Not everyone believes aliens have contacted Earth. Far fewer people believe there can be such a thing as a video game based on Ancient Aliens, the often-mocked A&E “historical documentary” program. However, not only do we have proof of the latter’s existence, we have evidence it generates money. Choose to believe, or not!

The Ancient Aliens mobile game, developed by Canada-based Liquid Media Group, has been downloaded over one million times and has raked in a million bucks for the company…and that figure hasn’t been updated since April 2019, so it’s presumably made more than that. Now the game has more to do with the addition of a new chapter’s worth of content.

The new chapter, “When Worlds Collide,” adds 40 new quests, new game art, a new character class, the third pyramid, and according to Liquid, “an explosive dilemma that players must overcome to save two worlds.”

“Liquid’s mission includes partnering with innovative, industry-leading studios and storytellers regardless of platform. Teaming up with A+E Networks to bring fresh content to current and future fans of Ancient Aliens is aligned with this goal,” said Joshua Jackson, Chairman of Liquid Media. “We’re proud to continue working alongside our partners at A+E, and excited to deliver a thrilling addition to this much-loved mobile game.”

The Ancient Aliens game is downloadable now on iOS and Android, and there’s also a Facebook version if anyone out there still plays Facebook games. Ancient Aliens still airs new episodes Saturdays at 9 on the Used To Be About History Channel.

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