If you enjoy the Fallout series or Baldur’s Gate, you may wan to check out Encased, the post-apocalyptic sci-fi RPG that just entered Early Access on Steam and GOG.

Encased has been in development for around two years. The dev team launched a Kickstarter about a year ago to cover the expenses of finishing the game….now it’s in a complete enough state to begin public testing.

What do you get with the Early Access version of Encased? The opening act of the storyline — consider it a prologue. They’re not ready to give away everything just yet. But once the story section of Encased is complete, you will have an open world to explore to your heart’s content, with equipment and weapons to collect, skills to learn, three dozen quests to embark on, and around a hundred characters to meet.

The team will continue to add content as the game gets closer to completion. In fact, they just held a live Q&A session for Twitch where they answered questions fans had. We’re a little late in reporting on the existence of the Q&A, but even though it’s over, you can still ask the Encased team questions via their Steam page — they will publish a follow-up video later.

Speaking of added content, the latest update to Encased was a hotfix that was only meant to squash a few bugs. Another hotfix is coming in a few days that fixes a few more. For updates a little more exciting, keep watching Dark Crystal Games on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook.

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