In recent months Cryptozoic has been dipping into the Steven Universe license to produce objects like the Beach-A-Palooza Card Battling Game and a series of Steven-themed trading cards. The show is about to end; we suppose it’s now or never to get this merch out there.

But if you’re lucky enough, you won’t have to pay a penny to get it. That’s assuming you win Cryptozoic’s Steven Universe Giveaway, which will be open all month long. Winners receive a Steven Universe Trading Cards hobby box, a binder with a binder-exclusive card, a full set of Totally Fabricated Bubbled Gems Cards, 1 authentic Autograph Card, and 1 hand-drawn Sketch Card. The Sketch Cards are done by people who work on the show and the Autograph Cards are signed by members of the voice cast.

The giveaway will have two other runner-up winners, who will get 12 packs of Steven Universe Trading Cards, 1 authentic Autograph Card, and 1 hand-drawn Sketch Card.

That’s three chances to win, but you can have more than that depending on how hard you want to scratch Cryptozoic’s back. As with their previous giveaways, you’re allowed to enter multiple times — this one sets the record at 16 allowed entries — by doing Cryptozoic social media publicity favors. The tasks include following their official Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts, posting about the giveaway on Tumblr, or simply visiting some of the product pages where Cryptozoic is selling Steven stuff.

The contest will close March 31. You can enter by visiting this page.