Juicy Realm was created by two guys in China: Tyreal, a professional app developer, and Bibo X, an award-winning comic strip artist. They decided to join forces and found SpaceCan, the indie developer that, after two years of labor, has produced the top-down shooter you see above and below you on this page.

The game contains many different areas with randomly generated environments, as well as plenty of weapons to collect and secrets to uncover. Your main goal, however, will be to shoot shoot shoot at any carnivorous killer plants in your way. Both solo and co-op modes are included.

In the world of Juicy Realm, the line between animals and plants is blurred to the extreme. Plants have gained sentience—and limbs—and are now fighting humanity to top the food chain. It’s up to you to lead a team into the mysterious plant kingdom, defeating the foul fruit once and for all! The impressively delicate animation style, gorgeously rendered and distinctive graphics, add to the excitement and vitality of the Juicy Realm.

  • Tons of Weapons, Collectables and Top Down Action
  • Solo or Dual Play
  • Wacky Landscapes and Cast
  • Family Friendly/Hardcore Gamer Addictive
  • Plus lots more!

If you prefer the PC, or you don’t care which platform you game on, you can play Juicy Realm today — it’s $9.99 on Steam. If you’d rather wait, the PS4 and Switch versions will arrive in August. Here’s a new trailer….