Wondering when all the big news will be breaking this E3? Follow this schedule and tune in whenever possible. (Sony and EA will not be participating.)

Microsoft: Sunday, June 9, 1 PM Pacific / 4 PM Eastern
As usual, Microsoft shoves itself to the front of the line. Expect the usual boasting, the loud dude-bro FPS demos, maybe a new Halo or Gears thrown in there….but this time, with the absence of Sony, MS will have a lock on multiplatform trailers that might have otherwise made a splash at their rival’s presentation. One’s loss is another’s gain.

Bethesda: Sunday, June 9, 5:30 PM Pacific / 8:30 PM Eastern
Of all the companies listed here, we want to be Bethesda least of all, after the giant egg laid by Fallout 76. They have another Doom and another Quake in the works; a good basic FPS is (usually) harder to mess up.

Limited Run: Monday, June 10, 12 PM Pacific / 3 PM Eastern
Limited Run is promising some “bombshells” for E3, bigger announcements than what we heard last year during their first E3 presentation. This year they’re more prepared, more experienced, and have more partners and contacts (like Naughty Dog even). Your voice will shriek with joy; your wallet will cry with pain.

Ubisoft: Monday, June 10, 1 PM Pacific / 4 PM Eastern
It’s been a while since we saw the unexpectedly profanily-filled trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 2; maybe we’ll get a new look at it this year. We do know what we WON’T see, and believe it or not, it’s Assassin’s Creed. After many many years of milking the franchise dry, Ubisoft has mercifully given their cash cow a break in 2019. Rest those udders.

Square Enix: Monday, June 10, 6 PM Pacific / 9 PM Eastern
We were gonna say that Square might not have much, but then they hit us with THIS:

Bring it on, Square; we want to see more!

Nintendo: Tuesday, June 11, 9 AM Pacific / 12 PM Eastern

Nintendo always saves itself for last, and is sometimes looked up to as the savior of E3 when all the other publishers let us down. They also have a tendency to pull giant surprises out of nowhere, angering the fans whenever one DOESN’T happen.

We know more about Nintendo’s E3 plans than we do about any other company. They’ll kick things off with a Splatoon 2 World Championship on June 8, follow that with a Smash Bros. Ultimate World Championship later that day, followed by the Direct, and then live Treehouse demonstrations of the games just announced.

Games we want to see more of: Link’s Awakening remake, Switch Animal Crossing, Pokemon Sword and Shield, Dragon Quest 11 S, the new Fire Emblem, and anything they have up their sleeve. We would mention Super Mario Maker 2, but its release date is extremely close to E3 itself (June 28).