The Esports Players League is a global esports tournament platform provider. Its job is to finance and support emerging esports talent and up-and-coming tournaments. This kind of thing requires a lot of money to play with, which is why it’s a good thing a major venture capital firm has taken interest in them.

Said VC firm is 500 Startups, named as the most active venture capital firm on Earth last year by Pitchbook due to their huge number of investment deals. We don’t know if they have actually founded 500 startups, but the important thing is that they have deep pockets.

“We are delighted to have secured this support from the highly-regarded team at 500 Startups, and it serves as a very encouraging endorsement of ESPL’s vision for the future of esports and our achievements to date,” said ESPL CEO Michael Broda. “Our team is committed to delivering esports as mainstream entertainment to the global online gamer community and, in order to achieve this, we require the support of a number of robust global partners. As such, we are very excited to work with 500 Startups and future investees of 500 Startups that are aligned with our esports mission as our relationship continues to evolve.”

“Esports is poised to surpass traditional sports. Research suggests that the global esports audience is expected to reach 645 million in 2020, surpassing baseball, rugby, and American football. ESPL’s founding team has seen and been part of esports’ growth. As with sports, it is inevitable that players in all countries and levels demand avenues to compete, participate and watch. We’ve reviewed many esports business models and found this team and their vision most compelling. We look forward to supporting them in their global journey,” commented Khailee Ng, Managing Partner of 500 Startups.

Now that ESPL is flush with cash, it’s getting ready to roll. The first season of Esports Players League will commence starting next month, running through November 2020. ESPL will announce more details about the tournaments involved later.

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