Welcome back to the bridge of Couch Command, Sci-Fighters! This week me and the team take on the 1985 sci-fi classic…. LIFEFORCE!!!

Some of you, who may have once been HJU Radio listeners (I’ll bring that back someday… I’m tryin’ at least..), may recognize a familiar voice!  Vangelus of the prolific WTF @ TFW Tranformers Podcast joins us deep dive on the honry-craziness of LIFEFORCE.

Before we dive into the movie, we geek on and on about… the Transformers TCG, Food Wars, video games like Monster Train, 80’s martial art movies and a little Ultraman Z as well.  And since we have Vangelus on, you know we gotta dabble a little into some Kamen Rider.

But, I understand that you might have a life, and if you want; you can totally scrub directly to the movie review at the time of stamp: 1:08:37

Grab your iron stake, punch the throttle of your space shuttle and hope that you survive the sci-fi vampire apocalypse as we review…. LIFEFORCE!

The Space Vampire Slayer Team:

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