Call of Duty Black Ops II takes Call of Duty experience to both the past and the future. The game connects with its predecessors with the plot set in 1970s and introduces some never-seen-before situations with by taking the plot to 2025. In very short, the entire game plot can be described as a war between the US and China over rare earth elements that replace oil as prime natural resource. In the war, the US faces the destructiveness of its own technology which has been hacked and corrupt through cyber attack. Seven things about the new Black Ops 2 trailers are mentioned here.

1. A major part of Call of Duty Black Ops II is set in the future which gives the game its structure. While the concept of future allowed developers to introduce unseen weapons, it also reveals the vulnerability of nations towards possession of power and resources. The story of the game is shaped by the predictions and speculations stated by a US boffin to the President and his consequent actions.

2. The war in Black Ops II is for a resource other then oil. If, for some percentage of oil that is in Arabian and middle-eastern countries’ control, the tension between the west and the middle-east never seem to end, what would happen if a country possesses 95% of equally precious elements. The game reveals that in 2025, said 17 percent of rare Earth elements are under China’s control who threatens to emerge as new super power. With current super power under threat of losing strength and a new rising power, a war for supremacy is obvious.

3. The villain is Menendez, who is the creation of David Goyer of the Dark Knight popularity. Very much like the Joker of the Dark Knight, Menendez of Black Ops II also has layered and twisted personality differentiating it from the usual obvious villains of video games.

4. The players of Black Ops II are going to face a surprise in the form a Menendez, the main antagonist of the game. The character has such variety in its personality that it can lead to post-game arguments about which actions of his were villainous and which were not.

5. Perhaps the newest and the most welcome change in Black Ops is the branching of story through strike force missions which are not obvious victories at the end. A strike force task can be accomplished of failed without disrupting the main story but leading to possibly different outcomes for different players of the game. This has also brought the dynamism of different experience of the game every time it’s completed.

6. Most interestingly, unlike Black Ops, black Ops II is strategies and actions oriented meaning that the end of the game will reveal the consequences of some or most of the actions taken by the player during the course of the game. The players’ actions may lead to certain positive, certain negative and still, certain unexpected results of the game, making it alluring to be played again.

7. Quite strangely, Black Ops II has the potential to make the first player from a hero to a villain, obviously in a different sense, if the first player feels connected to the sentiments of the villain.

These are some facts that vastly distinguish BO from BO-II. If any enthusiast knows these seven things about the new black Ops 2 trailers, he will be able to set his expectations right – not to expect the expected.