Can you hear them….the Drums of War? Only if you have your VR goggles on. A new rhythm game from industry veteran Alan Flores (lead designer on several rhythm games including 2000s sensation Guitar Hero) has you using the power of music to…bash dwarves and unicorns in the face.

Yup, this one’s got a twist that makes it unlike most other rhythm games on the market. You are not in a bright and stylish world of neon and synth, nor onstage in front of millions of screaming fans….you are a giant brutish orc, and you feel like smashing everything in front of you.

You’ve got a set of drums at all times, and the beats you play with them control your actions. Hit them in time with the music to walk. Play out of sync and the orc will veer off to one side. Play the side drums and he’ll turn. The two center drums are your weapons — they fire cannonballs at anything in your way!

  • Enjoy full 360 degrees of freedom in both movement and combat.
  • Experience visceral music rhythm gameplay in VR!
  • Fight off hordes of fantasy creatures – including pesky dwarves, chalky skeletons, sexy succubi, and much more.
  • Purchase drum skins from the shop for stat upgrades!
  • Rampage through 15 story levels and an unending supply of dwarves.
  • Bonus modes include:
    • Wardrum Hero: A high score combat challenge where you slay an endless horde of dwarves (inspired by Guitar Hero).
    • Jukebox: Bang the drums to the music and enjoy the scenery.
    • Two randomized dungeons!
  • Headbang-worthy metal soundtrack:
    • Original tracks from Gabe Castro, composer of the indie mega-hit The Forest.
    • Licensed tracks from metal giants Warbringer and Exmortus.

Catch the beat of Drums of War October 1, when it arrives for Oculus Rift and SteramVR-compatible headsets.

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