In Ice-Pick Lodge’s Pathologic 2, released last May, you’re a doctor in a secluded rural town, trying to deal with a horrifying plague that’s infecting the townsfolk and turning them into monsters. Now there’s more of the story to experience, as Ice-Pick and publisher TinyBuild introduce a new DLC-delivered spinoff, The Marble Nest.

You play as Dr. Daniil Dankovsky, a scientist from the Capital, and over the course of a single day you must solve a riddle offered by Death itself to save your community. The story is self-contained and takes a little over two hours to complete on average.

  • A 2-3-hour self-contained story. While true connoisseurs of Pathologic 2 will appreciate The Marble Nest as a great addition to the main storyline, it can be played separately—no need to refresh your memory if you’ve played the main game a long time ago.
  • Time flies, and events in game evolve as the time goes by.
  • Two districts of a ravaged town. It’s almost over. You’ve almost lost. Or have you?
  • Lenient survival compared to the main game. While you still need to manage your body, it’s less pressing. It’s almost as if the Bachelor didn’t try to cling to life too much…
  • Piece the picture together and find an answer to Death’s riddle… or don’t.

If you purchase Pathologic 2 either today or tomorrow, you will get The Marble Nest free of charge. After October 28, the DLC will cost $9.99 to buy.

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