Nvizzio Creations officially released their PC game Eden Rising Supremacy last week, which combines tower defense, open world, third-person action and multiplayer. You are an armored soldier called a Warden, tasked with defending human strongholds called Crucibles from hostile alien creatures. The Crucibles serve as your base, and they’re where you can upgrade your weapons with the materials you find, as well as make your characters more powerful.

Currently, the game is in Steam Early Access and not technically complete. Nvizzio has a “road map” they shared with us — the progress they plan to make in the coming months as Eden Rising inches closer to leaving beta.

Over the coming months in Early Access, players can expect to see several significant content updates. New map regions will be added to the already expansive open world, as well as many more Siege challenges to master. New resources will be added to discover in the world and used to unlock and craft brand new weapons, armor, and defenses.

The addition of a male character option is also planned to compliment more in-depth character customization, including new hairstyles and equipment dyes. Players and their tribes will also get further progression options in the form of new weapons, gear, and skill trees. Full controller support and integrated voice chat will be added to the game’s features. The story of Eden itself is set to be expanded upon with invasion events content and more.

Nvizzio says additional content, progression updates, character customization, expanded building systems, Steam Workshop support, larger servers and more are on the way.

As for what’s in the game now, a web video series called The Ascendant’s Vault goes deeper into the game, exploring its features and the secrets awaiting within the game. Eden Rising Supremacy is currently downloadable on Steam Early Access for $14.99.