When Nintendo launched their subscription online service, they promised “special surprises” would be on the way, with the image of a giant cartoon present box filling the screen as the only hint. Given Nintendo’s track record, the “surprises” could have been anything from useless to awesome. Fortunately the surprise they revealed earlier this year, Tetris 99, was on the “awesome” side.

Tetris 99 is a battle royale version of Tetris that’s exclusive to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. You enter a match, 98 others enter with you, and you all start feverishly clearing bricks to dump each other out of the game before they do the same to you. It’s tough, and it’s only become tougher as the die-hards have honed their skills. This reporter has personally never witnessed the “Winner” screen…

If you have a NSO subscription, Tetris 99 costs nothing….but you can make it cost money if you really want to. Nintendo has introduced the “Big Block” DLC pack, which adds two new modes to Tetris 99 and covers future modes that’ll be added in the future.

Get additional modes for Tetris® 99 as they are released with the one-time purchase of this DLC.* Game modes included are:

  • CPU Battle – Play Tetris 99 offline against 98 CPU players

  • Marathon – Challenge yourself in this offline mode to clear the most lines and score big

So yeah, basically, “Big Block” turns Tetris 99 into plain ol’ Tetris. This is only for the time being, however. Future modes will be a little more creative, since Vanilla Tetris has been done now.

Here are some screenshots of the new modes, courtesy of Wario64:

One more new addition, but this one can’t be bought…..it must be earned. The third Maximus Cup will be active from May 17th through May 19th. If you can collect at least 100 event points before the Cup ends, you will get the highly coveted OG Game Boy in-game skin. Just look at it:

Tetris 99 is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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