For the next twelve hours, the entire first season of Dragon Ball Z carries a purchase price of “free.” So does the first season of Dragon Ball Super in both sub and dub versions. For some reason, the Microsoft Store is feeling super-generous today when it comes to popular anime. Look at all you can get:

  • My Hero Academia Season 1 Uncut
  • Attack On Titan Season 1 Part 1
  • Dragon Ball Super Season 1 (Japanese)
  • Dragon Ball Super Season 1 (English)
  • Dragon Ball Z Season 1
  • Yu Yu Hakusho Season 1 (Japanese)
  • Yu Yu Hakusho Season 1 (English)
  • Eureka Seven Season 1
  • Fairy Tail Season 1 Part 1
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans Season 1
  • Monster Hunter Stories Ride On Season 1 Part 1
  • Assassination Classroom Season 1 Part 1
  • Garo: The Animation Season 1

And the deal is legit: If you purchase an anime season this afternoon or evening at the sticker price of $0.00, you will own it forever (or until a licensing deal runs out or a server goes down….if forever is truly what you want, buy physical. The More You Know).

Are there catches? A couple: the deals are only good for those living in the US. Plus, since they come from the Microsoft Store, you’ll only be able to watch them on an XBox or your PC (though some of them are compatible with Movies Anywhere, which will let you stream them on any device).

In addition, most of the follow-up seasons for these shows are heavily discounted. The deal only lasts for today (December 21), so if that’s the day you’re reading this, get moving with that mouse….

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