Barcelona-based studio DreamsSoft Games has announced their next big release: Triton Survival, a sci-fi themed 3D action shooter where your main goal is just to live.

You’re on Triton, one of Neptune’s moons, and it turns out to be rather lush and full of life (hey, prove the game wrong). You’re here because aliens invaded Earth by using portals to attack from this planet, and your job is to close them all….but first, you gotta plant a farm or there’ll be no dinner!

Combining elements of action titles with survival game mechanics, Triton Survival promises a unique experience. You can expect the beta version to appear on Steam Early Access this spring.

  • Build a base and reinforce your defenses to protect the portal
  • Craft items, blueprints and ammo
  • Harvest several types of minerals and alien flora
  • Survive waves of enemy attacks
  • Day and night cycle with weather and cloud system
  • Manage your own farms of different types of veggies
  • A variety of weapons, turrets, mines and defensive elements for protect your base
  • Manage an electricity system to provide energy to all the necessary elements
  • Build extractors of underground materials and get minerals, fuel and other resources.
  • Vehicles
  • Breed alien creatures and obtain necessary resources
  • A variety of weapons

You’ll be able to take on Triton Survival when it enters Steam Early Access in the second quarter of 2019.

Year 2114. The Earth has been invaded!. An alien civilization has built a network of Portals in the planetary system of Neptune that allows entry to the Earth by creating black holes in the atmosphere of our planet. You have been sent to the main satellite of Neptune: Triton. Your mission there will be to protect the Interplanetary Portal and prevent the invasion of new alien troops as well as destroy the network of Portals of the rest of Neptune’s satellites.

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