I’m at the point where, if an indie game blows up in popularity, I elect to wait on playing it until the inevitable limited physical release is announced. It means I’m out of the cultural loop for a while, but the alternative is to buy every game twice, and that’s annoying. The recent trend of these printings, brought on by Limited Run, has resulted in too many double-dip purchases on my end.

So if you, like me, have been waiting to play Team Cherry’s blockbuster Hollow Knight until a physical release is confirmed, now’s the time. But it’s not Limited Run that landed the deal…nay, the business has grown large enough for more than one competitor. It’s geek-merch company Fangamer that’s selling the game, for all systems it currently appears on.

hollow knight

I don’t even have to tell you there’s a Collector’s Edition of Hollow Knight alongside the standard release…but what’s in it? Quite a lot. You get a knight brooch and stand, a Qurirrel comic book, a gold foil art print set, a  bonus papercraft set, and (in the Switch version only) a cleaning cloth. It all comes packaged in a gold foil collector’s box.

But even with the “vanilla” edition, you get an instruction manual and a map of Hallownest. The Standard Edition costs $30 ($35 on Switch for some idiot reason) to preorder and the Collector’s Edition costs $69. Hollow Knight will be physical on Switch, Playstation 4 and even PC, and the copies start shipping in late May.

A sequel to this game, Hollow Knight: Silksong, is in the works right now. I’ll let you know how it is once they release a Switch card for it.