Until now, the Men In Black movies have been strictly American…but it takes a world to protect a world. Next summer Columbia Pictures will present MIB International, introducing us to the London branch of the MIB for the first time. Our first big look at the picture was granted today.

Tessa Thompson plays Agent M, a new recruit who wasn’t intended to be one….she proved herself worthy of joining the MIB by figuring out their secrets on her own. She’s partnered up with Agent H, played by Chris Hemsworth (and yes, there is a Thor allusion gag in this trailer).

Are we looking at a reboot or a sequel? Depends on how you perceive it…..the one connective element between this and the previous trilogy is the presence of Emma Thompson as Agent O, who played that role back in MIB 3. But Will Smith isn’t hanging around….he’s too busy playing a genie in a Disney movie.

It’s a fine trailer, but we couldn’t tell you if the movie it’s hyping will be another MIB 3 or another MIB 2. There is one thing we’re hopeful for, though. Last time an MIB movie was released, we got precisely ONE season of the awesome cartoon series released to DVD. Maybe next summer we could potentially get Season 2?

MIB International comes to theaters around the world June 14, 2019.