As of this month, Bruce Wayne’s vigilante act is eighty years old. So to celebrate, WB is rereleasing the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy in a handful of IMAX theaters. Why just the Nolan trilogy? Likely because of two things:

  1. All earlier Batman films don’t have IMAX versions, and
  2. All films with Batman in them after the Nolan trilogy aren’t the kind of films people would pay to see again

Of course the Nolan trilogy isn’t perfect either. Batman Begins is all origin and barely any superheroics, and The Dark Knight Rises is just a complete depressing slog that goes on far too long. But The Dark Knight….ah, there’s where the money is. Heath Ledger’s Joker will never not be amazing.

The Bat-tour begins at Universal Cinema AMC in Hollywood, California, where Nolan himself will be in attendance for a moderated Q&A. That Q&A will be recorded and shown alongside the other screenings: AMC Lincoln Square in New York, AMC Metreon in San Francisco, Cinesphere Ontario Place in Toronto, and Indiana State Museum’s IMAX Theatre in Indianapolis.

If you live near any of those places, tickets are on sale now. You don’t have to see the entire nine hours at once; tickets for each movie are sold individually. WB will throw in some free Bat-stuff if you decide to see all three, though.

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