The Googlers of the world received a surprise this morning when the information giant partnered with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt to launch Where On Google Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?, a new entry in the long-running educational game series that plays on the Google Earth website just as it did on Apples and Commodores.

This time Carmen has stolen the Crown Jewels of England (an act she’s pulled off before), and to catch her you must travel between five cities, gathering clues by speaking to the residents who may have witnessed a woman in an inconspicuous red trenchcoat running around. Ms. Sandiego is only the latest video game character to invade Google’s maps….first Pac-Man was chomping pellets across the world’s streets, and then Pokemon began hiding among the landmarks.

The question is….is catching Carmen even a good idea? For those who haven’t seen the new Netflix cartoon series — upon from which this new version takes its art designs — Carmen is GOOD now. She only steals things that V.I.L.E. already stole and returns them to their original owners. You catch THIS Carmen, and you leave us all defenseless!

I’ll leave the decision up to you. There’s no telling how long Where On Google Earth Is Carmen Sandiego? will remain up, but relish the experience while you can…without the cumbersome requirement of thumbing through a pocket encyclopedia.