Last year, Uncork’d Entertainment released a quirky seasonal horror film called The Elf. Now the pint-sized star of that movie has returned, and he’s brought friends!

To their innocent victims, they just look like dolls. But when their backs are turned, the elves spring to life and get stabby! This latest rash of killings may be connected to The Holiday Reaper, a serial murderer who was just caught and arrested. Can one group of friends piece together the connection and stop the pointy-eared killers before they strike again?

Elves stars Lisa May, Deanna Grace Congo, Stephanie Marie Baggett and Amy Jo Guthrie, and was directed by Jamaal Buden. Justin Price (The Elf) and Khu (Dark Moon Rising) served as producers. Elves will be out on December 4 (boy, a lot is coming out on December 4) in both DVD and VOD formats.

The Holiday Reaper, a ruthless killer that terrorized a small Texas town, has been caught. While celebrating, a group of friends find an elf inside a magical toy box.  When a freak accident kills one of them, they discover a group of elves have been scattered throughout town, each representing one of the seven deadly sins.  It’s a race against time to survive the elves’ wrath before Christmas ends.