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Robert Strick


  1. B bleachorange
    April 9, 2012 @ 7:26 pm

    Interesting stuff. Content locking would be evil. I don’t mind digital accounts that let me associate a game and product code with my account so I can play it anytime, anywhere. Not having to have a disk is a major convenience, as well as re-downloading titles when I want to. I think it’s dumb for publishers to focus on the content locking of physical media, when the majority of purchases will eventually be digital.

    Not everything will go that way, but I see video game distribution ending up like books and e-books. most will be digital, and only the mainstream or popular stuff will be physical media. some people like having an actual product in their possession, or a copy on hand that doesn’t require an internet connection to access.

    As far as the actual used market thing goes, I agree with you. Incomplete content is more common than ever, in an effort to ‘combat used game sales’ and piracy. The piracy thing is moot. If a pirate can rip your original game, what makes you think he won’t rip your dlc too? All the DRM is a pain in the butt for common users. Look what apple did with iTunes, they removed DRM from all their store’s music files.

    Paranormal and Supernatural stuff is kind of cool, slightly scary at the best of times. At the worst of times, you absolutely believe it’s all real, and only later do you try to convince yourself you probably imagined it. I have seen photos by a night guard on his cell phone, who patrolled an old hospital after the staff and patients moved to a new facility across town. Several pictures of floating lights, in different halways, with no apparent light source. Some were even a little translucent, not super bright. They were all pretty much balls of light, if i remember correctly, though. This was several years ago on a flip phone, mind you. Not the sort of thing you could just up and edit images with. The hospital in question is in Kannapolis,NC. One of those ghost shows on tv (forget which one) wanted to go there, but the hospital didn’t want what they called bad press. Haunted Hospitals is not something you want patients thinking about, I guess.

  2. C Christopher Deleanides
    April 15, 2013 @ 12:16 am

    Consumers in general lack will-power. Try telling someone that an Iphone tracks their every move, they still wouldn’t be able to resist buying one.

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