Mad Otter Games, creators of the Villagers and Heroes MMO, have revealed an expansion is on the way. It’s called “A Tale Of Earth And Sea,” and it will introduce a new character class as well as new features and additions to gameplay.

Mad Otter is staying silent on the new features for now, but they’ve revealed a lot about the character class. Soon you’ll be able to play as a Shaman, who possesses elemental magic in either the Earth Attunement or the Water Attunement. It’s your choice which of the two you want to go with, but the decision is more than cosmetic — Earth is an offensive power while Water is defensive. You will have physical attacks as well; Shamans can wield axes, polearms and hatchets.

For more information on the Tales of Earth and Sea expansion, visit for detailed descriptions and pictures. It’s here you’ll also find the novella that provides backstory for the expansion:

Previous to the reveal of the expansion, Mad Otter Games released several chapters telling the tale of two sisters Riona and Penn. The first chapter opens to the story of the two young twin sisters who are confined in the Grange, a rotting fortress prison filled with broken spirits. Players have been able to follow their mysterious tale, as they rise and proceed to unearth the dark past of Ardent and new areas within the Villagers and Heroes universe.

Fans can continue to expect to learn more about features and game changes releasing with the ‘A Tale of Earth and Sea’ expansion as it’s chapter book novella concludes.

Villagers and Heroes is free to play on PC, iOS and Android.