Senior Year is a movie that will make you appreciate your Youth while it last. Rebel Wilson‘s weight loss finally booked her a role she used to not get early on in her career. The most popular girl in school. If Clueless and Never been kissed had a baby with 17 again, this could be their missing love child.Time runs fast, and we will never be young forever. If I can turn back time, I will enjoy my Youth and not be in a hurry to be an adult because adulthood is an inescapable prison.

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You are a Cheer Captain, The most popular girl in school. It is 2002, and you have the perfect high school life. All you need to do to secure your legacy is to succeed in doing a Pyramid stunt. You will become a Prom Queen after doing that single stunt. Sadly things had gone bonkers because a freak accident from that cheer stunt led to you becoming comatose.

Twenty years of your life have been...

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Wow! Rebel Wilson looks unrecognizable after the weight loss. Now she has the stamina to play the role of a cheer captain! She is already getting lead roles when she was still curvy, but now she gets to play roles usually given to Drew Barrymore and Alicia Silverstone types.


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The nostalgia for the 1990s and early 2000s has arrived! Because they're now retro nostalgia, Gen X and older Millennials will now be treated like Boomers! This movie is something I'm looking forward to next month. Our first impression from appearances, but Rebel's humorous presence and acting propel the film along. This film appears to be fantastic! The premise is brilliant. I'm always fascinated by accounts of comatose individuals waking up after decades in a coma.
It's great to see Rebel get a job like this after losing weight.
With her reputation as the "funny fat chick," undertaking such a metamorphosis might potentially imperil her profession (even her management opposed her losing weight for this reason).
She'll be able to let go of this archetype now. Jonah Hill, who was known as a funny fat Guy, struggled with his career after his weight changes because he was not getting roles, and it took a while before he got to adjust.


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:oops: She plays the role of an American Cheer Leader with American parents but she have Australian accent.🤣 Hollywood have lots of Australian actors and they fake American accent when they play American roles.


Rebel Wilson looks unrecognizable with her new body. I thought she would go for more serious roles, but I guess her roots will always be a comedy.


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Stop playing, I ain't seen no Rebel Wilson. 😮 I haven't seen Rebel so long and if nobody mentioned it I wouldn't know that was her, wow. Senior Year sounds like it's going to be quite the drama. The story is always interesting when someone falls into a coma as one person and come out as another.


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@Master Makes me wonder if she will be able to book drama roles now she is skinny. She had proven though she can still do comedy even with her new body.


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I just watched it, I love how the Woke Highschool becomes a nightmare for a cheerleader. I want a sequel seeing her life in college.


They better make a sequel of Stephanie going to college. I wish this is a TV show instead of a movie.

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I notice that women of color are always villains in Rebel Wilson movies. In isn't it romantic her antagonist is Priyanka Chopra and now its Zoey Chao.