with Boat Ear Mask ambushing them in a tunnel and chasing them via a jeep with a bomb cannon (why the hell do mask monsters have such random motifs?). Boat Ear Mask kills two guards with poisonous mouth needles with Aka and Momo Rangers revealing they acted as decoys with Midoriranger has the doctor escape. Zolders get beaten up while Boat Ear Mask uses.... some tread or something from the back of his head to fight Akaranger. Midoriranger and the scientist get attacked by a rock slide with the latter knocked out. Both of them get a guy with a mustache to give them a ride only for the driver to be a zolder, using a revolver to wound Midoriranger. Agents 008 and 009 try to locate.... Someone while pursuing via jeep while Midoriranger confronts Ear Boat Mask and his squad where his wound over powers him. Boat Ear Mask uses his bomb cannon, firing three blows on the ranger before fleeing (how the hell did they not blow up on contact?). Aka and Momo Rangers bail him out of a pit with 008 and 009 arriving to take him back to base while they infiltrate the nearby base. Momoranger uses a flying beetle probe (hey look Gouram is in this too!) with Boat Ear Mask finding out and giving fake information that Akaranger radios in about. Boat Ear Mask's scientist says the guy they caught is in critical condition.

Boat Ear Mask attacks Momoranger with one of his needles going into his henchmen's face (ouch) and Akaranger saving the scientist. A bike and jeep chase ensues with it soon happening on foot while dodging cannon fire. Back at base Kiranger scarfs down mashed potatoes (or whatever he is eating) before being called with Aoranger to rescue their teammates while Midoriranger prepares to go back into action. Akaranger attacks Boat Ear Mask and they hold their own with each other. The Varibloom sucks up the scientist with Akaranger uses some attack called the Red Spark which has an ultra field (no idea). Momoranger takes out the jeep's zolders via a bomb (low explosive) before the rangers all do their intros. Zolders get beaten up like crazy and Midoriranger shows off his new sexy bladed boomerang to cut off Boat Ear Mask's ears (which somehow attack to his oar). Before he can do anything with them the Gorenger Hurricane blows him up and Black Cross Fuhrer acts angry as the rangers ride off complete with bad editing. Next episode shows Silver Heat Mask acting like the sharp shooter from Ultraseven.

Boat Ear Mask: Can launch poisonous needles from the mouth and is armed with an oar and a rubber tread behind each ear.

Episode 12:

I am going to note now this is the only episode so far I needed another stream source to watch instead of the main one I am using. This is what put me off from watching Super Sentai until now: So many episodes and the fear of them up and disappearing, making me unable to watch them. Anyway....

Silver Heat Mask wastes no time introducing himself by emitting a spiraling red heat ray that sets rocks on fire, eventually causing a forest fire. Black Cross Fuhrer praises the cyborg fly (he isn't but he looks like one) and sends him to slay the Gorengers. What is it with spelling Gorenger and Goranger? Anyway, Akaranger gets ambushed by Silver Heat Mask and a few zolders only for the latter to get beaten up. Awesome scenery I might add, the waterfall is a nice touch! The two duke it out briefly before the other rangers arrive. Silver Heat Mask teleports (I think) and flees into a cave. Youko and Taro have a picnic while Silver Heat Mask is hooked to some device and Taro watches before running. Silver Heat Mask launches his net gun and Youko gets caught too. Silver Heat Mask finds out she is an EAGLE agent and demands she radio in unless wants Taro (caged at this point) drowned in a well. Where the hell did they find a kid sized cage- Digressing. She radios in as Agent 007 with Aoranger and Kiranger searching for her with the former getting caught in Silver Heat Mask's net and carried away. Once Momo and Midori Rangers arrive Aoranger is cut loose and injured. Cue one really abrupt cut back to base about them being worried and Youko being found. Akaranger throws a fit about her nearly betraying them to save Taro (I assume she had a bomb).

Silver Heat Mask sets the entire unnamed city of friggin fire and Momoranger tells Akaranger to apologize for being a grump only for him to leave.... Dramatically! Youko leaves the base in disgrace to try and make up for her mistake. Lots of soliloqies. Akaranger comes to back her up, beating up some zolders and getting Taro up the well only for the cage to be empty. Youko tries a kamikaze attempt to slay Silver Heat Mask with a bomb only to fail at it with zolders getting beaten up while sounding like shocker combatants. After Akaranger transform Midori, Momo, and Ki Rangers arrive only for Silver Heat Mask to start a fire and flee. Aoranger launches the Varibloom while Silver Heat Mask holds Taro hostage atop a bridge. Aoranger flies down and saves Taro before meeting up with the others. A mine is detonates and the heroes fight the villains complete with intros. Shouldn't Momo and Midori switch places in these since they're out of numerical order? Regardless, after the zolders are beaten up Silver Heat Mask acts like Michael Bay before exploding by the Gorenger Storm. Youko is welcomed back to EAGLE and the Gorengers ride off stock footage style. Next episode shows Horn Mask hatching a scheme.

Silver Heat Mask: Can emit a spiraling red heat ray from the eyes, high jumping, and teleporting and is equipped with a net gun.



Nice post!!
These aren't really reviews, they're synopses. They're a good collection of details about each episode, but there's none of the evaluation or personal reaction I'd associate with a review. I only bring this up because I found them a bit baffling when I read them expecting a review, but they're not bad for synopses. I think you might bring them to the attention of people interested in such things more easily if you labeled them as synopses. There's heavy demand in this fandom for synopses of shows without subs, to serve as aids in watching.

This brings me to a question: are you watching the show without subs or Japanese knowledge? It seems like that must be the case, since I notice there's no descriptions in your synopses of why anything is happening (and sometimes that's the main thing dialogue is for in toku of this vintage). I only bring this up because some people who want toku synopses for unsubbed shows want them to explain that sort of thing. In Gorenger, I expect people would be particularly interested in the Akaranger/Aoranger dynamic, since characters like Aoranger were a big part of Sentai for a long time after.

It's fine if your synopses don't include that sort of thing, but if so, you might want to explain why in your OP notes. Just so people don't get the wrong idea about what you're writing.

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These aren't really reviews, they're synopses. They're a good collection of details about each episode, but there's none of the evaluation or personal reaction I'd associate with a review.
I kind of was saving it for the very end although I suppose I could give "current impressions" or something.
are you watching the show without subs or Japanese knowledge?
I know very little Japanese and these are all raw.

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Part 4 is here and this time there are actual opinions (GASP!)

Episode 13:

The episode starts out with zolders on a truck gunning down EAGLE agents. Horn Mask sends five with orange hats in and using bombs on their back blow up two buildings instead of just one. After Horn Mask laughs, Aka, Ki, and Momo Rangers attack a squad of zolders, eventually fighting Horn Mask as he turns into.... a rock? They try the Gorenger Storm without Ao and Midori and.... Horn Mask's rock form saves him. Five kamikaze men (who walk like robots) walk toward them and Ki Ranger gets injured. Horn Mask uses his staff to.... I don't know, he points it at the ground and his mask glows, eventually he is detected outside the Gorenger base via para-scope (which is amusing). Ki Ranger eats three bowls of food with agents 007,8, and 9 watching him and Horn Mask just walks in asking questions. I think Ki Ranger is messing with Horn Mask based on the conversation. Zolders walk in and say something, making Horn Mask throw a fit and they take over the restaurant with Ki Ranger being his over strong self. For some reason they shove a cake in his face before beating up Gonpachi. Eventually the villains leave all while Aka and Momo Rangers really wanted to beat them up. Some time later (because the scenery changed), Ki Ranger shows up in costume and stops Horn Mask's truck via pushing. Two kamikaze zolders grab him and blow up before regular ones beat him up with Horn Mask laughing.

The three agents and Gonpachi try to clean up the place. They later get a crate that has Ki Ranger beaten up and cold (was the crate a fridge?). Ao and Midori Ranger come back from whatever the hell they were doing and Horn Mask talks to Black Cross Fuhrer about how his plan is working. The same scene from the beginning repeats at some other base. If they knew where to send the crate would that not mean they know where the ranger base is? Anyway, more EAGLE bases are destroyed. Momo Ranger works on some sort of super ball for the Gorenger Storm, soon finishing it and taking off in the Varibloom (with a new insert song, kinda catchy). Horn Mask's truck is stopped via a mine and the Gorengers do their intros. Some kamikaze zolders (do these guys have an actual name?) are taken out the regulars follow. After which, Horn Mask uses his rock form to attack, but it ultimately fails and the Gorenger Storm blows him to smithereens before the ride off shot. This also confirms the ball is basically a mine. Next episode shows Skull Mask rising from a coffin and a time bomb.

Horn Mask: Can turn into a flight capable rock and has a high resistance to pain and is equipped with a crescent bladed staff.

Episode 14:

A coffin is brought to Black Cross Fuhrer with a skull on the lid that starts talking. The next shot has Skull Mask stalking Aka and Ki Rangers. Some guy starts playing a record with Skull Mask saying something on it which hypnotizes him or something. Said guy dresses up and encounters the two rangers before driving off in a limbo with a zolder as the driver. After a failed road block, Aka and Ki Rangers enter a cemetery which spawns candles before zolders fire machine guns. The two transform and shoot and beat the hell out of them before Skull Mask rises from his coffin. After Ki Ranger fails at tackling him, he just.... disappears. Back at base they discuss the situation briefly. Cut to some guy (record player guy?) wielding a time bomb in what I think is a factory and gets intercepted by Aka and Ao Rangers with the former throwing the bomb into the air, exploding. The guy is revealed to be Skull Mask who has a cape now and escapes in his coffin. After another ranger debriefing Skull Mask possess as a mail man to Momo Ranger to give a record, causing some random old guy to suffer. That night said old guy repeats what the last guy did and even went into the same limbo. Skull Mask's chef is carving up what I think is a cat skull and acts like a witch doctor before he drinks said chef's.... mixture? You can tell Skull Mask likes it because his bulbous eyes flash.

Old guy is sent to an old and probably "abandoned" house. He walks in to a dining room with several other dressed up guys. The food starts turning into skulls and femurs (one skull looking like an albertosaurus skull) and some woman who looks like she is from 1700s Spain walks in. Old guy dances with her as she reveals her true form of Skull Mask and he finds out old guy was Ki Ranger.... Cross dressing? Really? Eh. Said ranger gets tied and thrown into a dungeon with a jail cell with butlers in it, revealing their human disguise machine. Ki Ranger activates a signal with his left shoe and the others save Ao Ranger beat up the zolders outside before breaking in. Outside night turns to day for no reason as Ao Ranger arrives in the Varibloom and everyone transforms. Skull Mask's car is stopped by a mine before the Gorengers give their intro. Seriously, when do they plant these mines? Skull Mask throws explosive beads before summoning zolders hiding in the hills complete with scenery change as a girder structure appears from nowhere. There is even a bit with Ki Ranger distracting a pair of zolders by POINTING (ha). Skull Mask summons his coffin and walks into it, but Ao Ranger blows it up with a special arrow and Skull Mask is blown up by the Gorenger Storm even though he managed to fend it off with his staff like a bat. Black Cross Fuhrer gets angry and the Goreners ride off. Next episode shows the introduction of Sun Ring Mask and his minion Rainbow Mask. The Independent Mask Monster arc is over!

Skull Mask: Can revert into a skull and back, use hypnosis via records, turn into a human, and can summon a teleporting and burrowing coffin and is equipped with expolsive necklace beads.

Episode 15:

A barrier is placed over a castle with said barrier being tested with missiles. Rainbow Mask discusses this with Black Cross Fuhrer. Sun Ring Mask arrives into the secret cave with zolders commenting on the brightness. Rainbow Mask gets angry he has to work with him. Cut to EAGLE solders being gunned down (man talk about a red shirt army) by Rainbow Mask's squad of zolders. The Varibloom launches and.... There were domes in it? Seriously, first time we see that, it has domes sections. Anyway, the Varibloom uses a camera under the cockpit to view the carnage before the rangers (save Ao Ranger because it has no auto pilot) go to rescue them only to find out the dead soldiers were zolders lead by Sun Ring Mask who.... Teleports a lot before running off. Ao Ranger spots a gyser before Rainbow Mask appears. The Varibloom is grabbed by harpoons that drag it into a pyramid base. He fights some zolders and Rainbow Mask, but the latter's mirages powers make him formidable. Rainbow Mask eventually stuns the ranger via.... electric rainbow colored threads? The other rangers try to save him just as a fissure nearly knocks him out. He tells the others Varibloom is in the pyramid and Aka, Ki, and Midori Rangers take flight only for the castle barrier to stop them. Looks like cheap plastic up close. Sun Ring Mask acts.... smug? The Varibloom is hijacked after a net is placed over it and it goes on a rampage. Did you know this thing had a pair of rapid fire rocket launchers on the underside? I did not, plus both monsters seemed to be enjoying themselves blowing up oil refineries. Seriously, I wonder if this inspired the Super X from Return of Godzilla.

Ao Ranger uses voice commands to no avail before he heads out to steal in back.... by hanging on a sky car. The other rangers follow while beating up zolders although Aka Ranger pursues via speed boat. Ao Ranger eventually gets inside the base which is reloading the Varibloom with rockets.... or carpet bombs. Screw it I am saying rockets unless I am corrected. Ao Ranger's voice commands go through and the Varibloom's helicopter blades tear up the base, causing it to erupt and allowing Ao Ranger to take it back, complete with Rainbow Mask getting angry as he commands missile fire that ultimately fails. Ao Ranger sees a hole in the castle's barrier and shoots through it, destroying the radar dish that powers it. The Varibloom goes Michael Bay on the rest of the area before landing. Seriously, they set stone of fire. Ao Ranger and Rainbow Mask have a rematch while the other rangers transform and show up complete with intros. After the zolder slaughter, Rainbow Mask is confronted with Sun Ring Mask observing before his cohort is blown up by the Gorenger Storm. I noticed that the soccer ball changes color depending on the rangers it is being passed too. Anyway, the castle blows up and Black Cross Fuhrer gets angry at Sun Ring Mask as Mirror Mask suddenly appears behind him. Next episode shows Mirror Mask strangling Momo Ranger.

Rainbow Mask: Can create mirages and is equipped with a pendulum bladed staff that can create fissures and spawn fire called the Rainbow Fire by striking the ground and electric threads.

Episode 16:

Sun Ring Mask shows the Fuhrer a map of what I think is the Kanto area with lights that mean.... Something. Mirror Mask and Sun Ring Mask argue with each other and Black Cross Fuhrer breaks them up before telling them to go after the Gorengers starting with Momo Ranger because lolsexism. Momo and Midori Rangers are on patrol when the former looks into a mirror briefly which is actually Mirror Mask. The scene acts eerie before she transforms and kicks the mirror with the frame returning to the wall. Back at base nobody believes her. Midori Ranger, Yoko, and Taro go to a pool with Momo Ranger still deep in thought about that mirror. Eventually Mirror Mask surprises her in a pair of reading glasses and she runs off for a bit. That night Mirror Mask spies on her in her room and talks to her creepily. Mirror Mask tries to strangle her, but fails after Midori Ranger and Yoko burst in. Outside she sees a boy that hands her the glasses from earlier and walks off. She takes a swim only to get sucked down, it sort of reminds me of the first episode of Devil Hunter Yohko. Midori Ranger throws his boomerang into the water and Mirror Mask jumps out. Mirror Mask jumps back in, but not before the right mirror on his head is busted by the boomerang.

Back at the secret cave, Mirror Mask reports to the Fuhrer. Sun Ring Mask throws a fit and takes him and some zolders on a shooting spree. Ao Ranger appears from nowhere and starts beating up the zolders, one of which throws a spear with an explosive tip (that seems new). Both Mask Monsters throw their staffs at him.... Not surprising it failed. The other male rangers surround them only for Mirror Mask to use reflected sunlight on them, which hurts like hell. Sun Rung Mask makes it worse by firing his own eye heat ray into Mirror Mask's head mirrors and it seems like they have the upper hand. The zolders.... Throw really powerful bombs and the buildings suddenly explode. Wow these guys can be serious. Some time later due to lolediting Aka Ranger wakes up Momo Ranger and tells her to be strong while EAGLE goes on high alert. Midori Ranger tells Ki Ranger to get ready as the male rangers charge toward the Mask Monsters complete with a random mine. WHO SETS THESE MINES? Zolders get beaten up with a scene involving Aka Ranger whiping bushes with zolders coming out defeated (ha). Just as the Mask Monsters prepare to run, Momo Ranger arrives which allows the intros to happen. Momo Ranger summons a mirror from her visor, reflecting the sunlight back at them and blinding Mirror Mask who attacks his ally despite him yelling to stop. Sun Ring Mask teleports off and Mirror Mask throws his staff around before the Gorenger Storm causes him to explode. Upon inspecting his remains his eye bleeds and the Fuhrer is POed at Sun Ring Mask before Black Hair Mask walks in behind him. Next episode shows Sun Ring Mask playing chemist and a ferris wheel in the background.

Mirror Mask: Can turn into a mirror, appear in reflective surfaces as an eye, reflect concentrated sunlight from the three head mirrors, and jump far and is equipped with a bladed staff that can return to him if thrown.

Okay so, thoughts so far, although since I am breaking this into arcs I am not counting eps 15 and 16 yet.

Pros: I like the miniatures used in the far shots even though some get recycled a lot, especially the missile turret towers, kind of seems like a super weapon from a Godzilla movie. I like the ranger gadgets, toyetic or not they are simple yet effective. The Varibloom reminds me of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Helicarrier and since this is a super spy series it fits in nicely. Some of the mask monster designs are unique while others seem kind of silly (although not necessarily in a bad way). I also like the Fuhrer or at least the way they treat him as the mysterious puppet master although a cave being his secret lair seems a little underwhelming. I am also giving this series props for making Momo Ranger an actual useful team member and not just the female character thrown in so girls might tune in to watch; reminds me of Bijinder from Kikaider 01. Finally the music is not half bad.

Cons: Why does Ki Ranger not have a weapon? I know he has one so when will he use it? That just irks me. Agents 007, 8, and 9 seem useless, can't these three be given a weapon or something? Gonpachi also irks me in a similar way, but he is just the intelligence chief so I guess that is unavoidable. I also don't get Midori Ranger's role: Aka is the boss and all around great, Ao is the technician expert and driver of a flying vehicle, Ki is really strong/knows martial arts, and Momo is an expert in chemistry and explosives. Midori.... knows weapons? How does that get you field work? That is like M from James Bond assisting Bond shoot Bolfield's goons or- I don't know. WHERE DO THE MINES KEEP COMING FROM? Finally, Aka and Ao seem to have the least amount of centered episodes compared to the others (although with ep 15 half the issue seems solved).

Now for a curly mustache, next time we deal with the rest of this guy's arc:

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The end of Sun (Ring) Mask is here in part 5!

Episode 17:

Sun Ring Mask is cooking up chemicals in the secret cave as Fuhrer watches (also shortening it to Fuhrer now since we know he's Black Cross Fuhrer). The chemical is called Z 20 which Sun Ring Mask has used in Africa to dry up bodies of waters (showing dead sheep to drive the point home). Cut to Momo and Midori Rangers throwing rocks in a lake when Black Hair Mask shows up, strangling the latter with a wig briefly. HE HAS A COMB. A COMB. THAT IS HIS WEAPON. HE USES IT LIKE A.... Butcher knife or a zambatou? Black Hair Mask retreats after Midori Ranger breaks a comb tooth (wimpy!). After he failed to kill a guy walking in the woods, Sun Ring Mask scolds Black Hair Mask at the base with Fuhrer being easy on him (weird I know). At the Gorenger base, Ki Ranger tosses flour on a bowl of ravoli I think before we cut to Yoko in a garage where she spots a zolder in a lab coat. Said zolder is caught by Momo and Midori Rangers saying he is trying to defect and prevent something horrible before he is shot. The rangers return to base with a blue print he had of what I think is a base and Yoko is sent undercover. I am going to assume Silver Heat Mask never gave his boss a description of her or anything. She goes to some abandoned haunted house like the kind from a fair and eventually gets caught by Black Hair Mask. Guess which two rangers followed her and beat up some zolders. Black Hair Mask launches a set of fake teeth at Midori Ranger and it does.... Nothing more than be annoying. Outside, Yoko runs around the theme park with the rangers as they fight zolders (you can tell the caged lioness and leopard were interested in the fights). Momo Ranger points to some tower and both fly their where both Mask Monsters lie in wait.... And they get locked on a Ferris Wheel car with killer wigs on the locked door. Before the villains leave the car starts to smoke.

Aka, Ao, and Ki Rangers arrive not sure where their friends are. Aka Ranger gets ordered to leave before we cut to the Varibloom taking off. All three rangers quickly intercept the truck with both Mask Monsters in them. As zolders get beaten up Sun Ring Mask uses his eye rays before both of them enter the brawl. Momo and Midori Rangers transform and kick the door down and see the Varibloom, flying aboard. Both Mask Monsters escape with a zolder throwing a Z 20 capsule called Z 20 only for Aka Ranger to kicks it and Sun Ring Mask gets PO'ed just as the others arrive in the Varibloom. After they fly down the intros happen and zolders get beaten to hell and back. Midori Ranger actually hits his boomerang right in one of their groins (poor cyborg minion) before Black Hair Mask launches his comb teeth (which are basically grenades) Sun Ring Mask flees in the background before Black Hair Mask is blown up from the Gorenger Sto- oh wait his comb teeth defended him! Until Midori Ranger uses his boomerang to blow up the other comb teeth, causing him to blow up. Next episode shows Cyclops Mask stalking some camping kids and zolders getting slaughtered, the penultimate frame is him being stabbed in the eye with one of Ao Rangers arrows, ouch.

Black Hair Mask: Can jump high and is equipped with strangling wigs, a comb staff with grenade-like teeth, and a fake seat of chomping teeth.

Episode 18:

Some kids (most likely scouts) camp until Cyclops Mask rises from the river and with his squad of zolders and staff of string catch them. One small girl sees her friends getting taken away and is soon caught by Cyclops Mask. At the Gorenger base Gonpachi tells the rangers about the missing kids and orders them to move out unless they want a knuckle sandwich (made that last part up). Aka and Midori Rangers get attacked by zolders disguised as rocks before beatinig them up. Cyclops Mask shows up with the children in uniform under his control carrying explosive spears. Cyclops Mask is attacked, but Sun Ring Mask and the children throwing explosive spears force them to retreat in spearate directions. Midori Ranger gets ambushed by zolders and both Ki and Momo Rangers at the secret dojo acting brainwashed (I think) before he is force-chugged drugged orange juice. Could be metamesil, Doctor Oz recommends it! Commander Gonpachi is on edge with Ao Ranger even edgier, but without sin crawling. Four children get brainwashed on a boat with Momo and Ki Rangers watching. Here we find out Cyclops Mask uses his eye for hypnosis filled with props from zone settings in Inazuman. The next couple of minutes is basically boot camp with mines and the kids wearing masks of Shadow Knight from Kikaider/General Titan from Kamen Rider Stronger.... Actually I do not think Stronger came out yet so the the former then.

As the children sleep in cells, Ki and Momo Rangers discuss break outs with the little girl caught by Cyclops Mask earlier cooperating. The next day, Aka Ranger sends a speed boat with a dummy on it to attack zolders and he scuba dives to shore with agents 008 and 009.... Who do something useful by using harpoons! Aka Ranger finds the jail cells and his confronted by Cyclops Mask and the "brain washed" rangers where he holds his own against them quite well, even when a pair of zolders try to help (and fail). After Ki Ranger gets rammed into a lock, said lock explodes for some reason and the children run out. Ki and Momo Rangers ditch their act, but during the escape the girl from earlier (unfortunately I did not catch her name) gets caught and interrogated by Cyclops Mask. Aka Ranger manages to quickly save her with Cyclops Mask acting surprisingly smug about it. Aka Ranger is caught in the spear strings before the other rangers show up, although Cyclops Mask uses his hypnotic eye on them to place them in the party string zone complet with weird slow motion. Ao Ranger shoots him in the eye, freeing the Gorengers. Intros with a different line up and zolder slaughter occurs. Just as Cyclops Mask is about to be attacked, some children are held hostage, but Ao Ranger does not care as he fires and arrow into his eye before the Mask Monster is finished off by the Gorenger Storm. The not-Shadow Knight eyes fall off the kids and the zolders disappeared, all with next to no interference from Sun Ring Mask this time. Now that I think of it, the possessive eyes remind me of Hundred Eyed Banba from Inazuman. Next episode shows Sword Mask.... Being a musketeer.

Cyclops Mask: Can swim and use hypnosis with his eye that can create mental explosions and is equipped with a spear with pink strangling string in the butt and can come back to him if thrown and eyes that mind control children.

Episode 19:

The episode starts off with a slideshow to the rangers about a bomb and some woman. After some discussion, Aka and Ki Rangers track her from the airport and harass her. After some guy with a walkie talkie radios it in, Sword Mask throws knives at them and introduces himself. His four zolders attack (and fail) and the woman goes in a car with them, walkie talkie guy being the driver no less. A car and motorcycle chase gives in with Ao and Momo Rangers joining in. A decoy car fools them and the driver is revealed to be a zolder. The decoy car blows up shortly after parking. The spy woman is greeted by Sun Ring Mask and she acts a little smug, making Sword Mask royally PO'ed. Cut to spy woman (I think they call her Yoko) driving to a hotel where agents 008 and 009 see her incognito. She manages to fool the two agents who walk off with false info from the bug they planeted. After Ki Ranger gorges himself we see the Gorengers listening to the tape and force him against a wall where Midori Ranger uses his boomerang to cut his neck. This causes Ki Ranger to be magneized because he ate something in his bowl.... Uh, no idea how they did that. Aka and Midori Rangers take him somewhere. Meanwhile Sword Mask pays the woman and some scientists lots of yen for micro films. The rangers ride in, scaring the scientists (who take the money) and beat up zolders. Sword Mask beats up Ki Ranger easily, but Aka Ranger's whip disarms him. However, Sword Mask launches a bomb resembling a butcher knife before Ao and Momo Rangers take off in the Varibloom.

Sword Mask fires his knife bombs before being attacked with the Varibloom. The other rangers board it and take after the spy woman. The spy woman's car is stopped by Sun Ring Mask and his zolders who reveal that they gave them fake micro film and uses his eye rays to burn her cohorts. Sun Ring Mask kidnaps her and takes her to a speed boat with the rangers slowly following. She goes at a speed where he barely keeps balance and just as she has Sun Ring Mask at gun point with a pistol, Sword Mask uses his rapier to stab her in the back and throw her overboard. The Gorengers do their intros around the docks and zolders show up from nowhere only to get beaten down. Sun Ring Mask takes off in the Ninimiya (his speed boat) before the slaughter commences. Some time into the fight Aka Ranger duels with Sword Mask fist to fist with Ao Ranger joining in only for knife bombs to fly. One knife bomb gets lodged in his head (I guess the one on the right side of his head was where they where stored) before being destroyed by the Gorenger Storm. Ao Ranger notices some blue prints and yen in the water and Fuhrer scolds Sun Ring Mask. The next episode shows Aka Ranger and Sun Ring Mask in a duel with other rangers being tied to poles.

Sword Mask: Is equipped with a pair of throwing knives, a rapier, and butcher knife-like bombs.

Episode 20:

Sun Ring Mask acts angry because the Fuhrer tells him he has one last chance to kill the Gorengers or he will be at the reaper's door. Sun Ring Mask fakes an execution as Aka Ranger drives by. Aka Ranger beats up the zolders on the bridge Sun Ring Mask fell from before the villains does his act, complete with his left arm being blown off. This proves the Mask Monsters are robots. Aka Ranger goes back to base to tell the others about what happened and naturally they have a hard time swallowing it. Agents 008 and 009 walk in with photos of.... Bulls? I cannot tell. Sun Ring Mask is held in secret in a cabin and the other rangers spot zolders guarding what looks like a big wooden fort you see in parks. A battalion of them swarm from nowhere and the Gorengers transform before finding a cave with a base in it. Momo and Midori Rangers get gased in a locked room while Ao and Ki Rangers get gased in a sealed off hallway. Cut to missile towers blowing up and EAGLE base stock footage style. Aka Ranger finds this out and knows Sun Ring Mask set them up.

At the cabin, which was apparently at the base that was attacked given the dead EAGLE soldier bodies, Aka Ranger confronts him and the villain easily reattaches his arm before a few zolders attack. After they are beaten up, Aka Ranger transforms chases after him complete with other zolders failing to stop him. Sun Ring Mask uses an attack called the Nichirin (literally sun) Fire that sets Aka Ranger aflame and falling off a cliff into the ocean. Once Aka Ranger avoids the search party we see the other rangers tied to poles. The Fuhrer approves as Sun Ring Mask stands before him in the cave. Ki Ranger gives some dialogue about how it might be the end with some black humor (maybe). Sun Ring Mask arrives with four zolders carrying machine guns and giving a pompous speech before the fire squad execution. At the last second, Aka Ranger arrives on the Red Machine (armed with machine guns) and Gonpachi with agents 008 and 009 arrive in the Varibloom. The agents are sucked down to untie them while Sun Ring Mask and Aka Ranger duel with zolders getting beaten up. Before the Gorengers transform and do their intros more mines explode. A squad of zolders get beaten to a pulp with even Aka Ranger taking the squad on before the duel continues. Aka Ranger straightens his whip into a bo staff called the Spear Whip briefly and chops Sun Ring Mask's staff in half. Aka Ranger stabs him with his straightened whip before the Gorenger Storm ends the fiend in a rather fiery explosion. Fuhrer calls in General Ironman Mask Temujin on a jeep before the Gorengers ride off complete with the narrator ending on a hot blooded yell. Next episode shows Cannon Ball Mask and Ao Ranger training to right is wrecking ball.

Sun Ring Mask: Can teleport, emit heat rays from his eyes, and jump high and is equipped with a staff with a sun on it that can return to him if thrown and emit heat flashes called the Nichirin Fire.

So for more opinions and hey they fixed stuff that irked me! Agents 008 an 009 start proving their worth (although it seems 007/Yoko got a back seat), the Black Cross Army proved to be how threatening they can be aside from standard warfare, and Ao and Aka Rangers are getting more screen time (although not by much). Next arc is taking up the whole second quarter unfortunately.:disappoin
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Last review for a while due to school work (because college loves essays for no reason other than to lower grades despite how pointless they are in real life!) Without further delay here is part 6!

Super Sentai World:

I cheated my original plan and gave it a watch knowing it is only 9 minutes long. Basically the Kakurangers against some demon guy named Emperor Daidasu (not to be confused with the final boss of the same name from Super Hero Operations: Daidal's Ambition), some guy (I think Masato) takes notice of his third eye being a weakness, rangers beat up grunts, and super robots are called in to put the hurt on. In due time I will bask in sentai-ness and all it's entertaining glory.

Episode 21:

Zolders lead by Temujin (because I am not typing out Iron Man Mask General Temujin all the time) do stock footage attacks before being told by Fuhrer not to screw up. Temujin points something out in a very old book with volcanoes and blimps in it and Fuhrer gets PO'd. Cannon Ball Mask walks in saying he'll serve Temujin with a pair of Nazi-like zolders. Meanwhile the rangers watch over some archaeological dig and Ao brings the head guy's son (BTW dropping the ranger suffix to save space from now on). The boy soon gets caught by Cannon Ball Mask and fights Ao with a mace (rather effectively). Zolders beat up the scientists (they don't use their weapons because....) and Ao has to retreat because of it. After finding out they were beaten up he uses the Blue Machine to outrun mines while Cannon Ball Mask catches the head archaeologist and his son as they are interrogated by Temujin about whatever he was talking about earlier. At the base, Taro cracks jests at Ki while he's scarfing his face with what I think is pasta salad until Yoko walks in with a note from the Black Cross Army about how they need half a map the rangers have. Ao feels guiltyand goes alone against Temujin much to Midori disagreeing. Once both of them lay their halves down they duel. If mask monsters are robots why do they feel pain? Thanks to Temujin ordering smoke grenades, Cannon Ball Mask fires cannon balls from his head (gasp!) and flees just as the other rangers arrive.

At the cave base the scientist son is hooked up to some chair that forces the truth or something. Meanwhile the Gorengers practice the Gorenger Storm for teamwork purposes. Cut to zolders with pick axes digging the side of a mountain with one of them finding a diamond with gold around it. The two hostages are soon about to be executed until the Gorengers show up and do their intros and zolder slaughter. Cannon Ball Mask gets attacked and manages to shrug off the rangers' weapons. Ao uses some technique called the Blue Titan Attack which causes him to roll up to Cannon Ball Mask and stab him in the throat with an arrow before the Gorenger Storm destroys him. The archaeologist (I cannot get his name, sorry) tells the rangers to rotate the diamonds (which turn out to be knobs) and it opens a cave with a double door. Inside they discover a blimp like in the tattered book called the Alantis. However, the Atlantis takes off with Temujin and Gear Mask inside while blowing the cave apart. This sort of reminds me of an episode of Mazinger Z (which I unfortunately forgot which one it was) that involved a gustav cannon lost in a Japanese cave which they even repeated in episode 16 of GaoGaiGar with EI-16. Next episode shows Gear Mask's gears attacking Ki with a battle aboard the Alantis.

Cannon Ball Mask: Is equipped with a chained mace and cannon balls from the head.

Episode 22:

The episode starts off with a recap of the last episode (and this episode has the word avalanche in it for some reason). On the Atlantis zolders prepare to throw bombs and Ki takes after them. Gear Mask and a zolder manage to fend him off with a cannon with a nazi zolder dropping bombs. The other Gorengers transform and retreat. It is strange, there are only two nazi zolders, but they drop five bombs at a time. During all this the scientist and son and taken to a safe distance by Yoko. The Alantis is being piloted by Gear Mask while Temujin actually bothers using a submachine gun on them. Cut to some baseball game and Ki partakes in it briefly. During the game some kids are caught in a net from the Alantis and are taken off. This time Gear Mask fires the submachine gun for laughs (wow that thing has distance or the blimp is extremely low). Gonpachi gives the order for the Varibloom to take off with Ao and Ki inside. On the Alantis the kids are kept in a cage that is suspended under the blimp. The Varibloom proves the hull is durable, but shrapnel from the cannon pierces the window and injures Ao, forcing the rangers to flee. At the base it is revealed that the Atlantis has a ton of bombs designed to cause volcanoes to erupt and cause a huge cataclysm (so that is why volcanoes were in that old book!) and Ki works on some weird walkie-talkie-like device.

Temujin uses a model of the Alantis to explain to Gear Mask about a plan when Ki is discovered failing to hide in bush camouflage. Gear Mask soon shows up and arrests Ki with a flying gear. Ki is brought to Temujin on his throne and is soon beaten with some whip stick and is carried off. Ki is then tied with rope (because guys strong enough to lift moving jeeps can't break rope) and placed on the Alantis with the caged children. The Alantis drops the cage down again with EAGLE looking on and somewhat PO'd. Some zolder is puts a weird capsule in his body before Gear Mask acts like a blender and Ki breaks his ropes to drag them both into the sky and onto the ground. Ki brings out his walkie-talkie telling the other Gorengers to go ahead with something and takes the capsule from Gear Mask before they hit the ground. Gear Mask uses a gear to cut the cage's rope, but the other rangers save the kids before doing their intros. Gear Mask acts like a blender again and zolders get beaten up (were they not on the Atlantis?) before he is surrounded. Ki uses the walkie-talkie's radio waves to mess up Gear Mask's circuitry before he is destroyed by the Gorenger Storm. Zolders drop bombs from the Atlantis and take off. Fuhrer is angry at Temujin and Wire Mask walks in. Next episode shows the Atlantis flying, possibly dueling against the Varibloom, and Wire Mask fighting Midori.

Gear Mask: Is equipped with gears in his staff that can arrest humans and as flying saws.

Episode 23:

Another episode 21 recap and with a bit of 22. Temujin points out stuff on a map to Wire Mask with some strategy about using a volcano against the Varibloom. The two vehicles spot each other and zolders fire bazookas at them before Momo and Midori fly in. Wire Mask restrains Midori with wires from his.... Broom? They seem to be killing him. A third of the Alantis is broken off to kill the rangers, but Ao saves them with Wire Mask throwing a fit. Back at base apparently Momo broke her right arm and Gonpachi walks in to ask info out of them. Cut to some Charles Bronson look alike walking around a mountain only for two zolders and Wire Mask catching him and putting him in the local cave. Temujin spills everything to not-Bronson and shows off a drill digging for lava.... Why? The Varibloom takes off again with Momo and Ao with the others taking off on the machines (their motorcycles). Not-Bronson is brainwashed or something and sent off while the rangers that were on land return to the base empty handed. As Ki gorges on rice not-Bronson walks in, revealing to be the father of Taro and Yoko (I don't have his name, sorry), and talks about.... I don't know exactly, a fake Atlantis sighting probably, and is lead into the base just as he leaves a pen on the door. Said pen turns out to be plastic explosive and not-Bronson is killed by zolders drive-by style with Midori taking him to the infirmary. Shortly after, the Atlantis goes on a bombing rampage with Wire Mask at the helm and the ranger pursue them bringing not-Bronson and Taro with them.

Taro and Yoko look after their father while the rangers track down Wire Mask and do their intros and zolder beat up. Midori takes on Wire Mask and both manage to hold their own against each other until Aka throws him on a cliff with a his whip. Wire Mask flies up to the Atlantis and flees. Temujin warns the rangers about a bomb in the cave that will cause the volcano to erupt, forcing Aka, Ki, and Momo to run in an deactivate it while the Atlantis destroys a giant oil refinery stock footage style. The Varibloom takes after them with Ao and Midori piloting it and the zolder bazookas give the propellers serious damage. Momo manages to deactivate the bomb while the Varibloom, heavily damages, out maneuvers them and eventually uses the clamp in their nose to drag the blimp. The Gorengers fly toward the Atlantis and use the Gorenger Storm (mid air I might add) to blow it up with Wire Mask and his squad inside. Not-Bronson reads a book that concludes the story or something and Temujin tries not to anger Fuhrer only to fail with Razor Mask walking in. Next episode shows the Gorenger poses and Razor Mask being angry.

Wire Mask: Can fly and is equipped with a broom that emits toxic wires and return to him if thrown.

Episode 24:

Razor Mask attacks EAGLE agents using grenades and guns and manages to cut them down with a bladed staff and a pair of knives. However, Temujin points out they were actually zolders in disguise. Meanwhile Momo and Midori are given something top secret by an EAGLE officer the latter keeps in his boomerang. As they exit the base on the Green Machine, Razor Mask causes the smallest land slide ever and demands they have over whatever it is they have. Based on the conversation I am assuming it is some sort of film. Midori engages in combat with Momo shortly joining in. Midori is hesitant to use his boomerang against Razor Mask due to what is inside of it. After Momo gets injured both of them flee and Temujin finds something on the ground after scolding Razor Mask for being over confident. Back at the base it is discovered they lost the item Midori was carrying and head out to find it. Once Ki is separated he is cornered by Razor Mask and is interrogated.

One shaved mustache later Midori is ambushed by the zolder squad and easily wins although Razor Mask uses his staff to reflect his boomerang at him. Temujin scolds Razor Mask and tells him to retreat. Once Ki is saved, Aka and Ao go looking for the villains to no avail while the film is decoded revealing some chemical formula. Missile towers demolish some EAGLE bases (proving they either rebuild fast or have a poor track record) and Midori feels guilty about it. The Varibloom takes off although Midori stays behind and tweeks the circuitry of his boomerang. Razor Mask launches some missiles at the Varibloom only for its rocket launchers to blow their base to hell and back. The four rangers fly down and beat up some zolders before running from a bomb used to destroy the rest of the base stock footage style. Razor Mask is eventually surrounded once Midori shows up and the intros and grunt beat down commences. Soon Midori faces Razor Mask head on with a boomerang that multiplies into several boomerangs. Temujin fights Aka and Ao briefly only for Razor Mask to defend him as he flees. After Temujin teleports away Sunring Mask style, Razor Mask blows up from the Gorenger Storm with Midori radioing in everything is well. Fuhrer tells Temujin his disappointment and Eighted-Eyed Mask shows up behind him. Next episode shows Eight-Eyed Mask attacking widely.

Razor Mask: Is equipped with a knife-like staff and a pair of throwing knives.

So while episode 24 was loading I checked out the Japanese wiki article. Interesting stuff like how Atlantis was made by (gasp) the lost continent of Atlantis! And how the base of the Gorengers is called Snack Gon instead of it being Gonpachi's alias! It also it states that zolders and possibly mask monsters are born from corpses....... Weren't the former just given surgery/brainwash treatments and the latter just robots?:sly:It also mentions how Golden Mask (who we're not covering for a while although you'd think there would be something more to his translated name to set him apart from Gold Mask in episode 1) is apparently ancient unless I read something wrong. Experts on this are welcome to prove me wrong. Also very strange how the Ranger Wikia does not have an entry for Atlantis the blimp, I actually went there and edited it.:laugh:
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After so many college work delays and finishing Kamen Rider Kiva and Night Head Genesis, plus getting into Giant Gorg and Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos, it is time for another update with part 7!

Episode 25:

Varibloom is flying with Ao and Ki in the cockpit near some ship. A thunder storm occurs causing turbulence with the ship about to capsize. The storm passes and Eight Eyed Mask jumps out of the water with four scuba zolders carrying.... depth charges? Ao and Ki fly down to lay the smack down (with non-scuba zolders popping out of nowhere) before tossing the depth charges overboard (guess they were bombs). Eight Eyed Mask gets POed and fights with his trident before launching one of his eyes, stunning Ao. The mask monster flees once EAGLE agents arrive and the two rangers try to find anything they may have left (or Eight Eyed Mask told them, I cannot tell). Ao and Ki find a time bomb in a barrel and don't know how to defuse it so they contact the base for assistance. There are some pictures of photos being dyed red, assuming this is a chemical weapon. Ao and Ki fly off in the Varibloom. Cut to Taro talking with Agents 008 and 009 with Gonpachi munching on rice (perhaps he's stressed?). Eight Eyed Mask and a few zolders meet up with the other rangers near a freighter at a harbor with grunt beat up ensuing. Eight Eyed Mask takes on Momo while Aka throws a zolder off a bridge rather brutally. Momo quickly gets overpowered until Aka and Midori back her up. Once Eight Eyed Mask flees into the water, Aka goes aboard the freighter and tries to defuse the bomb.

Momo is taken to an infermary and runs to Aka trying to defuse the bomb. Due to exhaust she cannot defuse it. Outside, Eight Eyed Mask and his zolders ambush EAGLE agents only for Ao and Ki to get the jump on them with the former sending an arrow into two of the eight eyes. Once Eight Eyed Mask begs for mercy, Ki removes the arrows and he flees only for Fuhrer and Temujin to nearly blow their tops. The Gorengers find themselves unable to defuse the bomb, forcing in Aka and Ao to guess, eventually doing it successfully. Eight Eyed Mask gets more zolders to storm the freighter only to fail (what a surprise). Two zolders wheel in torpedo with Eight Eyed Mask being sealed in and launching himself to the ship. Aka dives in and steers it off course while Midori uses a boomerang to cause it to explode while the mask monster somehow survives. Gorenger intros and zolder smack down ensues. Ao activates a switch near Eight Eyed Mask that produces fog and turns one arrow into four, using it twice to blind the mask monster before destroying him with the Gorenger Storm. You have to lvoe the sudden scenery change during his death scene. Next episode shows Blue Muscle Mask using a blow dart and Ao is absent when the rangers gang up on him.

Eight Eyed Mask: Can swim and teleport and is equipped with a trident and eye bombs.

Episode 26:

Blue Muscle Mask has some chemical formula on a chalkboard with bubbling beakers he mixes together. Temujin walks in talking about.... something. The rangers escort someone while Blue Muscle Mask and some zolders ambush them with some powder that causes coughing. An EAGLE zolder is shot and Ki and Momo defend themselves and the guy with the briefcase. Blue Muscle Mask drinks some potion and fires an explosive blow dart before firing a poisonous one that hits briefcase guy (I do not have a name, sorry). The mask monster retrieves the case, proclaims he won, and opens it only to find rocks. Briefcase guy goes in a coma and back at base everyone is worried. Gonpachi forms some plan to get him cured in the meantime with Momo noticing weird calligraphy in his blood cells. Ao patrols in the Varibloom while Blue Muscle Mask looks from an apartment balcony with zolders disguised as nurses and doctors. Midori does not fall for it and beats some of them up. The ones he does not beat up gun down some EAGLE soldiers and building catches fire.... somehow. Seriously unless they used tracer rounds I got no explanation. Aka tells Ao to put the fire out while Blue Muscle Mask blow darts EAGLE soldiers (without guns). The mask monsters fights the rangers save Ao in briefcase guy's room before going out the window and fighting him toward a gorge. Strange editing here. Blue Muscle Mask and his squad get beaten pretty bad with the mask monster eventually getting one of his own darts in the chest thanks to Ki.

One can see Blue Muscle Mask outrun trains trying to get a cure with even his zolders trying to stop him (I think it makes him super active). The Varibloom uses some microwave device in the nose which causes briefcase guy to get cured.... Somehow. At some base, Ki and Momo find a looney scientist with an antenna done by Blue Muscle Mask before he passes out. Blue Muscle Mask retrieves plans that were supposed to be in the briefcase to the Fuhrer and Temujin, thus receiving some head band. Cut to a steel mill and EAGLE troopers with shields, but Blue Muscle Mask has explosive darts that penetrate the shields. I know I am not covering this, but Blue Muscle Mask really likes using monologues. The Gorengers deploy in the Varibloom to stop him, intros and grunt slaughter occurs, and the rangers all gang up on the mask monster. Somehow they confuse his computer by teleporting and the Varibloom uses a magnet to take his armor penetrating darts away. Ao manages to fire an arrow through the blowdart down his throat before the others finish him with the Gorenger Storm. Next episode shows Iron Nail Mask in the base and close ups of Midori.

Blue Muscle Mask: Can jump high and is equipped with blowdart with explosive, poisonous, and armor piercing darts.

Episode 27:

This episode is brought to you by the letters Q and SOS. Some crate is transported with Momo and Midori watching. Aka, Ao, and Ki follow the crate's truck which has zolders gunning them at the back. Once Ao takes one zolder and the truck out, the crate marked Q reveals to have some metal container they cannot open. Yoko talks to some agent and he walks off. Once she tells the rangers they find themselves under attack by Temujin and his squad; Ki is absent looking after Yoko. Ao and Midori confront Temujin to no avail although he and the surviving zolders retreat. Temujin looks on with the agent Yoko talked to revealed to be for the Black Cross Army. Later that day the box opens up to reveal Iron Nail Mask. The Gorengers barely hold their own against him as he wrecks the room and bikes up. The rangers are forced to seal themselves in the hanger with Iron Nail Mask trying to break in.

Iron Nail Mask breaks in with Aka, Ki, Momo, and Midori unable to slow him down while Ao tries to activate the Varibloom. Some light flashes and the mask monster is in pain, forcing him to flee. Temujin throws a fit on how Iron Nail Mask is cowering over the radio. Meanwhile, Yoko confronts the agent (with a pistol) and he acts smug before dodging a pair of shots. Taro is held hostage by a zolder with a revolver to his head and Yoko has to retreat saying she must help Iron Nail Mask. She fails to do so and tells the rangers although not right away. Yoko and Midori look for Taro while the others try to keep the lights flickering with Momo confronting the mask monster with a device that stuns him long enough to be restrained with chains. The Varibloom takes off and a hostage exchange takes place with Temujin attacking. Intros and zolder smack down ensue with Temujin leaving via teleportation. Ki stuns Iron Nail Mask while Yoko shoots the agent, allowing Aka to save Taro with the mask monster being destroyed by the Gorenger Storm shortly after in a Tremors-esque fashion. No really, the spiked ball digs. Weird. Taro bonks Ki on the head and Fuhrer is disappointed in Temjuin. Next episode shows Iron Comb Mask being beaten up and close ups of Ao.

Iron Nail Mask: Is equipped with a clawed staff.

Episode 28:

A fissure opens up revealing.... Some vehicle that blows up a lot of buildings in the area, at least until they reveal it was all just scale models. Temujin commends Iron Comb Mask for his work and talks to some scientist with a mustache who becomes shocked. Iron Comb Mask stalks two small kids that are a boy and girl, an agent of his about to kidnap the latter until Momo beats him up. A zolder stabs him in the gut before running and he dies. Shortly after, Aka and Momo encounter him alive again on the street and catch him. He is revealed not to be the same guy, but is stabbed in the back. Temujin is iffy about Iron Comb Mask barely able to keep the project a secret (I think). At the raner base Gonpachi mentions something about the Gorenger Storm and there is some hippie there who turns out to be the scientist from earlier and his daughter (girl from earlier) is with them at the base. However, he gets ambushed shortly after by zolders in disguise along with others forced into labor. The Varibloom uses a camera and Iron Comb Mask finds a phone the scientist dropped (I don't have a name, sorry). He uses said phone eventually although Iron Comb Mask bugged it and soon catches him seeing the machine pod. It turns out scientist guy was replaced with Aka, who ditches the disguise for combat although they have the real one hostage. Iron Comb Mask beats Aka down and hard.

Aka wakes up in a cell with scientist guy. Aka sends a balloon through the cell roof and the rangers catch. Midori retrieves it, revealing a message of everything going on. They infiltrate soon after and fight some zolders with Ki even throwing hot noodles into the face of one of them. Ao and Ki eventually break out Aka and scientist guy before the destructive machine is sent to the surface. The area is bombarded with fire and what I assume is bombs. The Gorengers do their intros complete with zolder beat up witha little humor on the side. Things heat up once the mask monster uses his comb's flamethrower, but Momo uses some mirror to disable it and Aka's whip emits an electric surge. The Gorenger Storm and one of Ao's arrows destroy Iron Comb Mask and the machine is deactivated by blowing it up with the Varibloom carrying some drill bomb. Seriously if I didn't know better I'd say it was a Gotengo knockoff. Next episode shows Aka riding the Red Machine and Door Mask getting ganged up on like in COPS.

Iron Comb Mask: Is equipped with a giant comb with a flamethrower at the end.

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The Christmas season is a lurking and it seems like we might finish this month. With that said here is part 8!

Episode 29:

The episode sta- Wait are those phantom soldiers from Inazuman? Holy frick they are, they just changed the masks! Sentai confirmed to be canon with Inazuman! Anyway, some train is set off course and some computer is being lectured in a lab, apparently it talks. Blue choking gas is emitted in the room and the rangers cannot open the door. The phantom soldiers steal the computer before the Gorengers bomb the door down. They eventually find Door Mask and barely hold their own. After the rangers transform he disappears in a card-themed magician box and locks them inside via trickery. He leaves as Aka hears a time bomb in the lock and after using his whip as a spear he breaks the others out (I should mention that Ao has not been seen this episode so far so he is absent). Aka is still trapped, but manages to use a drill (no idea where he got it) to burrow as the bomb explodes. Door Mask and the not-PSes lock the computer on a car on the train from earlier. Temujin tells the Fuhrer about this and a picture of Earth is shown with a model of the computer, apparently it causes oil refineries and towns to blow up, I swear I saw that stock footage in Kamen Rider Amazon. Aka returns to the other rangers via Red Machine (can they call their vehicles?) and he tells Ao to roll out in the Varibloom. Zolders launch a pair of the biggest spear guns I have ever seen only to get whooped by Ki as the others run off. Another squad tries nets, able to catch Momo and Midori as Aka rides alone, the Fuhrer is agitated. The train attacks the Varibloom with a 3-barreled howitzer only for the nose to unleash a long claw, but it fails after the computer says stuff and it flies off.

Gonpachi tells the Gorengers better move or the computer will self destruct (I think), with a counter going to 100. Momo and Midori catch the computer's distress call on a walkie-talkie, Ki is his jolly self. One of the not-PSes bop the computer with a big mallet like whack-a-mole just as Aka manages to stop the train. Door Mask and engages him as Aka beats up the not-PSes. Both jump on top of the train and fight with Aka turns his whip into a spear and drill again and destroys the computer with the AkaRanger Punch. Temujin unlocks the car only to find pieces and Aka exhausted, tying the latter on train tracks. Door Mask's head is used to store the computer's CPU before the mask monster gives a long "you killed my commrades now die" speech. For some reason a pair of not-PSes are down on the tracks and ran over. Both die unfortunately and the train stops with Aka saying.... I don't know, but Door Mask laughs. A dove appears and Aka reveals it being some trick as he laughs it off. He then releases cloth from his mouth magician style and ties Door Mask up. The computer (named Super X apparently) takes control of Door Mask's body and he goes nuts with the Gorengers doing their intros.... WITHOUT the grunt beat up for once! I am somewhat surprised. Door Mask proves strong as he shrugs off individual attacks, but a pair of Gorenger Storms blow him up. As the rangers ride off some kids wave their hands at them because.... Who cares it is the end. Next episode shows Mine Mask being ganged up on.

Door Mask: Can teleport and jump high and is equipped with a circle ended staff.

Episode 30:

Some oil refineries blow up via news stock footage with Momo and Midori commenting on a dock. Mine Mask has some zolders carry mines (wow that mystery solved itself fast) near a warehouse where stock footage blows it up. Momo and Midori run to it only to be too late. Fuhrer is given a report by Mine Mask while Temujin comments. Mine Mask and his squad place a mine in a crevice only for Midori to prematurely blow it up via his boomerang. Momo and Midori engage in combat, taking out the zolders before Mine Mask attacks witha smokescreen. The Varibloom with Ao and Ki takes off to assist them as the latter works on a crossword puzzle (I think). Momo and Midori try to defuse a mine the found, weird NES-esque music plays in the background, reminds me of Space Kelly's music from Red Baron or The Hand of Manos or something. Back at base Aka and Gonpachi look at a map with pins on it as Momo and Midori walk in with a device found in the mine they defused. All five take to the machines trying to find Mine Mask who is setting a mine near a mountain. A zolder throws a mini-mine in a muddy river while flows down to a clean river discovered by Yoko and Taro on a rowboat. Thanks to weird editing from deep to shallow water they escape.

Mine Mask looks at Ao and Ki as they ride around stumped. An ambush is attempted and fails miserably although the music seems serious about it (or maybe white noise, did David Lynch direct this?). Ao and Ki find themselves running from the Mine Hammer as it releases mines with Momo and Midori coming to them as back up. Ki manages to retrain him, but he does not have the detonator to his mines. Aka arrives to help interrogate, but Mine Mask manages to run away. The next minute is basically detonator searching with Temujin ordering zolders to fire bazookas at Mine Mask for being a coward. Intros happen before Mine Mask is unchained from the pole although Ao shoots him in the ankle all while they are being attacked by bazookas. Aka, Ao, and Ki take on the zolders effortlessly while Temujin caues a rock slide.... Somehow. Momo takes the detonator out of Mine Mask's head before he stands up fighting although he seems crazy. After discovering he cannot detonate anything he tries to dig away only for the Gorenger Storm to finish him (he actually digs quite fast). Temujin is angry and the rangers ride off. Next episode shows Iron Tube Mask kidnapping Gonpachi.

Mine Mask: Is equipped with a spiked wrecking ball that emits smokescreen and throw mines called the Kirai Hammer and a gun in each head tube.

Episode 31:

Some EAGLE agents get grenaded and gunned from Iron Tube Mask's zolders on a jeep. Grenades are thrown by them blowing up some buildings and gunning more soldiers (wow these guys are such red shirts). The last EAGLE agent fires a bazooka at Iron Tube Mask only to fail and die from trauma I think. The rangers notice smoke and are soon confronted by the mask monster and his squad. Ki and Iron Tube Mask insult each other before zolder beat up occurs. The intros actually happen this early, how surprising. Ao and Midori have their weapons busted from the mask monster's armor so they use the Gorenger Storm, seemingly destroying him, but does not.... So why have an explosion? The rangers retreat and they somehow got a schematic of his head. Fuhrer approves and we get to see his eyes glowing through his hood, how weird. Iron Tube Mask brings some guy with glasses to him and Iron Tube Mask does not like his attitude. Some guy walks into the base's snack bar and leaves something in the stove. Gonpachi walks in about to cook when yellow smoke rises from the stove and chokes him and Yoko. Iron Tube Mask and his zolders take Gonpachi and Yoko sets off an alarm. Gonpachi wakes up and is interrogated by Iron Tube Mask and glasses guy while tied to some electric chair.

The rangers worry about their boss and try to devise a plan. Gonpachi gets tortured before nearly passing out, sort of comical actually. Glasses guy dons Charles Chaplin cosplay and stalks Momo before giving her a message. The Gorengers follow up and go to some gorge where Iron Tube Mask awaits with Gonpachi hostage. The rangers laugh for some reason and glasses guy holds a knife to Gonpachi's neck as they slowly approach. Gonpachi is tossed down a hill and the Gorengers transform. Another intro and beat down ensue with Ki insulting Iron Tube Mask. The mask monster uses his double sided staff to impersonate Kamen Rider X and Silver Hakaider and gets beaten up rather easily this time. Ki soon gets a hose from the staff attached to his butt with Aka trying to get it off, shenanigans much? Ao asks Gonpachi for any weaknesses and Midori cuts the hose with his boomerang. Once Ao and Momo attack a reel to his head the Gorenger is used again, this time succeeding in destroying Iron Tube Mask. All six of them look onto the sunset before riding off (at an earlier time of day no less). Next episode shows fighting and Large Hatchet Mask being crazy.

Iron Tube Mask: Is equipped with a double sided hose staff, head tube smokescreen, and reinforced armor.

Episode 32:

Ao flies in the Varibloom when his radar spots something so he bombs it. It turns out to be a training exercise as the rangers try to out maneuver them on the motorcycles. A pair of zolders and Large Hatchet Mask capture the session on video. After the training, the film is shown to Temujin and is pleased with the Varibloom being of interest. The agents and rangers talk with one another although Ao is tricked by a double agent to take the Varibloom somewhere, becoming anchored upon landing and Large Hatchet Mask ambushing him. Ao transforms and barely manages to hold his own once the mask monster makes illusions of himself. Once Ao is beaten up he is taken to Temujin and the double agent where the latter shows him bombs being parachuted on buildings. Apparently they are trying to redo one of Sunring Mask's plots. Large Hatchet Mask heads out with his squad and the Gorengers follow (apparently the Black Cross Army loves jeeps). The mask monster holds his own and chops up wood so fast they are used as projectiles. Once Momo throws an earring bomb at him he disappears.

Taro brings a parrot ot the snack bar and Ki does not like it, obviously exhausted. Yoko walks in saying something before we cut to Large Hatchet Mask talking to Temujin about how Varibloom analysis is going. Ao is locked in a cell with one of his arrows thinking about how he lost, eventually realizing something. Large Hatchet Mask and his zolders transfer him to a room with live video as Temujin comments. During the video a building blows up because.... Mines maybe? I don't know. We soon see Ao about to be operated on (zolders have masks over their masks, insert Xibit jokes here) with some device behind his left ear. Ao and Large Hatchet Mask take off in the Varibloom although the former shocks himself to disable the device and punch the mask monster out. The Varibloom makes a mess of the hanger before busting out, not unlike many episodes back. The other rangers notice and take off as Large Hatchet Mask scrambles his zolders only for Ao to beat them up. Intros and grunt slaughter initiate before confronting the mask monster (Aka's whip seems pretty tough as it stood up to that hatchet like nothing). The rangers barely hold their own until Ao launches three arrows at once, stopping his self duplication. The Gorenger Storm is used and.... turns into a stump? Large Hatchet Mask falls for it and blows up upon striking it. Next episode shows Iron Princess Mask going crazy fighting the rangers.

Large Hatchet Mask: Can jump high and duplicate himself and is equipped with a large hatchet and head knife with both having boomerang properties

Next part will have opinion updating.

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Did not expect a new segment so soon? Too bad, here is part 9!

Episode 33:

The Black Cross Army develops a plasma cannon with a narrator saying technobabble with the sun being mentioned. Iron Princess Mask talks with Temujin while carrying an umbrella (I will say right now it is a he, or at least a super masculine voice) and how the cannon needs blue diamonds to function although it blows up a warehouse just fine. Fuhrer is filled with disappointment although Iron Princess Mask suggests jewel burglary. The actually have a remote device that can crack safes at a distance, WOW. The mask monster steals them via tongue and the alarm goes off although he guns down the guards. The police call the Gorengers down as they are suspected. One night later they bring a mannequin of Momo to help the ploy (Iron Princess Mask goes out and buys the paper himself drawing no suspicion somehow, people are that invested in the story!). Apparently the parrot from the last episode will be a running joke as shown when Taro has doubts on their innocence. The rangers are worried although Aka keeps everyone calm. The rangers head out only to be ambushed by the mask monster and four zolders as they demand diamonds. After beating up EAGLE agents, Iron Princess Mask uses lick (not very effective) and they reveal it was a trap as Ki, Momo, and Midori start beating zolders up. Momo takes on the mask monster who manages to hold his own with his umbrella before fleeing.

A blue diamond makes it to the base and they store it in a wall vault. Ao mentions the compute to Gonpachi, I assume about potential blind spots or potential motives. Aka mentions the plasma cannon (which he, and later IPM, calls diamond beam) and the Varibloom takes off. Temujin is not impressed by Iron Princess Mask's efforts and three suspicious characters are spotted by Yoko at that same dock they fought Eight Eyed Mask some time back. Wow Toei, way to reuse so many places. During the trailing the briefcases are filled with bombs to throw them off the trail. At this point it is now diamond beam by everyone (so confuzzling). At the base the blue diamond is sold to Iron Princess Mask by a character, but Aka, Ki, and Midori catch them in the act. The character falls over dead and the mask monster plays stupid before fleeing and trapping them in with, you guessed it, a time bomb. The Varibloom uses a chained claw to raise the roof, allowing them to fly out. The plasma cannon (now with plasma energy! seriously I don't think they said energy previously or my hearing failed to pick it up). The Gorengers show up with intros and zolder slaughter complete with mask monster harassment (three zolders Ki fights have umbrellas, ha). Momo fires the plasma cannon to blast Iron Princess Mask's umbrella (why not use it to finish him?) and the Gorenger Storm destroys him.... And it was contained in a peach for some reason. Next episode shows Blush Mask being bad at fighting and Momo using one of Midori's boomerangs.

Iron Princess Mask: Can use his long tongue to grab objects, has a torso machine gun, and can teleport and is equipped with an umbrella with a sword.

Episode 34:

Ki and Momo are at some lab with scientists constructing something, not sure what by there are schematics. Suddenly Blush Mask and her zolders gun down EAGLE troopers with Aka, Ao, and Midori stopping them and beating them to a pulp. Inside however, a scientist pulls a pistol on everyone only for Ki and Momo to disarm him although he manages to stab himself. Yeah, suicide on a kids show. Once the others arrive the mask monster flees with Temujin going on a minute long monolith about being disappointed. Blush Mask has his face circuits changed out and a mask. Cut to Ki playing a gambling game at a street festival where he wins Blush Mask's parts. He takes a huge box home and some circuit gets crushed. Upon going home he rebuilds Blush Mask and he acts friendly to the point where he brings him to the base and it starts cooking. Midori thinks it is the mask monster from previously, but Ki shows a certificate how it is called Android 00. After Taro talks to him a little the rangers are called down where Gonpachi talks about.... Something. I WISH I COULD UNDERSTAND JAPANESE DANG IT! Whatever it is, the Varibloom takes off with Temujin obsessing I think.

Temujin orders missiles to be fired at it (one with a direct hit) and Ao laughs it off. Gonpachi is suspicious about it all and Ki boasts about his robot who is then studied. Blush Mask has no abnormality (what are the looking for?) and send him and Ki to work at a base moving stuff on a truck. Ki talks out a megaphone and everyone waits for anything to happen. A zolder tells Temujin about it and orders a scientist to do something. A woman pulls them over (apparently they are disguised as junk collectors) to throw her fridgerator and bike away when a device flashes in Blush Mask's face. The agent and some guy give a look and walk off before she brings some rice dish to Ki. Said guy switches out Blush Mask's parts and both people reveal themselves to be zolders. On the way back Blush Mask reveals himself to Ki before beating him up. Ao and Midori rescue Ki and the mask monster hijacks the truck. The Gorengers pursue him to that dock you see in so many of Toei's 80s toku fight scenes. The rangers do their intros and Blush Mask somehow gets his rake and summons zolders out of thin air only for them to be manhandled. As Blush Mask guns them down, Midori gets temporarily blinded and Ki breaks the rake before using some device that makes the mask monster dizzy. Temujin looks on and throws something into Blush Mask's circuitry that makes him berserk. Aka commands the use of the Gorenger Storm which blows him up after turning into a mask.... and throwing him in the water. Fuhrer is angry at Temujin so much he gets several close ups at once. Next episode shows Fuhrer about to execute Temujin and Steel Mask fights.

Blush Mask: Is equipped with a claw rake that emits smokescreen and has a machine gun

Episode 35:

Temjuin is chained to a cross by three zolders while Steel Mask is handed a rifle and about to fire. Temujin tells him to end his life due to disgrace, but Steel Mask finds it hard to do. Fuhrer appears from nowhere and orders the unchaining. Four condors arrive with the Fuhrer explaining how they will help them. The title shows up with daikaiju in it apparently. Aka, Momo, and Midori munch on apples before the condors attack with Steel Mask leading. Temujin ambushes them on jeep to lure them out into the open. I will note now that condors fly via wing flapping, how do they remain airborne? Either way Steel Mask manages to grab the Green Machine although thanks to an earring bomb Momo frees them both with Midori getting injured. Cut to Ki scarfing on a rice dish talking with Taro and yelling at the parrot before being called down. Ao and Ki take off in the Varibloom and Aka uses a silver shot as a flare so they can be hosed up. The condors show up and attack the Varibloom quite brutally as Steel Mask laughs. Aka and Momo carry Midori through the countryside and eventually run into Temujin now in a classy modified sports car. Condors follow shortly before they reach a dam as Midori barely remains conscious.

Upon the trio reaching a cave the condors land with Temujin explaining the next phase. Midori has bad wounds on his left arm and both of them tell him to hang on. Man he is stubborn. Aka tells Gonpachi on the situation and the Varibloom goes out again after repairs. Zolders are flamethrowing the cave entrance while Aka heads toward the Red Machine. During the chase the Red Machine launches a wire into Steel Mask's head which causes him to crash and fight Aka. Ki flies down with a first aid kit and Momo uses it to heal Midori.... or numbs him. The flamethrower zolder keeps trying to smoke them out, eventually forcing the trio to transform and run. Aka jumps down and assaults the zolders lead by Temujin who then leaves everything to Steel Mask. Once Ao arrives the intros and beat up occur before Midori takes Steel Mask on. Once Ao uses an arrow to stop Steel Mask temporarily and Momo bombs him (wow those arrows can survive bomb explosions), the Gorenger Strom is used only to be deflected via a steel net. A second one is used with Midori's boomerang guiding it, this time with success. Fuhrer is angry and Temujin and the rangers ride off. Next episode shows what I think is the Battler, Warship Mask attacking, and Ki using some device.

Steel Mask: Can survive high falls and is equipped with a rifle, explosive head blades called Steel Cutter, survive high falls, and a double sided sheer called the Big Cutter, with a steel net

Condor: flight, dual claws, claw machine guns

Episode 36:

I am going to say it in advance: I know Cyborg Q's name is named Aya, Q (full name Cyborg Q) just makes typing this out less tedious.

Kiand Midori patrol inside an EAGLE base (they still have those after all the bombing?) when the former falls asleep eating a rice dish and Warship Mask and some zolders just stroll in. The mask monster goes after scientists trying to get some schematic and eventually gets it. Wow is it somewhat brutal. Ao wakes up Ki and try to stop Warship Mask from escaping. Ki uses a radio (by accident) to mess with the mask monster's circuits when the condors arrive to grab and save him (apparently they fixed the one Steel Mask crashed in or built a new one). Warship asks Temujin for forgiveness and I think he gets it, I don't know the general just hands him a bowie knife. Ki sulks on a beach when he sees a woman in red falling off a cliff. Ki jumps into the water to save her and she wakes up after a slap in the face. Q (I'm just saying it from now on) tries to kill herself and zolders arrive to kill her although they are quickly beaten. Q is grateful and is taken back to the snack bar where she takes Ao's seat. Shortly after the rangers head to the base downstairs and I think they are talking about Q. Cut to Ki being ambushed on a warship by Warship Mask and his squad where it is revealed they caught Q. Ki exchanges her as a hostage and the mask monster beats him up.

Ki is tortured with a heated bolt and Temujin is pleased. At that point Q uses her nails to tear her clothes off (just the sleeves for anyone wondering). The other rangers follow and Ki is ties to a cross guarded by zolders who Momo easily takes out with an earring bomb. Warship Mask commands the warship take off and it goes after the Varibloom although it uses a net from the nose to rescue Ki. Once the rangers retreat the warship blows up an EAGLE base with the Fuhrer on the bridge. Man do things blow up. While the Gorengers are horrified Ki is met by Q in his hospital room. A fight ensu- HOW DID THEY GET OUTSIDE AND HOW DID HE GET DRESSED!? No matter, he eventually elbows her hard enough to stop her. Warship Mask shoots her with his head turrets and gives Ki schematics, which enrages him. The other rangers show up, do intros, defeat zolders like nothing, Ki uses that radio again only to fail as his circuitry was fixed, and Q tries to tell him something. After some knob turning a ray fires from the radio blinding Warship Mask long enough for the Gorenger Storm to blow him up. Ki uses the same radio technique to down the flying warship and two condors before the rangers ride off. Next episode shows Fork Mask, the rangers being exposed to bright lights, and them being confronted with Temujin and Fuhrer.

Warship Mask: Equipped with an anchor staff with chained mace and has three double barreled turrets on the head.

Okay so everyone still has their moments, Ao has more episodes to himself, and Aka has a few more, but not enough to compared to everyone else. I notice a reliance on stock footage more and more with Agents 007 (Yoko), 008, and 009 being virtually forgotten. Temujin reminds me of Sadespa from Inazuman Flash or Zadam from Kikaider 01, they really don't make him too interesting when not in combat. The condors seemed to increase the stakes a little it seems. Then there is that parrot, why did they add it? Poor Ki suffers from it. Speaking of which when the hell is he going to use that staff he supposedly has? Well in the next two segments there will be another update when Temujin's arc is done and we venture into Volcano Mask's arc.
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The Black Cross Fuhrer is unmasked but everyone cares more about a moon rock! Time for part 10!

Episode 37:

Some scientist with a revolver flees on a jeep with Temujin and Fork Mask watching on a hill. A condor catches him, but he throws a flare pin before he is dropped to his death. Cut to Gonpachi in chef attire having an all-girl cooking class and Ki tasting his students' work (results vary). Afterward the base receives a message about whatever was in that pen with Aka and Ao having their serious faces on max. Aka, Momo, and Midori head out on their bikes and come across Fork Mask and his squad of zolders who fail at ambushing. After the zolders die off Fork Mask boasts about his strength and he forces all three down a cliff and the condors come back (apparently the two Ki shot down last episode were repaired/replaced). The Gorengers flee back to base and Gonpachi plays some board game by himself, which gives everyone (but Ki) their serious face. Some guys in black KKK uniforms get ambushed by the rangers(Ao is not among them) via rock slide with everyone but Momo taking their places on one right there on the spot. Two puzzle piece keys later they sneak in. Following them in the Fuhrer (and Temujin but he is background status).

The mask monsters and rangers have dinner with Fuhrer who greets them, even Fork Mask shows manners. A film is played with a bomb (they spell it out in english) or something with the Gorengers seemingly worried before transforming. However, it turns out Fuhrer was a zolder in disguise and Temujin laughs with a door opening revealing the real Fuhrer and saying how much of a trap it was. Fork Mask catches Gonpachi and Momo is gien orders to move via wrist.... alarm although Fork Mask catches her. A condor takes off with the bomb and Ai takes off in the Varibloom upon watching on the monitor (where is the camera?). Temujin and Fork Mask snicker at the trap. Varibloom uses some freezing ray from the nose to disable the condor and using a flying claw called the Magic Hand to send it away as it blows up. Everyone is shocked and Fork Mask has to execute the prisoners only to find the rangers gone and show up (apparently they caught dummies save for Gonpachi). Intros and zolder beat up ensue with Temujin fleeing and Fork Mask holding his own. Once his fork staff is busted by Ao and Midori and Goreneger Storm destroys him (with Aka using his whip as a guide). Ao uses a missile arrow to blow up the black hooded leaders in their car. Inside the base Temujin and the zolders get beat up, but once Fuhrer's hood comes off flashes emit (hi Cthulhu!) and the Gorengers flee. Upon doing so they escape via a rocket and the mansion blows up. In an even weirder twist, the dummies were male EAGLE soldiers and Yoko. Next episode shows Pirate Mask fighting.

Fork Mask: Is equipped with a fork staff with fork rockets and a flamethrower called the Fork Flame and throwing forks call Fork Shurikens

Episode 38:

A parascope sees a guy being chased and gives something to Momo who opens it revealing.... A map? Said guy is gunned down by three zolders and Momo rescues him (they flee instead of die this time, odd). Dying guy mentions black gold before dying. Parascoper turns out to be Pirate Mask and upon meeting with Fuhrer and Temujin the former seems POed. At the base the rangers analyze the map. Cut to a tour bus where some guy hijacks it via a pistol. Ao opens some public locker with a key and is followed by someone who leaves a device in said locker soon after. Momo picks up some tape recording from it, somehow outwitting the spy, and meets up with Aka at a hotel lobby. Hijacker and his buddies go to the same hotel as Ao notifies them via canopy top. The rangers use fake signs to lead them to a trap room (filled with a minute of Ki's hijinks). Upon being locked in the hijackers are given a tape recorded message saying they win and they are revealed to be Pirate Mask and a squad of zolders as they are gased with sleeping gas. Shortly after, Momo informs some guy three doors away.

The person in question talks about the treasure map with him having half of it. Both bring their halves together and the person (I don't have a name, sorry) intends to keep both halves safe. The rangers open the door thinking they can enter only for Pirate Mask (by himself I might add) to flee to the rooftop. Pirate Mask uses his cutlass to deflect their weapons and with his eye cannons blasts Ki off the roof unconscious. Aka smacks a zolder for information and says how the treasure would trigger a cataclysm. Map guy is stirring something in a public bath as Pirate Mask spies on him with the chemicals revealing the treasure's location. Aka runs in as Pirate Mask steals the map and gives it to Temujin in his jeep before driving off. The bikes are used in pursuit. The goons soon find a treasure chest on the rocky shore only for the ranger intro and zolder annhilation to commence complete with Pirate Mask accidentally firing at Temujin. Once Ao blinds him with arrows the Gorenger Storm ends the mask monster after it turns into an anchor. Temujin says some words for Pirate Mask and runs off. Map guy runs in to open the chest with a greedy tone in his voice when he suddenly levitates. Upon dropping the chest it is revealed to be a big moon rock and map guy is sad it is worth zilch (I think). Temujin watches on as the rock floats into the ocean. Next episode shows Rock Surface Mask fighting and Midori having close ups.

Pirate Mask: Can disguise himself as a human and is equipped with three para-scopes on the head, a cutlass, and eye cannons

Episode 39:

I am noting right now: No idea if this rock is from the moon or not, it just looks like it.

Continuing from the last episode map guy is miserable and Temujin walks off. Rock Surface Mask manages to grab the moon rock or black gold or whatever and throws it to Temujin once the rangers surround him. Rock Surface Mask sends his zolders after the Gorengers to little avail. However they find themselves unable to counter the mask monster's shield and easter island heads as they call in the Varibloom. Ao soon flies to it to chase after Temujin and fires rockets at him. Once the moon rock levitates the Varibloom hoses it in as Temujin gets POed especially when Rock Surface Mask keeps mimicking him. However, the Varibloom goes into a tail spin from the rock, eventually crashing it in the ocean. Ao and the rock are picked up bu a fisherman that looks like an old version of Davy Crockett. Once they get to shore the mask monster yells at Ao demanding the moon rock as he and his zolders jump down. Not-Crockett takes the rock and Ao fends them off although Rock Surface Mask whoops him. A zolder guns the fisherman down (sort of as we see no wounds) and he throws it into the water. Ao dives in the water with two grenades following him. The rock is washed ashore and some little kids take it and split it in half like a coconut, finding an orange crystal inside. The other reangers see the split open rock noticing how hollow it is. Cut to- WHOA, did Japan get Vegas girls somehow? Yeah, the kid with the crystal give sit to them. Regadless, Rock Surface Mask tracks it with a device, eventually having his five remaining guys search for it.

The Gorengers and zolders notice the crystal on top of one of the show girls' hats, the latter of which attempt to snipe it off only for Aka to shoot him first. Momo runs outside with the crystal only for Rock Surface Mask to snatch it and flee in a jeep. After a short car chase we see Ao washed up on shore and woozy before six zolders gun him down and throw grenades (where the hell do these guys keep showing up. The soon fight him close quarters and if more than one attacked at a time they would have one, but they do not so he wins and one says a bunch of info once in a headlock (I can't tell if Ao stabs him or punches him unconscious). Ao tries to radio the Varibloom to no avail until after some radio tampering. The rangers catch up to Rock Surface Mask, intros and grunt decimation initiate, Aka deflects some explosive island heads, and the mask monster tries to activate a weapon only for Ao to blow it up before the Gorenger Storm destroys Rock Surface Mask after turning into a claw hammer. Why does it transform before impact? Fuhrer is disappointed and the rangers ride off. Next episode shows the rangers being confused about something and Iron Basket Mask throws a spear.

Rock Surface Mask: Is equipped with a staff with island head bombs and an island head shield

Episode 40:

Iron Basket Mask shows Fuhrer a film of the Gorenger Storm, specifically the one used on Iron Tube Mask; there is a second but it was too quick to tell. The mask monster says that something needs to get around it with Temujin commenting. Fuhrer tells them not to bicker and to get to work or else (twice). Cut to the Momo and Midori on the Green Machine, soon encountering fog and separating. Momo encounters Iron Basket Mask and she falls in a trance via hypnosis. She is hooked up to a machine that shows her memories on film about the Gorengers. Temujin is disappointed once she is unconscious. However, Iron Basket Mask sends her back while she is under a trance. Aka and Ki find Midori and are disappointed in him while Ao looks for her via Varibloom, soon doing so. Upon doing so they notice she is off and more fog comes although they soon go after Iron Basket Mask as he reveals himself. Zolders pop out of nowehere and the rangers attack with the mask monster briefly restraining Ki and Midori before Ao kicks him off a cliff. Through hypnosis he commands Momo to kill them, almost doing so via a bomb. At the base she has no memory of doing anything (only Ao buys it). To prove she is real she tries to transform but cannot, drawing suspision. A report comes to their attention and she has to stay behind with Gonpachi. Iron Basket Mask has his squad gun down EAGLE solders and have them blow up a bunker. The Gorengers use their bikes to get their only for condors to show up (apparently freezie got replaced/repaired).

Gonpachi and Momo fight in a dojo with her losing and forcing to meditate with Aka going "believe in yourself". She tries transforming again only to break down and become miserable. A zolder gives an update to Temujin, the mask monster, and Fuhrer, having them sent in someone in an ogre mask. I don't get it either. After a minute of that, Temujin throws a knife and it is revealed to be Momo with a time bomb (oh hey a taste of their own medicine). She smacks the Fuhrer only for it to be a floating skull.... WHAT? They trap her in a cage and run with three flamethrowers comnig from the wall. The other rangers bust in which gives her the spark inside her to transform and blow the cage down with an earring bomb. They confront Iron Basket Mask, do their intros, defeat his squad (some doing a series of backflips), and the mask monster gets ganged up on before the Gorenger Storm destroys him after turning into a volleyball (this time a "new burst" of corts). Temujin laughs at Iron Basket Mask before it explodes as he talks in mid-sentence (can Akibarangers do anything original? I joke on that of course). Next episode shows Iron Lion Mask attacking Midori and a Gotengo-esque drill.

Iron Basket Mask: Can rotate his head which can emit fog and can teleport and is equipped with an eye jewel that uses telepathic hypnosis, a spear that returns after being thrown, and a pair of restrains called the Iron Belts

Next segment is the end of Temujin's arc, the beginning of Volcano Mask's arc, and the half way point in this journey!


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I want to see CS review Engine Sentai Go-Onger and Tensou Sentai Goseiger since they are view as the worst in the Sentai series. If you can review Decade then you should enjoy Goseiger.

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If anything I will most likely review JAKQ afterward and I promised that Changeman would be my first SUPER sentai series although maybe someone will sub the last two subbed episodes and I could wait on it, hmm.... Of course, I will take note of those recommendations, Amon.:coolshades:

And seriously, Onger? What kind of whacky name is that anyway? Go I can understand, but what is Onger? That- oh screw it.

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We are at the half way point! No more time wasting, time for part 11!

Episode 41:

A rocket is being tested under Iron Lion Mask supervising. Him and four zolders go to some building to sneak two crates in while he smokes a cigar and kills a random EAGLE agent. Yoko finds out about the agents death, causing the rangers to worry. Cut to Temujin telling Fuhrer a plan to destroy Earth's core to cause cataclysms. Later Temujin sneaks into a base with the Gorengers in it, sending some not-Black Satan controll spider in via a fishing rod. Not-BS spider spies in on the rangers (Midori is not present) talking to a scientist about.... Something? I don't know, but scientist guy's daughter takes some necklace which he soons find is missing (don't steal, kids!). Aka soon notices the spider probe and Temujin is amused. Midori soon encounters small girl (apparently named Mako) not noticing her necklace until she gives it to him. After he drives off, Temujin tries the kidnapping approach only for the other rangers to beat up his goon squad (although he succeeds). The rangers make a not-Amber alert on Mako while Iron Lion Mask constructs a four foot drill like a car engine. Zolders hijack a bus with Iron Lion Mask inspecting them with one of them being Midori. Amazing how no zolder bothers using their guns. One scene transition from an amusement part to a desert later we see Midori hiding the necklace in the sand and out maneuvering them until the mask monster throws a disc bomb.

Midori radios in and Aka notices a weird cobweb. Temujin snickers how his plan is working and calls up the scientist ransom style. Mako yells from a hotel room and it is a trap by Iron Lion Mask to lure Midori in to chain him up. Scientist guy sneaks out with a capsule saying Z 800 and Temujin takes it before running. Aka is told everything about the capsule (and it is quite dramatic) and the Gorengers drive off, soon finding the hostages on the roof. Zolders get beaten up, Midori carries Mako, and Ki destroys the four foot drill while Aka takes off in the Varibloom. Ao radios Aka in on where they are and uses his hankerchiff to disguise his voice to Temujin (it works). The mask monster drags a magnet on a chain with Temujin laughing in amusement although the necklace is soon found. Both bicker about their findings before realizing they were tricked. The rangers laugh, burrow up to do their intros (did they teleport into the sand?), give zolders an epic beat down, and Aka takes the Z 800 from Temujin. Iron Lion Mask attacks before realizing he dropped the necklace, allowing the rangers to blow him up with the Gorenger Storm, which turns into a swastika coin that goes into his mouth and blows up in his stomach (how the hell do bombs transform?). Temujin is disappointed and the rangers drive off (this time birds eye view style). Next episode shows Temujin in a metal vest, two Gorenger Storms are webbed up, and the Variboom gets stolen by him.

Iron Lion Mask: Is equipped with a spear and torso disc bombs and chains

Episode 42:

Yes I know his full name is General Volcano Mask Magman, Magman is just easier to type fast.

The Varibloom is showed off with some drill missile being installed. That night it is used on Black Cross Army base and works. That is until Temujin wakes up (apparently the test was a nightmare). Soon after he and Fuhrer are driven to a cliff that splits open. There the Navarone rises briefly before going underground. Temujin takes three zolders and launch the condors to attack suburban Japan. The Varibloom takes off with both sides soon clashing as Temujin uses a machine gun on the front to shoot at it although it returns fire taking a condor out. Temujin orders the zolders to launch rockets from a mountain, which hit the Varibloom, but it quickly recovers. The drill missile is used on the base soon after and we get some of the same footage from Temujin's nightmare except in daylight. Once the base blows the condors retreat. At the snack bar Ki scarfs a rice dish and Taro comments about something, insert weird wisecracking from the parrot here. Fuhrer is disappointed at Temujin for breaking his left arm and Magman teleports in as his replacement. After Magman boasts a little, Temujin heads out. Cut to excavators near a volcano that suddenly explodes. Yeah, explode, not even lava is present. Why? Because emerging from it is the Navarone, which collects a squad of zolders before retracting. The Gorengers drive off to investigate (and the music is calm at this point).

Ao and Ki use the Varibloom as Volcano Mask is amused. They land it to retrieve survivors only for them to be zolders and trapped in cuffs and bear traps. Before the execution they are gunned down by Temujin's nazi zolders. Upon freeing the rangers he demands they run (which they do). Magman gets POed (understandably) and a cannon launches two wired anchors to pull the Varibloom down. Upon the crash Aka, Momo, and Midori show up and everyone does their intros. Temujin takes off part of his outfit to reveal a metal chest and summons zolders that are quickly defeated (Ki takes one ten at once with Midori playing leap frog, kind of amusing). Temujin takes on Ao with his armor being unphased by an arrow with Ki getting tossed around shortly after. There is also spear and boomerang dodging with minimal effort much to Magman's dismay. So much so he sets of a bomb that sets the ground on fire. While Temujin is distracted the Gorenger storm is used only for him to emit freezing gas from his left shoulder to stop it. Another is used only for the same to happen on the right shoulder. After eye flashes that cause explosions and a rocket from the trident, Temujin drops his weapon and steals the Varibloom. The rangers take to their bikes and Ao uses his radio to steer it away. Once both storms blow up the cockpit(via hitting the seat), the Varibloom crashes with Temujin going with it. The Gorengers salute the Varibloom and Fuhrer is angry, hoping Volcano Mask does not screw up. Cut to Gonpachi revealing the Varidreen to the rangers with the Varitank following (apparently it has auto pilot). Next episode shows Ao piloting the Varidreen, the Nvarone being unveiled to the rangers, and Diamond Mask sending zolders to their doom.

Iron Man Temujin Iron Mask: Can teleport, emit explosive flashes from his eyes, and emit freezing gas from his shoulders and is equipped with a trident that returns upon being thrown and has a rocket launcher in the tip

Episode 43:

Half way point, whoooooo! Also the intro changed a bit.

Ao tests out the Varidreen with a weapon test on a tank only to fail at steering, therefore failing the simulation. Magman and Diamond Mask discuss stuff with the Fuhrer when HOLY CRAP HE FLASHED HIS HOOD OFF! His real face is revealed! With that the Navarone burrows up and fires four double barreled cannons at an EAGLE base. In the aftermath Diamond Mask and his squad go into the computer room (marked in English) to melt a safe, revealing the contents. Upon computer analysis they learn about the rangers while Ao repeats the simulation, this time progressing. During it the message of the base's destruction is received by Yoko and the rangers head out save for Ao. Soon they see the Navarone in action and transform. Navarone fires at them as they approach with Magman explaining once they are close enough (thanks editing!). Diamond Mask shows up and takes on their weapons (and Ki's wrestling, damaging his head) effortlessly. Eighteen zolders show up, forcing them to call Ao (who shows up with the Varidreen quite fast. The Varidreen flees much to Magman's dismay and condors are sent after them only to be lost via blue smokescreen. Aka informs Gonpachi on their defeat while Midori's left arm is given medical attention. Suddenly the Navarone attacks the town and stock footage oil refinery to draw the Gorengers out. The rangers get new helmets to help combat Diamond Mask.

The rangers split up on their bikes and soon run to the base to throw bunker buster bombs. Once burst of stun gas later zolders catch them with Ao and Momo watching at the base before taking off. Upon landing the Varitank is used, using it's claws to catapult over a hill. The Aka, Ki, and Midori are about to be executed when the Varitank guns the zolders down while Momo rescues them. Naturally the zolders are helpless against a tank and soon they all jump in. Shortly after they are exposed to.... Something they are hooked up to. The Gorengers transform (without spinning), ambush Diamond Mask and his squad, do their intros, and grunt slaughter commences like in American football via linebackers. Aka has a ball attached to his whip, Momo uses heart shurikens, Midori uses a sling shot with rocks that turn into cannon balls. Ki uses A FRIGGIN WEAPON! AND IT IS A SPEAR! Seriously, this is a first! Ao uses a shielded bow with Aka's whip also turning into a net. With that comes the Gorenger Hurricane, a football version that is tossed around before Aka kicks it. The ball sprinkles glitter around Diamond Mask before it explodes (in another area no less). The Navarone flees and the Varitank rolls into the Varidreen before joining the Gorengers on their ride off. Next episode shows Magman talking to Yoko and Varitank plowing zolders.

Diamond Mask: Can emit an eye heat ray and is equipped with a diamond head blade called Diamond Cutter and a pendulum staff

Episode 44:

Electricity Mask spies on a truck that his goons soon stop with a next. Electricity Mask emits a surge to kill the EAGLE troopers in the back and hitches a ride with a zolder in disguise pointing a revolver at the driver. At the base the rangers receive a photo of the zolders in the truck via x-rays (celever security). Aka, Ki, and Midori soon stop the trucck via ambush and attack the mask monster and his squad. After the grunt beat down Electricity Mask is rescued by a condor. Magman tells the Fuhrer about how the Navarone will stop the Gorengers. After a little patroling Yoko receives a message about.... Something. Whatever it is Gonpachi tells it to them and based on their reactions it seems like good news, Ki is even polite to the parrot. Electricity Mask waltzes in and his zolders use wooden mallots to destroy the place. Gotta love things that look silly at a glance but seem so serious in-universe. The rangers come in shortly after they leave and are in distraught. One ride out later they find Magman on a building ordering condors to launch from the Navarone. Ao and Ki launch in the Varidreen while Gonpachi tells the others to retreat to Magman's amusement. The condors and zolders attack an EAGLE base and soon get attacked by the rangers on the ground. Gonpachi sends Yoko out for recon with Magman soon catching her. During interrogation Yoko uses a pen to radio the base the conversation. The Varidreen lets the other rangers on board.

Magman suspects Yoko leading the Varidreen in, but soon stops caring upon launching Navarone. The Varidreen outclasses the fortress in fire power, forcing it to retreat. Varitank is sent out to deal with Electricity Mask, the Gorengers do their intros and goon beat up shortly after. Ki turns his spear in a xylophone stick to play with their heads (literally). Midori's battle seems more like synchronized swimming. After the rangers do a teleport bit the Gorenger Hurricane is initiated although the Black Cross Army gets it briefly. Why does the ball turn into a tea pot? The Varitank burrows underground and Magman smacks Yoko before having her executed although they bust through the walls at the last minute. Sparks fly, Yoko gets free somehow, she hops in, zolders are running wild, and Varitank claws into fuel storage. Navarone flies out and the rangers drive away. Next episode shows chaos featuring Saw Shark Mask.

Electricity Mask: Can emit electric surges and is equipped with a staff that summons explosive flashes

Now for opinions! These ones going up to ep 42 because of arcs and stuff! Not much to add from last time other than Varibloom/Variblune will be missed. Alas, rest yourself good carrier, may the Varidreen carry on the legacy. Temujin had a decent final battle, could have been handled better, forcing Magman in made it rushed sort of but you gotta give him points for pride. Aka is getting to a proper ratio compared to the other rangers, just not quite there yet. Next opinion segment will happen after Magman's arc is done.