First Wonder Woman 1984 was going to be a summer event. Then things curved more toward Halloween. Now it looks like it’s going to be a holiday thing, as the release date for the sequel has slipped yet again to December 25, 2020 (previous date: October 2). It’s a good thing Diana is immortal.

While other studios have been willing to unload their intended theater tentpoles onto home streaming formats after waiting enough time, WB seems extra-resistant. Their most recent release, Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, was not offered digitally and the results were a $20 million opening weekend…better than expected, given the circumstances, but the film itself cost $200 million to make.

Tenet is more likely to make back its budget in overseas sales from locations that didn’t completely bungle the COVID response — $126 million has been made from the film across other countries. But WB is still sticking to the big screen and so they’re delaying Wondy until she can make more of an impact at home.

“Because I know how important it is to bring this movie to you on a big screen when all of us can share the experience together, I’m hopeful you won’t mind waiting just a little bit longer,” explained director Patty Jenkins in a public statement. For now, Wonder Woman 1984 is scheduled for December 25, but another bump into 2021 wouldn’t shock us.