We Bare Bears Match3 Repairs is the name of a new mobile puzzle game produced by Korean game developer SundayToz, in cooperation with Cartoon Network.

You’re likely already familiar with the concept of a match-3 puzzle game; they were prevalent as cheap distractions even before phones became “smart.” This one, however, is skinned with bears (not literally). If you watch the channel, you’re probably already familiar with the license…the We Bare Bears TV show is one of Cartoon Network’s best programs at the moment.

Help Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear fix up their cave with fun and challenging match-3-style gameplay and unique missions like rescuing seals, finding hidden wildlife, activating drones and more. Use power-ups like crabs, skunks and Ice Bear’s Vacuum Pal to rack up huge combos.

We Bare Bears Match3 Repairs has been available in SundayToz’s home country since January, where it was called We Bare Bears: The Puzzle. It performed very well there, reaching #1 on the charts of both the Apple App Store and Google Play. Having gained over three million downloads since its launch, it’s now ready for the US.

This is the kind of game the social media-obsessed Panda would have on his phone, assuming it would run there. We Bare Bears Match3 Repairs is free to download, and contains in-app purchases.

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