Mix the popular Metroidvania genre with the crowd-pleasing stylized combat of the Devil May Cry series and you’d get Down To Hell, an upcoming game from Red Dev Studio in Poland. In a twilight world where the sun barely illuminates your shadowy figure, you must hack up approaching monsters because….reason not given. They’re there, that’s all we know.

Metalheads should love Down To Hell, as the entire project is basically a love letter to heavy metal music. The bands Decapitated and KORONAL have signed on to bash out some tunes for the soundtrack, and Red Dev is looking into signing on other bands to provide tracks.

Down to Hell is a dynamic slasher in which lone swordsman must face the hordes of hellish demons. Moreover it will give you truly Heavy F’N Metal experience.

Down To Hell enters Steam Early Access in two days — April 18 — and will be released in a unique episodic format. The first chapter packs three hours of gameplay peppered with four giant boss battles. Future installments will be released every two to three months.

The Early Access version of Down To Hell costs $9.99 and for now the game is exclusive to PC, but Red Dev is working on a Switch version.