Gearheads who are also gamers may be interested in this news: Red Dot Games’ Car Mechanic Simulator has made the leap from PCs to Nintendo Switch. This version goes by the name of Car Mechanic Simulator Pocket Edition.

The title says it all: you’re a car mechanic, and you fix cars — mainly for profit. You own an auto body shop and people come in all the time with vehicles that are broken down in some way. With hundreds of parts to examine, determining the exact issue with each car won’t be easy, but getting the cars humming again earns you cash.

You can use the money you earn from fixing cars to spruce up your business or….fix MORE cars. Go to the auction house to bid on demolished cars, then fix them up and sell them at a profit, or add them to your personal collection.

“The Pocket Edition has the same content as the original known from the PC,” says Ultimate Games SA CEO Mateusz Zawadzki. “This version of the game is of course adjusted accordingly in terms of control to the particularities of the console, so fans can count on comfortable play at a high level and to see why the Car Mechanic Simulator series has gained so much popularity on PC and other platforms.”

The main features of Car Mechanic Simulator Pocket Edition:

  • creation of a car workshop empire;
  • extensive order system;
  • each vehicle consists of a few hundred separate parts;
  • wide possibilities of developing the workshop and skills;
  • an auction system;
  • your own collection of cars.

Tinker with Car Mechanic Simulator today on Nintendo Switch.

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