IDW announced today that in October, their title Star Wars Adventures will take the space saga further than it’s ever gone to date — with a story that takes place after The Last Jedi and before this holiday season’s The Rise Of Skywalker.

John Barber and Derek Charm will write and illustrate (respectively) Star Wars Adventures #27, the opening act of a three-month arc that concerns a First Order attack on the Wookiee home planet Kashyyk. When Chewbacca finds out what’s going on, he can’t let it stand, and races to the planet to tear some limbs!

“It’s a thrill and an honor to get to tell this story with the amazing Derek Charm,” says Barber. “Chewie’s one of my favorite characters ever, for as long as I can remember. Having the opportunity to tell his story to a new generation of Star Wars fans – and all this leading up to the conclusion to the Skywalker saga — is one of the biggest thrills of my career.”

Charm adds, “I’ve been lucky enough to work within a lot of Star Wars eras in this series, but doing something in the current, post-Last Jedi landscape is really exciting. The fact that it focuses on Chewbacca and what he’s been up to between these movies is more so.”

The issue will also contain a backup story by writer Michael Moreci and artist Tony Fleecs which unites the three most popular droids in the galaxy – R2-D2, C-3PO, and BB-8 – as they run a recruiting campaign for the Resistance. Issue #27 goes on sale this October from IDW.

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