There are many examples of found-footage movies…but have you ever heard of a found-footage video game? Even the XBox “Blair Witch” game isn’t taking that approach, but one indie developer in Spain is trying it. Drop Of Pixel is currently creating a first-person survival horror game, Underworld Dreams, and gameplay will be shown off soon at the Manga Barcelona convention.

The game is half-based on The King In Yellow by Robert W. Chambers, and half-based on classic survival horror games like the original Resident Evil. You play Arthur Adler, falsely accused of murder and returning to Groc House, the place where the killings were committed, to find proof of his innocence.

Instead, Adler finds a whooooole lot of Lovecraftian horrors. The game’s “footage” originates in the 80s, which makes its high-resolution presentation suspect, unless Adler had one of those experimental Japanese cameras. We’re assuming he did.

  • Investigate your environment, find clues and solve riddles.
  • Fight menacing creatures using different kinds of weapons.
  • Experience an engaging, twisting plot.
  • Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, based in “The King in Yellow” written by Robert W. Chambers.
  • Different endings depending on the decisions made in your adventure.
  • Developed exclusively for Nintendo Switch™.

Underworld Dreams will be released on the Switch in the first quarter of 2020. A playable demo will make its debut at Manga Barcelona, held from October 31 through November 3.

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