Once a week, a group of professional voice actors gets together, turns on the camera, and livestreams themselves playing tabletop games. The series is called Critical Role, and it’s something I’ve been meaning to get into, but haven’t ever found the time (this is true for a LOT of media out there….because there is a LOT of media out there).

The team at tabletop accessory creators DogMight games, however, are huge fans, so when two members of the crew called them requesting a custom screen for their UnDeadwood campaign, they were ecstatic.

“When Brian W. Foster and Ivan Van Norman reached out to us to ask if we could design a custom screen for a new show they were working on, we couldn’t stop screaming for about a solid minute,” says DogMight. “After remembering how to breathe again, we talked about their vision for the set and what design elements were important.”

critical role

The screen is made entirely out of North American Black Walnut and the top of the screen is hand cut to give it a more natural looking skyline. It was important that Brian had easy access to everything and to give him the maximum amount of room. So we added black walnut shelves, pen holders, dice towers, clear plexi, and pins for all of his notes. The initiative trackers were made of hand buffed brass to give them a bullet feel. We also engraved a pine forest along the back of the screen and dice towers because we firmly believe that the person running the game deserves something nice to look at too.

DogMight says they were inspired to get into D&D thanks to Critical Role, and are grateful for this opportunity. You can follow Critical Role through their Twitch channel, and their archive on YouTube.