The barrier to entry regarding Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, Square Enix’s all-star brawler, has been lowered to “nothing.” A free edition of the game now exists.

So how much can you get for free? A fair amount. Free Dissidia’s status is halfway between a demo and a proper game — more content and freedom than the former, but still inferior to the latter. You have access to a handful of fighters rather than the full roster, but the lineup will shuffle around on a weekly basis.

What if you want a specific fighter to stick around? You can purchase that individual fighter and permanently add him/her to the screen. What if you want more than one fighter to stick around? You’re welcome to buy them all, but show some common sense and just buy the game.

DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT Free Edition offers players the opportunity to try out a limited roster of characters on a weekly basis. A variety of characters and weapons are also available for individual purchase. This ensures that favorite characters can be a permanent member of a player’s roster.  Players of the free edition can also play online* against existing players of the full game.

Note the asterisk after the word “online.” That means if you’re using the Playstation version, a PS Plus account is required.

The free version of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is now out for Playstation 4 and PC via Steam. The PS4 version is not ENTIRELY free since you will need a PS Plus account to go online.

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