When you’re a floating ball in an enclosed series of rooms and you’re not sure why, there’s only one thing to do: get wreckin’! Don’t Bite Devs and No Gravity Games will present Wreckin’ Ball Adventure on PC and Switch next month.

Your mission is to save the robot known as K160 from the evil SuperCom (and also find out what those things are). Roll, jump, and use your grappling hook to crash through walls, solve puzzles and avoid hazards. Collect orbs and stars to escape to more challenging levels.

Up to four players can play Wreckin’ Ball Adventure at once, or the experience can be enjoyed solo. Plus, there IS a couch co-op mode, so if your friends are in the room with you, why not suggest a game?

  • 60 Story levels
  • Endless Escape mode – challenge your friends to see who can last the longest
  • Playground mode where you can practice your skills
  • Play solo or in local co-op for up to 4 players
  • Satisfying graphics: clean 2.5D lab design

Wreckin’ Ball Adventure will be out August 2 on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

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