The anti-gravity racing game Antigraviator is heading to PC soon, courtesy of publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Cybernetic Walrus.

Most gamers speak fondly of high-speed racing titles like F-Zero and Wipeout — with the lament that neither of those series have seen much action lately. This leaves indie titles to fill the gap. But Antigraviator goes beyond just finishing fast and first — it is a competitive racer, so you’ll have the power to slow down your opponents by springing traps — like Mario Kart only at 1,000,000,000 MPH.

We’re not kidding about that figure — your speed is NOT capped in the game at all. You can go as fast as your reflexes will permit without crashing into a wall. But due to the competitors and bounty of traps, don’t count on reaching the speed of sound very often.

“We’re extremely proud of Antigraviator and how the development has gone,” says Mike Coeck, CEO of Cybernetic Walrus. “We had the opportunity to showcase the game at several events such as GDC and PAX East, and the audience response was very positive. We know that PC gamers have been looking forward to playing our game and its greatest asset: no speed limit. In addition, we’re working hard on the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game and thank console gamers for their patience.”

  • No speed limit!
  • Play the single player campaign to unlock new parts, ships and skins
  • Race your friends with local split-screen multiplayer for up to 4 players
  • Challenge anybody in online multiplayer mode with rankings and leaderboards
  • Use environmental traps to overtake your opponents
  • Power-ups and boosts allow you to become top of the leaderboard
  • Ship customization gives you an edge over the opposition
  • Four beautifully created sci-fi worlds, each with three  dynamic courses
  • Stunning realistic 3D graphics powered by Unity
  • Soundtrack featuring 12 intense tracks that will enhance your racing experience

Antigraviator will speed into Steam and other digital PC markets June 6, but if you’re more of a console gamer, the PS4 and XBox versions are coming later this year. Watch for an announcement soon.