The Chinese noir crime thriller The Wild Goose Lake, a hit in its home country, is making its way to American theaters over the next two months. The movie premieres tomorrow at Film Forum in New York, and makes its way across the country starting the following week.

The life of small-time mob boss Zhou Zenong is turned upside-down when he mistakenly kills a cop. With a bounty now placed on his head, he’s forced to fight to survive. A mysterious woman he meets may be able to help him….or may be planning to betray him. But he doesn’t have anyone to trust completely at the moment.

Here are the known locations that will be screening The Wild Goose Lake:

3/6: PREMIERE: Film Forum — New York
3/13: Laemmle Monica & Glendale — Los Angeles
3/13: Alamo Drafthouse Downtown — Los Angeles
3/20-22: SIFF Film Center – Seattle WA
3/20: Cinema 21 – Portland OR
3/20: Broadway Theater – Eugene OR
3/20: Plaza Theater – Atlanta GA
3/20: Center for Contemporary Arts – Santa Fe NM
3/20: Riviera Theater – Santa Barbara CA
3/20-22: SIFF Film Center – Seattle WA
3/22: Alamo Drafthouse Littleton – Denver CO
3/27: The Frida – Santa Ana CA
3/27: The Gray Duck Theater – Rochester MN
4/3: Zeitgeist Theater – New Orleans LA
4/3: Landmark Ritz 5 – Philadelphia PA
4/3: Landmark Kendall Square – Boston MA
4/3-5: Detroit Inst of Art – MI
4/10: Cinemapolis – Ithaca NY
4/10: Gene Siskel Film Center – Chicago IL
4/10:Rodeo Cinema – Oklahoma City OK
410: Landmark Shattuck – Berkeley CA
4/17: Landmark Mayan – Denver CO
4/17: Living Room – Boca Raton FL
4/17: Row House Theater – Pittsburgh PA

Hopefully finding The Wild Goose Lake won’t be a Wild Goose Chase. If you can’t make it to any of those places, there will probably be a digital or DVD release for The Wild Goose Lake, though no such announcement has been made yet.

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