Aernoauts is a tabletop game from Electric Purple Studios that will be released some time in the future (a specific date hasn’t been revealed). But you can get an introduction to the game’s post-apocalyptic world right now, thanks to The Long Dig, a new short premiering soon on Fangirl Nation.

The short is mainly the creation of Kate Hackett, a multi-talented actress and writer who’s been performing since age 4. She’s worked on several independent films and most recently created, wrote and starred in the Amazon series Classic Alice.

Eve (Hackett) scours decaying old ruins for Antenoch technology that was buried or otherwise preserved. Having – she hopes – perfected a mixture of oils that will prevent the decay of Antenoch artifacts, Eve is equipped to safely remove them from these ruins. Today, she’s found an old transportation hub, perhaps a subway, haunted by monsters and hiding treasure. It is an adventure in darkness, with flashes of fear and bursts of action, about one woman’s desperate desire to return home.

The Long Dig stars Kate Hackett (Classic Alice), Paul Todd (Candice, Classic Alice), Sarah Cortez (Dear White People, Angie Tribeca) and Cliff Simon (Stargate SG-1, NCIS). It was directed by Tom R. Pike (Personal Space) based off a script by Hackett and Pike.

The trailer for The Long Dig lies below….if you like what you see, follow this link to watch the short in full on