Call Of Duty Warzone is free. Call of Duty Modern Warfare is not. This much we know, but our modern times live by no rules. This weekend only, anyone with a Warzone account can try out the multiplayer in Modern Warfare for free.

The free access began this morning at 10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern, when a playlist called “Stocked Up/Locked Down” appeared in the Warzone lobby. It gives you access to two maps: Atlas Superstore and Shoot House, and a wealth of modes to use them in: Team Deathmatch, Domination, Hardpoint, Kill Confirmed, and Headquarters.

Team Deathmatch: Straightforward, but deadly. Teams of six go toe-to-toe to collect the most kills. The manner of death doesn’t matter, so shoot, launch, and toss grenades to your hearts’ content. The first team to reach 70 kills takes the victory!

Kill Confirmed: Team Deathmatch gets a high-stakes twist, where killed players drop dog tags. Collect teammates’ dog tags to deny your enemies’ kills and pick up your enemies’ dog tags to earn points for your team. The first team to earn 70 points (collect 70 dog tags), also collects the W.

Domination: Three flags are set on the map, each in a static location. Players compete to “capture” each flag for their team by occupying the flag zone for 10 seconds. Flags can be highly contested and captured often, especially on smaller maps. Always check your six.

Hardpoint: Like Domination, players must “capture” a location. However, instead of a flag, the objective is a rotating map zone, or ‘hardpoint,’ that moves to a different area every 45 seconds. Hold down the hardpoint and get a point for every second your team occupies it. If members of both teams are in the hardpoint, the zone becomes contested and no one scores. First team to 250 points wins.

Headquarters: Similar to Hardpoint, teams rush to “capture” a rotating objective – the headquarters. Capture and hold the headquarters to earn points for your team. The team the holds the HQ doesn’t respawn. The first team to 200 points wins.

Warzone users will be able to play Modern Warfare’s multiplayer maps until Monday April 6 at 10 AM Pacific 1 PM Eastern, when the paywall slams down once again.

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