Trese Brothers Games has launched the Kickstarter for its upcoming RPG Cyber Knights: Flashpoint. The game is a sequel to their previous release, Star Traders: Frontiers, and so far there seems to be a demand for it. The campaign cleared its goal in less than twelve hours, and the counter is still climbing — as of this writing it’s raised $81,973.

“In terms of the storyline and fully 3D visuals, this is easily one of our most ambitious games to date,” says Cory Trese, co-founder of Trese Brothers Games.The main event is the setting – a dark, dystopian 2231 that has somehow blown past the messy ‘near future’ stuff to arrive at an even more dangerous, seedy reality where technology has overrun everything (and everyone) in its path.”

A $15 pledge will get you a digital Steam copy of Cyber Knights: Flashpoint. $25 grants you the game, a digital soundtrack album, a special in-game gun and your name in the credits. Up it to $40 or more and you can get things like the artbook (again, digital only), access to the alpha build, or the privilege of naming ten objects in the game (NPCs, weapons, animals, whatever).

  • Turn-Based Tactics: Deep and tactical gameplay using a turn-based, gridless third-person combat simulator.
  • Stunning Cyberpunk Setting: Cyber Knights invites you to explore the unique cyberpunk world of 2231!
  • Covert Missions: Mix stealth, hacking, and combat across multi-stage missions. Gain pre-mission advantages from Contacts!
  • Evolving Characters: Your team evolves through your choices. Traits and lasting wounds threaten to strip their humanity.
  • Threaded Stories: Interwoven narrative with depth, meaningful player choices, and hundreds of hours of gameplay.
  • Endless Builds: Experiment with endless combos of Jobs, cyberware, weapons and gadgets to build the perfect team.
  • Safehouse Base Building: Customize your safe houses and upgrade rooms such as weapon shop, hund kennel, and medical bay.

Support the Cyber Knights: Flashpoint Kickstarter by heading to this page.

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